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Chapter 73: Could a Man’s Lips Be so Soft? 1

Chapter 73: Could a Man’s Lips Be so Soft? (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Nine Void Sect lied among the mountains in the rear of Haishan City, which was covered by the clouds. So those down the hill could not appreciate its magnificence.

Rong Yi brushed aside the curtain out of curiosity. At the foot of the rolling green mountains, one piled upon another, some towering into the clouds, some wriggling far away, some like flying dragons, some like lying cattle, endless postures, like the waves of the sea, endless extension to the far end of the sky.

Many cultivators passed by their cart flying on the swords. Some wore robes of Nine Void Sect, some wore robes of other sects. They either talked about cultivation or bragged whose sect was more powerful. Unwittingly, they had arrived at the gate of Nine Void Sect.

Bu Qi then stopped the carriage at a corner, “Master shifu, we are arrived.”

“We are all disciples of Nine Void Sect. Isn’t it inappropriate to call me master shifu?” Rong Yi walked outside the carriage while saying so. Yin Jinye then said, “Wait.”

Rong Yi turned around, “What is it?”

Yin Jinye took off the jade pendant around his waist, “Put it on.”

Rong Yi noticed it was sending off some kind of light spiritual qi, he then said with a smile, “You put it on for me.”

Seeing that he was bearing that big belly and his hand couldn’t even reach the other side, Yin Jinye then moved to his side and wore it around his waist for him, “If you meet any danger, it can save your life.”

“Thank you.” Rong Yi lowered his head and looked at Yin Jinye. Looking from a high angle, he found that Yin Jinye’s eyelashes were thick and long, very beautiful especially when he blinked.

Yin Jinye then looked up to him, “We will wait for you here.”


Rong Su, who was standing outside, saw that their faces were very close through the gap of the curtain. His eyes shone and he then pushed Rong Yi who was close to the curtain a little hard while crying, “The young master is here.”

It was already not very easy for Rong Yi to keep stable on the cart, now he leaned forward and immediately pressed his lips against Yin Jinye’s cold lips.

Both sides were stunned.

“I…I’m not on purpose.” Rong Yi instantly straightened up, but forgot he was standing on the cart, then his head hit the roof and then got bounced back, and his lips again kissed on Yin Jinye, but this time, it was Yin Jinye’s face.

He hurriedly raised his head and forced a smile, “I really didn’t mean it, I swear.”

Yin Jinye curled up his lip and supported him to get off.

Rong Yi glared at Rong Su.

And Rong Su looked at him innocently, “Young master, why are you staring at me?”

Of course Rong Yi knew he pushed him on purpose, so Rong Yi said grumpily, “You got gum in the eyes.”

“…”Rong Su touched the corner of his eyes, “No.”

Rong Yi then turned around and elbowed into the crowd with Bu Qi.

Yin Jin watched him leave while touching his lips that got kissed, “They are soft.”

Rong Yi who had already walked far away turned back. The carriage was already out of sight. He also subconsciously touched his own lips and muttered to himself, “Could a man’s lips be so soft?”

Besides, he also smelled some kind of light scent of plum blossom on Yin Jinye’s face, so refreshing, unlike the thick perfume modern women wore, which was pungent and would make him sneeze.

Bu Qi heard him, and answered promptly, “Not soft at all.”

Rong Yi looked at Bu Qi, “Have you also kissed a man before? Or are you saying your own lips are hard?”

“Yes, I’ve ever kissed a man.”

“Who was it?”

“Immortal Yunyi.”

Rong Yi, “!!!!!!”

He really couldn’t imagine why Bu Qi would have kissed an old man who had already half stepped into his own coffin.

Bu Qi stopped, “Master shifu, I got something to do. You go in first.”

“OK.” Rong Yi then took out the token Rong Su had given him and showed it to the guarding disciples outside the gate.

As they saw it was the token of Nine Void Sect, they immediately let him in.

Rong Yi looked back at the direction of Bu Qi leaving the moment he entered the gate. He saw a disciple walk aside with him and Bu Qi quickly lifted the mask to show his face to that disciple.

When the disciple saw his face, he was both frightened and respectful, so he hurriedly invited him in without taking off the mask to examine his face.

After Bu Qi came in, he instantly spotted Rong Yi and then trotted toward him, “Master shifu, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Rong Yi thought Bu Qi’s identity wasn’t simple, but he was not interested in who he was, “You own Thunder-fire Spiritual Root, right? What level of magic weapon maker are you?”


“That is enough.”

Bu Qi was confused, “What do you mean by enough?”

Rong Yi didn’t explain, instead, he took out a white paper and handed it to Bu Qi, “Now I got you a task. You engrave a rune using your thunder-fire arts without tearing it.”

“What kind of rune?”

“Anyone kind would be fine.”