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Chapter 80: Why didn’t Choke to Death on the Joke 2

Chapter 80: Why didn’t Choke to Death on the Joke (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Then they came to a pavilion in the courtyard and saw a bunch of people flying their swords landed down in the yard. One of them was Immortal Yunyi, next to him was an old man wearing a red-and-white strip robe, and three children who were wearing the same clothes as him, all about four or five years old.

Immortal Yunyi yelled at an old man wearing red and white strip robes angrily, “Of course my little disciple is better than yours. He could refine magic weapons at three.”

The old man wearing red and white stripe robes sneered, “My three disciples also began to refine magic weapon at three. What makes you think your disciple is better than mine? Besides, your disciple has only started learning it not long ago. Do you really think you can beat me?”

“Of course.” Immortal Yunyi walked into the competition hall, “Stop! Stop! Everybody stop!”

Those disciples who were refining magic weapon all failed because of his disturbing and stood up sullenly to glare at him.

Rong Yi and Bu Qi then moved before the gate of the hall, “What is Immortal Yunyi doing?”

Bu Qi said helplessly, “He is showing off to Immortal Jixin of Xuanxin Sect that he has taken a talented disciple.”

Rong Yi pointed at himself, “Is that talented disciple my son?”

Bu Qi nodded.

Rong Yi, “…”

It was not that he belittled his son. It was that Yin Tao had only started learning to refine magic weapons. He couldn’t even make a good shape, how could Yunyi brag before others?

Seeing that those disciples were complaining, Immortal Yunyi waved his hand, “You don’t have to worry. The competition just now doesn’t count.”

The disciples jumped to their feet and cheered. They had all been too tense just now only fearing that they would fail to refine good magic weapons. Otherwise they wouldn’t have failed the moment Immortal Yunyi shouted at them. But now since they were given a new chance, of course they well overjoyed.

The immortal who was in charge of supervising those disciples quickly walked to Immortal Yunyi, “What brings you here, grandmaster shifu?”

“I come for my little disciple.” Immortal Yunyi scanned the hall and saw that Yin Tao was sitting in a corner refining magic weapons. He immediately put on a smile, “When my little disciple is refining magic weapon, he wouldn’t move even heaven collapses. That’s why I like most.”

Immortal Jixin snorted slightly, “My three disciples are also that good.”

“Hum!” Immortal Yunyi then turned to Yin Tao, “Just wait a minute. He would succeed soon.”

Rong Yi looked in through the window. Yin Tao’s little face was quite serious, no usual giggling or what. He was just staring at the furnace attentively, indicating that he was refining the magic weapon seriously.

Rong Yi saw it was golden fire in the furnace, “Pity that he owns mutant Golden-fire Spiritual Root. He could do better if it is Thunder-fire Spiritual Root.”

Bu Qi agreed to it.

Yin Tao threw the last piece of ingredients into the furnace and let it slowly infuse with other ingredients. After about half an hour, the magic weapon was finally forged. He activated it and flied it out of the furnace, crying happily, “I made it! I made it!”

When he noticed that everyone in the hall was staring at him, he was a little surprised. Then he saw Immortal Yunyi who was standing headmost, he immediately said excitedly, “Old master shifu, I made it!”

Then Yin Tao ran towards him.

Immortal Yunyi squatted down, opening his arms smilingly. But when Yin Tao was on halfway, he saw Rong Yi outside the window. Eyes beaming, he then turned around and ran to the window, “Daddy, daddy, I made it.”

He was so happy that his daddy could come to watch him compete. He jumped out of the window and held Rong Yi’s neck, “Daddy, see? I have made a magic weapon successfully.”

Rong Yi said with a smile, “Impressive.”

And Yin Tao then kissed on his face happily.

Being kissed by such a cute baby, Rong Yi’s heart softened however hard it had ever been. He felt like he didn’t hate kids so much as before.

Immortal Jixin then made fun of Immortal Yunyi who was still squatting there, “See? Your disciple doesn’t put you in his eyes at all.”

Immortal Yunyi didn’t care at all. He hummed slightly and then moved to Rong Yi’s side with a smile, “Little Cherry’s daddy, what are you doing here?”

Rong Yi gave Bu Qi a look and said, “We came here by accident.”

Immortal Yunyi then said to Yin Tao, “Little Cherry, show me your magic weapon.”

Yin Tao then handed his level one magic weapon to Immortal Yunyi.

Immortal Yunyi turned around and showed it to Immortal Jixin, saying happily, “See? It’s not bad, right?”

Elder Jixin then looked at the magic weapon. Forget about the shape, it was really a rare thing that a three-year-old child could have refined a level one magic weapon. He nodded. Before he opened his mouth, an older kid of the three who was standing next to him said with disdain, “So ugly!”

Other two kids also echoed, “Yeah, really ugly!”

Immortal Yunyi said angrily, “When you just started learning, your magic weapon were no better this.”

Elder Jixin then stroke his big disciple’s head, “This kid is a perfectionist. The magic weapon he has refined at the age of three could be as good as those refined by a ten-year-old kid. Though the shape is not so delicate, it’s much better that a lot of young magic weapon refiners.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Elder Jixin then took out a delicate magic weapon and handed it to Immortal Yunyi to appreciate, “This is a level one pure magic weapon he has refined a few days ago.”

Immortal Yunyi took a glance. It was undeniable that it was indeed not bad.

Rong Yi suddenly felt uncomfortable. He didn’t mean to compete that old man’s disciple with his son. He just felt uneasy when he heard someone said his son was no better that other kids.

No wonder his mother would have turned from a graceful woman into a shrew every time she someone was denouncing his second elder brother, saying his cultivation was no better than others. She couldn’t bear a single bad word of her kids.

Rong Yi now felt the same way as his mother.

Immortal Jixin smiled, “Immortal Yunyi, do you still think it’s necessary to compete?”

Immortal Yunyi immediately said, “Sure. Why not? We are competing whose magic weapon is more powerful, but not competing its shape. When my Tao’er grows up, he will definitely make better-looking ones. But it’s only fair to let your youngest disciple to compete.”

“Of course.” Immortal Jixin patted the shoulder of his youngest disciple and said, “Yi’er, do you have the confidence?”

He Shuiyi nodded and said while looking at Yin Tao, “Shifu, I will kick his ass.”