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Chapter 77: No One can Live without Money 1

Chapter 77: No One can Live without Money (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
While everybody was anxiously looking for Rong Yi, he was standing on a flying sword, looking into the bright sky, confused, “Bu Qi, you said you are disciple of Nine Void Sect, right?”

“Hmm.” Bu Qi nodded, “Master shifu, it’s true. I didn’t lie to you.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him crossly, “Then tell me how a disciple from Nine Void Sect doesn’t even know where the competition site is! What kind of disciple are you?”

After leaving the square, they had hovered over the sect for nearly an hour but still hadn’t found the site. Then they asked a disciple but Bu Qi still didn’t find it and on the contrary, they were flying even further away. Rong Yi even thought they were nearly flying out of the sect.

Bu Qi asked, “Master shifu, aren’t you also disciple of Nine Void Sect?”

Rong Yi, “…”

“Then why don’t you know where the competition ground is either?”

“I…” Rong Yi found a random excuse, “You know my cultivation is bad and I can’t fly a sword. I seldom had the chance to leave Tianxu Peak, of course it is reasonable I don’t know which peal they are at now. Wait. let me ask you. Why are you asking me now?”

Bu Qi then said awkwardly, “I haven’t gone back for years. If Immortal Yunyi hadn’t come to me, maybe it may take another dozens of years for me to come back.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes. It was true he hadn’t been back for a long time. He even couldn’t remember which mountain the competition was held. “But we can’t keep flying like this. We should ask some disciple to lead us the way.”

“Master shifu, I’m really sorry.” Bu Qi apologize to him.

Rong Yi thought maybe it wasn’t a bad thing they didn’t get there, then he didn’t have to see those relatives or disciples who looked down on him. Though he was not the original owner of this body, he could imagine how awful that kind of feeling could be. Alas! Thinking back that the way he looked at his second elder brother, he really should reflect on himself and shouldn’t hurt his brother like that anymore, “It’s fine. This trip isn’t in vain. At least you let me enjoy those beautiful sceneries of Nine Void Sect and also appreciate how magnificent the Sect is.” Nine Void Sect was as big as a city except that it didn’t have so many people. But it had a lot of mountains and halls, which any of the modern cultivation sects could never compare.”

Bu Qi then kept checking for another few peaks but still saw no one.

Today was the first day of the competition. It was quite normal no one was in the hall, because almost all disciples had gathered on Jufeng Mountain, first to watch the combats, second, to get to see the chief and those elders of other sects, and also the head of all peaks. Those disciple only had the chance to see all of them on such big occasions.

“Master shifu, I remember there is a Magic Weapon Peak ahead. Usually those magic weapon refiners and equipment forgers would cultivate there. There must be disciples guarding. Let’s go take a look.”

Rong Yi was OK with that. He took out some pastries out of his Storage Ring to stuff his belly. He felt like he was quite easy feeling hungry today. He was sure he just had breakfast on the carriage about two hours ago and now he already felt hungry.

Bu Qi then brought him to the Magic Weapon Peak. Before they even drew near, the bustling sound was heard from above the peak.

Rong Yi then looked over to the peak, “There seems a lot people out there.”

“Hmm.” Bu Qu flew the sword over the peak and looked down. Most of them were disciples of Nine Void Sect who were chattering about the magic weapon refining and equipment forging stuff in knots.

Bu Qi then landed on Magic Weapon Peak, then asked a disciple curiously, “What are you guys doing here instead of going to the competition site?”

That disciple looked at him like looking at an idiot, “We are now here waiting for our magic weapons and equipment to compete.”

Bu Qi was a bit confused, “There are even competitions of magic weapons and equipment?”

But he remembered there was only competition of magic before.

“Not only that, there are even competitions of elixir refining, rune spells and formations. Others like feng shui and puppet making have few learners, so we don’t have such competitions.” That disciple sized him up, “It’s been five years since those were separated to compete. How long haven’t you come back?”

“It’s indeed quite a long time.” Bu Qi brought Rong Yi to a corner, “Master shifu, don’t you also know those are separated to compete?”

Rong Yi said, “You know I haven’t been in the sect for recent years, besides, I am not qualified to take part in the competition at all, how would I know?”

Bu Qi thought it was reasonable.

The costumes of Haishan Academy some disciples were wearing reminded him of his little Yin Tao, “Bu Qi, come on, see if my son is also here.”

Bu Qi had high cultivations, so his ears were quite sensitive. He soon heard kids giggling. Following the sound he then saw Yin Tao having fun with a bunch of other kids.

He pointed at him and said, “There he is.”

Rong Yi saw that Yin Tao was having fun with his little senior brothers, his lips also curled up subconsciously, but he didn’t have the heart to go to disturb them.

“Duang…Duang…” Some disciple struck the gong and shouted, “The competition begins! In half an hour everybody sit on your own seat. Those who are late are out.”

On hearing him, everybody immediately entered into the hall.

Yin Tao and his little senior brothers also trotted into the hall hand in hand.