Chapter 82: So Heartwarming 2

Chapter 82: So Heartwarming (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“It’s Campsis Stone!” someone suddenly said.

Then everyone turned to the one who was speaking. It was Xu Yi who said those Campsis Stones were worthless in that shop. He also came on hearing the noise.

Meng Hua and Shao Xingjiang also came. When they say that Rong Yi’s son put the Campsis Stone into the furnace, they both sneered. Rong Yi could not refine magic weapons with those stones, so he used them on his son. What he didn’t know was by doing this his son would be humiliated.

Some disciple asked, “Campsis Stones? Why have we never received those stones? We even have never heard of it.”

Xu Yi sneered, “Campsis Stone is level one upper ingredients, originated from the desert of Xijing Prefecture, with dense spiritual qi and some certain defensive power. At first most cultivators used them to refine magic weapon, but the surface of those magic weapons was pretty rough, some even had kind of rugged and sharp gravels, which would often cut the hands of the cultivators who used them. Over time, few people used them. Only those rune makers would grind them into powder and engraved onto their runes, on one hand, for some defensive use, on the other hand, for decoration, because after it was grinded into powder, it was glittering. Most female disciples liked beautiful runes, so to cater their preference, the rune makers would use some.”

Those disciples were confused, “Since they are useless, why would Immortal Yunyi’s little disciple add it into his magic weapon?”

Immortal Yunyi was also confused. There were no Campsis Stones among the ingredients he had prepared. Why would Yin Tao add them in without even telling him?

He then subconsciously turned to Rong Yi. His intuition told him it was Rong Yi. He wonder what Yin Tao was trying to do.

Rong Yi curled up his lips, quite satisfied with his son being so obedient.

The Campsis Stones had high stiffiness, hard to refine, besides, Yin Tao was only at the qi practicing stage, with not enough spiritual power. Half an hour had passed, but he still couldn’t smelt the Campsis Stone. Those onlookers gradually lost patience and most of them went out of the yard for some chitchat.

He Shuiyi and his people also became impatient. He looked up to Immortal Jixin, “Master shifu, can he do it or not?”

Rong Yi have him a glance, didn’t say a word.

Immortal Yunyi was also a little impatient and moved to Rong Yi’s side, asking, “What did you ask him to do?”

Rong Yi smiled, “Refining magic weapon, of course.”


Bu Qi patted on Immortal Yunyi’s shoulder and comforted him, “Take it easy.”

Immortal Yunyi looked at the while paper in his hand and then the ashes on the ground, “What were you doing? Just now you kept burning papers. Who were you burning them for?”

“For you.” Bu Qi then kept burning papers to practice.

Immortal Yunyi, “…”

Rong Yi then laughed in spite of himself, “It should be done soon.”

About another half an hour, Yin Tao finally was done.

Those disciples who were yawning immediately yelled at the disciples in the yard, “It’s done! It’s done!”

Then all disciples instantly ran into the hall.

Yin Tao used his spiritual to fly the magic weapon out of the furnace and a blooming golden chrysanthemum appeared before everyone. Under the light, it was like a divine magic weapon, glittering.

At first no one expected he would make a good shape, but when they saw that beautiful golden chrysanthemum, they got all amazed, jaws dropped. The one the former little disciple had refined couldn’t compare with it at all.

Yin Tao then ran to Rong Yi excitedly, “Daddy, I’m done. It’s daddy’s favorite flower. Here.”

Rong Yi couldn’t help kissing on his little face. The little thing still remembered that he said he liked chrysanthemums. So heartwarming!

“Little Cherry, you should send it to your daddy later. Be good.” Immortal Yunyi quickly strode forward to check it, “Its shape is like a chrysanthemum…”

He recalled that Rong Yi had taken Yin Tao to appreciate those chrysanthemums, so he raised his head and asked Rong Yi, “You brought him to appreciate the chrysanthemums only wanting him to smelt his magic weapon into a good shape?”

“Exactly.” Rong Yi kissed on Yin Tao’s little cheek, “The kid is too young. It is impossible to let him create a good shape, so before he smelt the magic weapon, I let him keep some shape of other things in his head. So when he was refining, he could smelt it according to the thing he has kept in mind.”

“Good! Good! That’s brilliant.” praised Immortal Yunyi.

He took the magic weapon Yin Tao had refined before Immortal Jixin, “See? This time the magic weapon my little disciple has refined looks even better than your disciple’s!?”

Immortal Jixin laughed, “Yeah, kind of. But my disciple’s is level one magical one, while yours is only level one refined kind.

Immortal Yunyi, “…”

He could clearly feel his little disciple’s magic weapon had higher spiritual power, how could it have lower level???

He Shuiyi pulled Immortal Jixin’s sleeve and asked excitedly, “Shifu, do I win?”

Immortal Jixin cast a glance at Immortal Yunyi who was wearing a long face, curling up his lips, “Of cour…”

Rong Yi then cut in, “Your magic weapon has higher level, so what? Yours still could not beat my son’s.”

Immortal Yunyi immediately said, “Right. We’ll only know after the competition. Since the magic weapons are done, why not have a competition?”

Immortal Jixin snorted, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sing (an idiom from Harry Porter series)! All right. I’ll let you be sincerely convinced! The two kids just finished refining and a bit exhausted. So I’m gonna be on his behalf.”

He activated the magic weapon and then rushed toward Immortal Yunyi.