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Chapter 78: No One can Live without Money 2

Chapter 78: No One can Live without Money (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
A moment later, the rustling square became deserted already.

Rong Yi meant to see how Yin Tao refined the magic weapon. Pity that there were disciples patrolling. No one was allowed to get close to them.

Bu Qi then asked, “Master shifu, do you still want to go to the competition site?”

“Nah! I am a little tired. I need to find some place and take some rest.” Rong Yi had stood on the flying sword for nearly two hours. Even if the belt could share part of the weight of his big belly, he still felt quite sour in the waist.

Bu Qi remembered there was a shop selling cloth nearby, so he proposed, “Master shifu, there is a shop selling cloth not far from here. We can go there and have some rest.”


The shop was run by an elder from the Nine Void Sect, so all disciples from the sect could deposit the ingredients they had collected here for sale, so one could almost find any ingredients he/she wanted here.

On seeing Rong Yi and Bu Qi walk in, the disciple in the shop immediately moved forward to welcome them, “Welcome, seniors, what would you like please?”

Bu Qi said, “We are just here to take some rest.”

The disciple pointed at the chairs on the opposite side, “You can take some rest there.”

After Rong Yi and Bu Qi sat down, they heard a female disciple whispering inside the counter, “Did you hear? Uncle Bai has canceled the marriage with Taiyuan Sect.”

Rong Yi couldn’t help looking up towards them.

“Yeah, I’ve also heard of it. But haven’t they just gotten engaged?”

“I am also not very clear about it. But I heard that after uncle Bai came back from visiting uncle Rong, he immediately sent a letter to Taiyuan Sect and canceled the marriage. I guess uncle Rong doesn’t agree him marrying a woman.”

“I really don’t understand. Since uncle Rong likes uncle Bai, and uncle Bai really cares about him and listens to his words, why haven’t they become a cultivation couple?”

“Nobody knows. Anyway, after this, Taiyuan Sect would hate uncle Rong to the bones, after all uncle Bai proposed to them due to uncle Rong. And now still because of uncle Rong, uncle Bai canceled the marriage. Taiyuan Sect wouldn’t go easy on both of them. I heard that the elders from Taiyuan Sect have gone to confront our chief and ask for an explanation.

Rong Yi, “…”

Is uncle Rong they are mentioning him?

Why would a misfortune dropped from heaven fall on his head and he had made a bunch of enemies from nowhere while he had been stayed in Yin Mansion and done nothing???

“Achoo!” A male disciple beside said, “You are talking about uncle Bai this and uncle Bai that all day long. He is just a little bit handsome and a little bit outstanding. Do you really have to keep talking about him like this? Hum! Besides, he even wouldn’t lay his eyes on none of you, idiots!”

Rong Yi found this man so funny. Apparently he was jealous.

The female disciple sulked, “We like talking about him. It’s none of your business.”

“We just enjoy talking about uncle Bai. So what?”

“I won’t argue with you.” He then carried a box of ingredients and put it on the counter, asking another disciple, ”Senior brother, what are these? How many spiritual stones are they worth?”

That disciple gave that box a look and said, “Just some Campsis Stones, cloddy. If anyone who wants them, ten low grade spiritual stones for a whole box.”

On hearing it was Campsis Stones, Rong Yi picked up his ears and asked that disciple, “What are these things?

“Campsis Stones.” That disciple took out a piece of black stone giving off faint light, “Do you want them?”

Rong Yi’s eyes were beaming. He stood up and walked over, then took it from that disciple and took a close look. It was really Campsis Stone!

In modern world, some advanced magic weapons or when to enchant advanced magic weapons, one might need it. But just because of thst, the Campsis Stones less and less, meanwhile it made them become more and more precious. A thumb size Campsis Stone was worth a fairy level spiritual stone, sometimes one couldn’t buy one even if he had the stone.

Rong Yi asked at once, “How many spiritual stones does it need?”

The disciple said, “A box of low grade spiritual stones. Want it?”

Rong Yi looked at that big box of Campris Stones, eyes beaming, “Sure. How many do you have?”

If he could bring those Campris stones back to his modern world like his ancestors did, he would be super rich!

“I guess there are another 25 boxes upstairs. If you want them, we can carry them down for you.”

“Sure. I want them all.” Rong Yi immediately took his Storage Ring out but only found that there was not a single spiritual stone in it. He swore sullenly, “Damn it! Although money is not almighty, you really can’t live without money.”

After he went back, he would make a lot of money, otherwise he couldn’t even afford a little thing.

Rong Yi then turned to Bu Qi who was burning rune papers, “Bu Qi, did you bring spiritual stones with you? Borrow me some. I will pay you back after we go back.”

Bu Qi then took out a bag of spiritual stones and gave it to him, “No need.”

“I have to.” Rong Yi opened the bag which was filled with upper grade spiritual stones. He then took one out and handed it to the disciple.

While giving him the change, the disciple said, “Hang on for a second. I’ll ask them to carry them down.”

He then walked to the stairs and yelled towards upstairs, “Senior Meng, Senior Shao, someone wants the Campsis Stones. Please get them down.”

Someone upstairs replied, “Got it.”

Bu Qi walked over and asked, “Master shifu, why would you buy those Campsis Stones?”

He had also learned magic weapon and equipment refining, so he also knew about ingredients. But for his knowledge, Campsis Stones were totally useless.

Rong Yi slighted over, “They are useful of course, whether refining magic weapons or equipment.”

The disciple who said Campsis Stones were worthless grinned, thinking, “If those things are really so useful, they would be arrears of stock and so cheap!”

At this time, someone put all those Campsis Stones in the Storage Ring and walked downstairs. When he saw Rong Yi who was standing by the counter, his face sank, “It’s you!”