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Chapter 79: Why didn’t Choke to Death on the Joke 1

Chapter 79: Why didn’t Choke to Death on the Joke (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Following the voice, Rong Yi saw it was that disciple who said he was a slut in Ten Fortunes Shop half a month ago.

Meng Hua took out the 25 boxes of Campris Stones out of his Storage Ring and put them on the counter, “Who wants those stones?”

This guy had a problem with him, so he could eat his words and refuse to sell them to him at any minute. Rong Yi quickly put those Campsis Stones into his Storage Ring and didn’t give him a chance to regret at all.

He touched his ring overjoyed. Those ingredients in ancient times inexhaustible, so he could collect as many as he wanted.

Meng Hua was surprised it was Rong Yi who bought those ingredients. He snorted, “A wasted loser with no spiritual root also wants to buy ingredients? This is a joke!”

Rong Yi sneered, “Then why didn’t choke to death on the joke!”

Meng Hua slightly narrowed his eyes.

The disciple who had said those Campsis Stone were worthless asked, “Senior Meng, who is he?”

When he got enrolled into Nine Voide Sect, Rong Yi had already married into Yin Mansion. So most disciples didn’t even see Rong Yi before. Even his peers seldom had the chance to see him.

Meng Hua peered at the two female disciples inside the counter, “Uncle Rong that Donghuan and others often gossiped about.”

The two female disciples popped out their eyes. They never thought that one of the male leads they have been talking about was standing right before them. But to be honest, Rong Yi was really pretty, ever prettier than them girls, big and bright eyes, thin and ruddy lips. There is no gainsaying that Rong Yi and Bai Yunchen really matched perfectly. Pity that he had no spiritual root. Even with the best elixir, he still would die of old age and wouldn’t grow old with his senior brother Bai Yunchen.

The disciple who said that those Campsis Stones were useless snorted. No spiritual root means no cultivation, and also means that he couldn’t refine magic weapons, but sarcastically he said those Campsis Stones were of great use, pretending to know things others didn’t. What! Is he trying to show off his talent to them? Pity that he got exposed on spot. So embarrassing!

Meng Hua turned around and said to the other cultivator who came down with him, “Senior Shao, shouldn’t you go say hello to your uncle?”

Shao Xingjiang snorted, “Such an uncle is way out of my league.”

Meng Hua smiled and then said, “Oh right, senior Shao, I heard the chief plans to get your grandfather promoted as a peak leader and reward Tianxu Peak as your abode.”

On hearing this, Shao Xingjiang was extremely cocky, “Exactly. The chief said if the head of Tianxu Peak still won’t come back half a year later, he will let my grandfather take in charge. I heard Tianxu Peak is most sufficient with spiritual qi. If I can cultivate there, I will definitely speed up like riding on an arrow.”

“Too much noise!” Rong Yi picked his ear and flipped the earwax, showing he was not interested in their two-man comic show. He then kept checking if there were any especially good ingredients on sale.

His indifferent expression made Meng Hua and Shao Xingjiang unable to carry on their conversation, who could only stare at Rong Yi before the counter, face darkened.

Bu Qi peered at them and said, “Master shifu, what about go out to take a walk?”

“All right.” Since Rong Yi didn’t find anything that intrigued his interest, he then followed Bu Qi to a corner, asking, “Do you know…well…where my father has been to?”

Bu Qi shook his head, “Immortal Yunyi said your father left five years ago, saying that he was going to look for the method of planting spiritual root for you. But during these five years, no one has ever heard any news from him. The last time some disciple saw him was in Beiba Prefecture four and half years ago. That disciple heard that he said he was looking for some place to another cultivator. As for where he was going, he didn’t tell. And then your father asked a disciple to take a message saying that he would never come back if he could not find that place and everything of Tianxu Peak would be left to the chief to deal with.”

Rong Yi was curious, “What place was he looking for? Did he need to leave his son and all the disciples behind?”

If Rong Weiyi had still been in Nine Void Sect that year, he would never have allowed the original owner’s mother to let his own son to give birth to babies for someone else.

“That disciple said when they were talking about that place, they looked very excited and furtive, like they had found a shaken secret.”

“Did you ask my mother where my father has been?”

“You know, Nine Void Sect doesn’t get along with your mother’s sect.”

“Since they don’t get along, how did they give birth to me?”

“Then you should ask your parents.”

“…”Although Rong Yi was curious about the place Rong Weiyi was looking for, since no one knew, he could only bury it in his heart.