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Chapter 75: Are You Here to Set Me up? 1

Chapter 75: Are You Here to Set Me up? (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Noticing Jin Tong was cooking something, Rong Yi walked out of the crowd and decided to take the initiative, “Immortal Jin, long time no see. I heard you are totally wasted since your dantian got ruined…”

His words immediately aroused Jin Tong's hatred, and his eyes immediately turned red, just like the devil who wanted to eat people, and his eyes were about to protrude out of the sockets."Rong Yi, don’t talk nonsense…”

This thing has clearly been locked up, and he can continue to pretend to be a normal person with cultivation, but why Rong Yi knew now? Did Immortal Yunyi tell him?

Those newly recruited disciples were mostly kids. On seeing Jin Tong’s twisted face, they were all frightened and backed a few steps subconsciously.

The disciple who was responsible for the recruiting work was stunned. They had been busy with the recruitment job everywhere, and didn’t know Jin Tong had got his dantian destroyed. Even those within the sect didn’t know about it. After all Jin Tong was the grand grandson of the chief. Of course they had already concealed it.

Looking at those bewildered disciples, Rong Yi knew the news was concealed, so he said with an innocent tone, “I am not talking nonsense. I am caring about you. I also heard that Immortal Yunyi has removed your name and punished you. I also feel sorry on hearing it. Anyway you were my son’s senior brother. Oh right, I got a pill here which might help with the injuries on your butt. Please accept it.”

He then took out a small pill and handed it to Jin Tong.

"If you keep talking nonsense, I will expel you out of Nine Void Sect!” Jin Tong brushed off his pill and turned to the disciples who were responsible for the recruitment work, “Don’t listen to him. He said that only because he is jealous of me.”

But his twisted face was not persuasive at all. Besides, if he wanted to prove the other party was really talking nonsense, he only needed to use his spiritual power to prove himself. He didn’t need to shout at all, which made him lose his grace.

Those disciples responsible for the recruitment work then looked at each other, wearing kind of weird expression on their faces.

Rong Yi looked at him, “Who would be jealous of someone who got his dantian damaged?”

"Rong Yi, I don’t think you are gonna stay in the sect anymore…” Jin Tong turned over the pamphlet and then used the brush with red ink to removed Rong Yi’s name, suddenly a hand covered Rong Yi’s name.

Everyone was stunned and looked at the woman who suddenly flew her sword here. She was wearing the robe of Nine Void Sect glaring at Jin Tong, “Who allowed you to remove Rong Yi’s name without authorization? Even if he fails, before my big brother comes back, no one can remove his name, including the chief.”

Rong Yi felt pitiful. He almost got his name removed.

“Greetings, Deacon Rong.” Those disciples who were responsible for the recruitment quickly saluted to her. Even Jin Tong restrained his anger and said, “Deacon Rong, the chief said if Rong Yi fails again, he would be expelled out of the sect.”

Rong Yuanyin even didn’t want to talk with those juniors. She turned to Rong Yi and sulked, “You useless thing! You can’t even fix disciples with lower position. What can you do? Huh? You’ll only lose our face. And because of you, my niece Xiao’er still hasn’t found a mate for dual cultivation. They are all worried that they’d give birth to such losers like you!”

Through her words, Rong Yi could tell she should be the original owner’s aunt. He thought she would speak for him. But it turned out he thought too much. Otherwise the original owner wouldn’t gotten beaten so badly during the test every time as Qi Yueshi and others said.

"Test first!” Rong Yuanyin held his hand and said to those disciples who were responsible for the recruitment, “Get me the crystal stone.”

One disciple then carried a prismatic transparent crystal stone in front of Rong Yi.

Rong Yuanyin then pressed one of Rong Yi’s hands on the crystal stone. After a few seconds, the crystal stone showed a piece of chaos. There was no colorful light shining, which meant that Rong Yi was someone with no spiritual root.

All the disciples showed contempt expression, even those newly recruited disciples looked at him with disdain. It’d only bring shame to the Nine Void Sect to let him stay.

"Hum, the results are the same every year. I don't know what's the point of coming here every year?"Rong Yuanyin tossed off Rong Yi’s hand which got grabbed by another hand the next second.

Rongyi looked back and saw that the person holding his hand was Bu Qi who had come with him.

"It would be more accurate to test with Hundred–colored-Bead." Bu Qi then put Rong Yi’s hand on a big bead what was giving off all kinds of colors.

Hundred–color Bead was the pearl that cost the Clam Demon five thousand years to breed, which was extremely hard to obtain. It not only was a kind of nine level medicinal materials, but also could be used to accurately test the spiritual roots and levels of the cultivators.  

It was very fast to show the result. Once Rong Yi’s hand was pressed on it, it immediately glittered with some kind of aubergine light. But it was a bit dark, indicating that this person’s level was not very high.

Rong Yuanyin, Jin Tong and others all couldn’t believe their eyes. The Hundred–color Bead was giving off aubergine light, which meant that not only Rong Yi owned his spiritual root, but also it was the mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root, because only mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root would give off aubergine light.

Rongyi quickly pulled back his hand before it showed any color of his other spiritual roots. He then said grumpily, “Are you here to set me up?”

Bu Qi said to him using mouth shape, “Immortal Yunyi told me to do so. He doesn’t want you to leave the Sect.”