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I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World
Author :Jin Yuan Bao Jin Yuanbao 金元宝
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Chapter 71: Have You Fallen for Him? 1

Chapter 71: Have You Fallen for Him? (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Everyone was looking at Rong Yi curiously.

Rong Yi simply explained, “I just enchanted the magic weapon first, then engraved the rune that could give off blinding light and illusion rune that could make people feel deadly itchy. For those with high levels, how strong his spiritual power is, he could never expose his eyes under the blinding light. And the illusion rune also plays its part. Unless he doesn’t look at it, or he’d never avoid it. But the most important thing is Qi Lan is too confident of himself. He thought that as a man who has much lower cultivation than him, couldn’t play any trick before him.”

He was at a low level and really could not play any big tricks. If Qi Lan hadn’t provoked him from the beginning, he also wouldn’t fight back at someone at a much higher level, because it was like asking for death.

Lei Sai said with a low voice, “Well done!”

It was a little trick, but he already felt much comfortable as long as Rong Yi could embarrass Qi Lan. Actually he had long wanted to teach Qi Lan a lesson, pity that he was not the other party’s rival.

Rong Yi then said to Xinghe, “It seems you are all afraid of him?”

Lei Sai’s face sank, “You know, every time he saw us, he would prank on every one of us. Plus we are not his match. So we could only take it. Most of the guards have died in his hands before.”

Rong Yi was a little confused, “Why didn’t your lord stop him?”

Xinghe heaved a sigh, “Whole Yin Family owes him.”

Only five words, but they included all kinds of helplessness.

Rong Yi, “…”

Notice the atmosphere was a bit frozen, Qi Yueshi raised his soft fist and thumped on Rong Yi’s shoulder, “Little Yiyi, do you even take us as your best friends? Why don’t you tell us you have spiritual power now? You know, we were all worried that you may get bullied, so we have even prepared defending armor for you.”

The corner of Rong Yi’s eyes twitched. Does every sissy pants like thumping people with their pink fists? “I have just gained cultivation recently.”


“You can ask Lei Sai and others if I lied to you.”

Lei Sai then explained, “It is true that our young master has started to cultivate recently.”

Qi Yueshi then let it go, and took out a light blue robe he had made with his own hands and a pair of light blue boots to ask Rong Yi to change, “This is the robes we have especially refined for you and Little Cherry. We have embroidered the defending formation and rune inside it, as thanking gift for borrowing the spiritual stones to open the shop. For the record, it can only resist the attacks from cultivators of Qi Practicing.”

“Thank you. You are so thoughtful.” Rong Yi was quite moved. In his own modern world, those so-called ‘friends’ wouldn’t prepare anything for him when he had taken part in any competition.

“We thought since you got no spiritual power, so we have made you only none-level robes.” Zhong Ziqiao then signaled him to get up, “What do you say?”

Xinghe who was standing aside praised, “Pretty good.”

Really pretty good!

Zhong Ziqiao and his friends were so considerate. The robe was simple, neat and elegant. And when Rong Yi who had such a pretty face wore it, he looked like a god! Besides, the robe could also cover his bulged belly, making it look much smaller.

Rong Yi waved his arms to see whether the robe was tight or not, “It suits me perfectly, and it’s comfortable. The most important thing is the belt shares the weight of my belly. So when I walk, I don’t have to hold my waist or support my belly anymore. I like it very much.”

Xinghe then took out a bag of spiritual stones, “Since you like, please make some more for our young master, including the robes of winter, and also our lord and little master’s.”

Tang Shangru knew he was saving Rong Yi’s face, so he also didn’t stand on ceremony, saying smilingly, “So this is the first income of our shop?”

Rong Yi asked, “When does your shop open?”

“We will open after the competition of Nine Void Sect is over. You can come visit our shop if you are available. Oh right, if anyone asks where you have made those robes, please you tell them it’s from the garment shop in Eastwood Street.”


Lei Sai said sullenly, “Seeing your dressings, people are already bold enough not to run away, let alone get into your shop.”

His words immediately invaded Qi Yueshi and others’ disapproving, “How could you say that? How dare you…”

The corner of Lei Sai’s eyes twitched a bit.

Xinghe then laughed, “Lei Sai, don’t be so bitchy.”

“I am telling the truth.”

Rong Yi also thought they should change some other outfits.

Tang Shangru was also clear their dressing would make people feel uncomfortable, “After the opening, we wouldn’t dress up like women.”

Yi Yueshi then pressed Rong Yi into the chair, “Let me do up your hair.”

Rong Yi looked at Qi Yueshi through the bronze mirror on the table, “Oh, shouldn’t I wear the sect robe to attend the tests of Nine Void Sect?”

Qi Yueshi grinned, “Do you think you can still fit in the robes you have worn four years ago? Hum, Nine Void Sect doesn’t take you as their disciple at all. You have left the sect for such a long time, they even didn’t send someone to pay a visit to show some care at least, or prepare your some new clothes. On the contrary, every time they met you, they would only mock you. And after every annual sect competition, you would end up with a bloody nose and a swollen face, which shows you got bullied there apparently.”

Rong Yi, “…”

So the original owner has led such a miserable life?

Zhu Xinyu then picked up the conversation, “If you fail the test this time, you’ll have to be expelled from Nine Void Sect. Anyway you hubby is back. You can stay at home and serve him and bring up your children.

Serve the husband and bring up the children…


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