Chapter 83: Pregnancy Pulse 1

Chapter 83: Pregnancy Pulse (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Immortal Yunyi hurriedly drove his magic weapon. Then one petal of the chrysanthemum magic weapon turned into a shield and warded off Immortal Jixin’s attack.

Bang! Two magic weapons clashed!

Generally speaking, when a higher level magic weapon hit a lower level one, the lower level one would not resist its fierce attack and explode. But, the magic weapon in Immortal Yunyi’s hand was in perfect condition.

Everybody was surprised. Even Bu Qi stopped burning rune papers and watched them fight.

Immortal Yunyi smiled, and his confidence had greatly increased on seeing that. The petals of his magic weapon then turned into sharp daggers and shot at Immortal Jixin like an arrow rain.

Immortal Jixin quickly activated the shield inside the magic weapon to resist the shooting of those petals.

After those petals hit the shield, they started spinning crazily like tops, like they would never stop before they drilled through the shield.


The petals drilled through the shield and shot at Immortal Jixin.

He quickly picked up the hammer and swept away those petals, which hit the hammer with a clanging sound.

When the elder heard the voice, he looked at the magic weapon in his hand. The hammer, which was as thick as his fist, cracked. "How is that possible?"

Immortal Yunyi then smiled, also a bit surprised, “Shall we still go on?”

“…” Immortal Jixin touched his magic weapon slightly and it immediately fell apart onto the ground.

It seemed He Shuiyi got a heavy blow, standing there and watching the handle left in Immortal Jixin’s hand.

Those disciples were all amazed. Level one refined magic weapon cracked level one magical one? That was unbelievable!

Immortal Yunyi then said with a smile, “Immortal Jixin, are you convinced this times?”

Immortal Jixin then grabbed the magic weapon from his hand, noticing that the spiritual qi of it was even denser. And after taking a closer look, he found there was a thin transparent layer on it. He then asked Yin Tao, “What is that transparent thing on it?”

Yin Tao then said, “Campsis Stones.”

“Campsis stones?” Immortal Jixin touched the smooth surface and frowned, “How are Campsis Stones transparent? Besides, if you smelt the Campsis Stones into the magic weapon, it’d make the surface unsmooth and also would hurt the user’s hands. But yours is quite smooth.”

Rong Yi explained, “Smelting the Campsis Stones into transparent liquid, and the apply it onto the surface of the magic weapon. It wouldn’t diminish the power of it, meanwhile it could protect it from getting destroyed easily by those three levels higher, and could improve its attacking. If it is applied onto master grade magic weapon, it could great reduce its repair frequency, and doesn’t need expensive ingredients to fix, which could save a large amount of spiritual stones. But the higher the magic weapon is, the more time it needs to refine those Campsis Stones, besides, the cultivator has to input spiritual power to intensify it, after all it just belongs to level one top grade ingredients. It’s kind of difficult for it to protect high level magic weapons.”

In modern times, materialist lacked of ingredients. It was already not an easy thing to own a high level magic weapon. If it got broken, the cultivator might not even be able to find the original ingredients to fix it, so one would usually apply a lay of Campsis Stone on the magic weapon.

Having been in the hall for so long, this was the first time Immortal Jixin looked at Rong Yi, “If it is true as you said. Campsis Stones are really super ingredients. I’m gonna have a try after I go back.”

On hearing that, those disciples all turned to ask Xu Yi from the magic weapon store, “Senior Xu, do you still have Campsis Stones in your shop? I want some...Me too…I also want some…”

“Me too!” Then everyone strived to buy the stones.

Both Meng Hua and Shao Xingjiang’s face both turned dark and gloomy. They never expected that Campsis Stones were this useful. They only sold their 26 whole boxes for only 260 lower grade spiritual stones! What a bargain!

Xu Yi’s face turned ghastly pale, “No!”

“How is that possible? No one has ever bought them before? You should have some inventories.”

Xu Yi cast a glance at Rong Yi who was playing with the kid, “Uncle Rong has bought them all.”

“Who is uncle Rong?”

“Daddy of that little disciple of Immortal Yunyi.”

Everybody looked over to Rong Yi and then back at Xu Yi, “When will you replenish the stock?”

“There won’t be any in one or two years. It’s originated from the desert of Xijing Prefecture. It’s hot and dangerous there. If without any mission, no one would go there.”

Everybody felt disappointed.

“I wonder if other stores have them.”

“No!” some disciple said affirmatively, “Those were brought back by disciples who have gone through experience and toughening there. No shop would sell things they can’t make money.

Someone then asked Rong Yi, “Uncle Rong, can you sell us some?”

Rong Yi said decently, “Sure. Ten upper grade spiritual stones for one.”

On hearing that, Xu Yi, Meng Hua and Shao Xingjiang nearly spitted out blood. They sold those Campsis stones at the price of over 100 low grade spiritual stones each box. If selling at the price Rong Yi named, they were worthy at least 26 thousand upper grade spiritual stones! Rong Yi was rich this time!

Some disciples who were super rich immediately shouted, “I’ll buy!”

Rong Yi sold one hundred and thirty-four pieces in succession and made a great fortune. In fact, he did not mean to use it on Yin Tao. But thinking that in this world it had abundant resources, he could still buy more or find more. So he changed his mind and used the magic weapon little Yin Tao had refined to improve the price and made a great fortune.