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Chapter 74: Could a Man’s Lips Be so Soft? 2

Chapter 74: Could a Man’s Lips Be so Soft? (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Bu Qi took the white paper and saw it under the white light, “But it is too thin and will be easily burnt.”

“Then keep practicing repeatedly. When you do it without burning it, I will teach you other stuff.”

Bu Qi was excited, eyes beaming, “Master shifu, will you teach me enchanting arts?”

“Still those words. When you learn how to enchant without burning it, I will teach you other stuff.”

“OK.” Bu Qi immediately started to try. But the moment the fire flaring up in his hand, pfff, the paper turned into ashes. Fortunately he got enough papers in his Storage Ring. He hurriedly took them out and kept trying.

Rong Yi looked at pieces of white paper burned, he held his laughing and turned to look elsewhere. When came in, he was occupied with the thinking of kissing Yin Jinye’s lips, so he didn’t even notice the magnificence of the gate. Now taking a broad view, he realized why Nine Void Sect would be rendered as the number one sect of Zhonghai Prefecture.

The place where he was standing now was a huge square, which would make people feel how small they were. In the middle of the square, there was a huge brass tripod about a hundred feet high, with light fragrance coming out of it now and then, which could make people feel quite refreshing.

At the end of the square there were nine large stone bridges, set on top of the square and other peaks, through which one can reach all the other peaks and temples. And in the clear sky, there were cranes hovering, making some melodious sound.

At this moment, Rong Yi felt so luck that he had transmigrated into this cultivation world, or he was gonna miss the opportunity to appreciate such a big cultivation sect.

While gasping in admiration, he took a few deep mouthful of spiritual qi! Really worthy to be rendered as a big cultivation sect. Only a square was much bigger that a whole small sect in modern world.

Rong Yi then turned around and asked Bu Qi who was still burning papers, “Where do I take the tests?”

“When it is time, all disciples would gather at the competition area. And then those newly recruited disciples and their master shifus would have a tests here.” Bu Qi wouldn’t give up and took out another white paper.

“What about you? Don’t you have to compete?”

“No, I am here as your company.”

Rong Yi looked around, feeling kind of dull, “Isn’t it a competition within Nine Void Sect? Why are there disciples from other sects?”

“When any sect is having an internal test, other sects would send a patch of disciples to see whose disciple are more capable.”

At this time, the bell came from the high mountains from afar.

Then those disciples on the square immediately flew their swords towards the competition area.

There were also many carriages in the sky, some of which were driven by coachmen dressed in the guard’s robes of Hishan Academy representing those sitting inside were disciples of Haishan Academy, who also followed other disciples to the competition field.

Rong Yi sighed, “Alas! I am even lamer than my son.”

Even Yin Tao could go to the competition field himself. As his daddy, Rong Yi had to stay here waiting for the test.

As the disciples all left, the square became desolate, only some cultivators who didn’t wear robes of Nine Void Sect left.

They became very tense and no one dare to say a word.

After quite some time, someone flew over the square on a crane.

Someone called, “Here comes an immortal! Everybody line up!”

Rong Yi saw the person on the crane then said with eyebrows raised, “Isn’t that Jin Tong?”

Bu Qi cast a glance at him and said, “His dantian has been ruined, so the chief has sent him here to supervise the newly recruited disciples.”

Rong Yi snorted lightly, “Immortal Yunyi has promised to punish him, but now he is still in whole piece and even got an easy job.”

“Of course he got punished. Once he came back, Immortal Yunyi has removed his name and even gave him a hundred pranks a few days ago.”

For common people, a hundred pranks might have killed him. But Jin Tong’s dad had let him taken the elixir secretly in advance, otherwise he would have already gone to say hi to King of Hell.

Those newly recruited disciples all looked at Jin Tong riding the crane with jealousy.

The crane stopped in front of them. Jin Tong, who was injured, stumbled as he came down and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately everyone was focused on the crane. But even if they saw it, no one dared to laugh at him.

Jin Tong pulled a long face and sulked, “All stand by!”

Some smart disciples immediately greeted Jin Tong, “My greetings.”

Others all echoed.

Jin Tong looked a bit eased since they all showed him some respect.

Rong Yi sneered. Dantian destroyed and he could still hang in there.

The one who was reasonable for the recruiting work handed three pamphlets to Jin Tong, “Supervisor Jin, this is the list of the disciples we have recruited this year.”

Jin Tong took the one on top and casually turned to a page and the first name he saw was Rong Yi, he immediately whispered to the disciple beside him, “Rong Yi? Is it the son of the chief of Tianxu Peak?”

The disciple said with a mocking tone, “Who else could it be? Every year he would come for the test. Oh right, Aunt Jin has issued an order. If he comes, don’t let him go.”

“Aunt Jin? You mean my aunt Jin Yueyao?” Jin Tong knew that his aunt liked Rong Yi’s senior brother Bai Yunchen, but because of Rong Yi standing in the way, Bai Yunchen was always cold to Jin Yueyao, so Jin Yuetyao hated Rong Yi to the bones.


Jin Tong showed a flash of maliciousness, “What the fuck! I’m gonna send him to hell today!”

He inquired about the fact that Immortal Yunyi went to Haishan Academy with Rong Yi. He thought that it was Rong Yi who told Immortal Yunyi about Yin Tao, and Yunyi would kick him out of the sect and even gave him a hundred pranks!

It was all because of Rong Yi and Yin Tao. If it hadn’t been for them, his dantian would not have been crushed by some ghost cultivators on the way back to Nine Void Sect.

On thinking of this, Jin Tong gritted his teeth, “Rong Yi, it’s your turn!”