Chapter 81: So Heartwarming 1

Chapter 81: So Heartwarming (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Immortal Yun Yi said to Yin Tao, “Little Cherry, would you like to compete with him?”

Yin Tao was clinging on Rong Yi. On hearing Yunyi, he rubbed on Rong Yi’s face with his, “I wanna go home with daddy.”

Immortal Yunyi, “…”

Those female disciples around all thought Yin Tao was so cute, especially father and son were wearing the same robes, making them also want such an adorable kid, and they could also wear the same clothes and the same accessories, from which people could tell they were family.

Immortal Jixin laughed, “So this is still a baby that still drinks milk.”

Rong Yi smiled slightly. Yin Tao was a total innocent and pure kid. That kid called Yi’er was too competitive at such a young age who might go to the dogs after encountering setbacks in his life. That was bad for cultivation.

He Shuiyi snorted, “Coward!”

Yin Tao pouted, “I am no coward!”

Immortal Yunyi came to coax him, “Little Cherry, what about you go home after the competition?”

Other disciples were all jealous of Yin Tao since even Immortal Yunyi would bow down to coax such a little kid like him.

Yin Tao looked up to Rong Yi, “Daddy, will you wait for me?”

“Sure.” Immortal Yunyi cut in and answered him on Rong Yi’s behalf quickly.

Rong Yi gave Immortal Yunyi a hard look! This old man really likes making decisions for others.

Yin Tao nodded, “Then I’ll compete with him first.”

Immortal Yunyi said excitedly, “That’s great!”

After thinking for a bit, Rong Yi said, “I want to have some words with little Cherry alone.”

Immortal Yunyi promptly nodded, “OK. Be quick!”

Rong Yi then carried the boy beside the parterre in the yard. He squatted down and pointed at a blooming yellow chrysanthemum and asked Yin Tao, “Is it pretty?”

Immortal Yunyi hurriedly released his spiritual sense to overhear their conversation.

“Yes.” Yin Tao nodded at the chrysanthemum.

Rongyi asked him to move closer, and then he turned the chrysanthemum in his hand to let him see the overall appearance of it, "you can see that there are not many petals in the chrysanthemum. Each petal is thin and pointed, and very thin. In the middle, there is a flower core ball formed by overlapping petals…"

On hearing that, Immortal Yunyi frowned. He thought Rong Yi would teach Yin Tao how to refine magic weapons but it turned to be some useless conversation, so he withdrew his spiritual sense.

“I like chrysanthemums most. Do you like them?”

“If daddy likes them, I do too.”

Rong Yi stroked Yin Tao’s little head. After talking for about half an hour while appreciating those chrysanthemums, Rong Yi took out a Campsis Stone he had bought not long ago and gave it to Yin Tao, “After you have refined the magic weapon, you smelt it till it becomes transparent and then engrave it onto the magic weapon. You remember?”

Yin Tao nodded.

Rong Yi then stood up and walked in front of Immortal Yunyi with Yin Tao.

Immortal Yunyi patted on Yin Tao’s shoulder softly and said, “I have selected the ingredients for you. You can start later.”

Kids were still young and didn’t know how to select ingredients, so their masters would prepare the needed ingredients for them before they refined magic weapons.

Yin Tao then came before the assigned furnace and sat down, then ignited the furnace with his golden fire.

He Shuiyi owned mutant Fire Spiritual Root, so the temperature of the fire he generated was much higher than those who owned ordinary fire spiritual root. But even so, those disciples aside were all looking at him with jealousy. Though they also owned Fire Spiritual Root, they also owned other spirituals roots at the same time. Naturally their cultivation speed was slower that those who owned single spiritual root, thus the magic weapons they refined were less powerful.

He Shuiyi was a little faster. After he smelted those ingredients, he immediately put the rest ingredients in. After all those ingredients were fused together, he generated his spiritual power to slowly make it into the shape in his head.

Every move of him let those disciples think he was pretty confident of what he was doing. On the other hand, Yin Tao was comparatively slow, but he didn’t look anxious at all, like he was refining magic weapons as usual, no others watching and no so-called competition.

After the shape of the magic weapon is formed, He Shuiyi ceased the fire. He then took it before Immortal Jixin happily, “Master shifu, I’m done.”

The magic weapon he had refined was a golden cyan hammer, level one. The appearance was a bit rough, but much better that the one Yin Tao had refined last time. At least everyone could tell it was a hammer. But the one Yin Tao had refined last time was…what to say…like a lump if you might call that, like he directly took it out after smelting all the ingredients together, no shaping process at all.

From the appearances, all disciples thought Yin Tao would lose for sure.

Immortal Yunyi looked at Yin Tao anxiously. When he saw Yin Tao threw the last ingredient into the furnace, he felt a bit relieved. But, after Yin Tao had smelted all these ingredients, he took out a black stone giving off faint light out of his Storage Bracelet.

“Hmm? What kind of ingredients is the stone he used? Why have I never seen it before?”

Some new disciples asked other senior brothers out of curiosity.

They looked at each other, confused. No one knew what it was.