I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World
Chapter 70: This Is already too Much for You? 2
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I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World
Author :Jin Yuan Bao Jin Yuanbao 金元宝
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Chapter 70: This Is already too Much for You? 2

Chapter 70: This Is already too Much for You? (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“Use your spiritual power to activate it and see if you like.”

Lei Sai thought something wrong with it, so he stopped Yin Tao, “Tao’er, it’s gathering time. We should go to school now. You can activate it when we get back later.”

Qi Lan said, “It wouldn’t cost a lot of time. Why in such a hurry?”

Rong Yi stared at the little magic weapon and narrowed his eyes, “Little Cherry, you are holding it upside down.”

Qi Lan then gave him a meaningful look.

Yin Tao then reversed it listening to daddy.

Rong Yi then said, “You hold its bottom and screw it to the left for three rounds.”

Left? Which is left? After thinking for a while lowering his head, Yin Tao screwed it to the left.

After watching him do it, Rong Yi asked Yin Tao to activate it using his spiritual power.

Suddenly, bam! The magic weapon ejected a red dazzling light into the sky. When it came to a certain height, it exploded again and the red dazzling light turned into some beautiful flowers.

Yin Tao looked up into the sky, gasping in admiration, “wow!”

Qi Lan then asked him with a smile, “Spiritual flowers, you like them?”


“Then you should put it away. You can send a signal with it when you are in an emergent situation. Your guard will come to find you when they see it. Would you like to try the other end? See if it has any other functions?”

Rong Yi then moved forward and held up the kid, “He’ll play with it when he has time. Now we need to leave. Sorry we don’t have time for you.”

“But I haven’t had enough fun with my little nephew. Well, I also got a gift for you.” Qi Lan then took out a gold box, “I know you have no spiritual power. So I have refined a none-level magic weapon for you.”

Rong Yi took a glance of it and then accepted, saying with a polite smile, “Thank you then.”

“Won’t you open it for a look?”

Seeing his provoking eyes, Rong Yi narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s kind of rude to open the gift in front of the giver. I think I better open it when I am alone. By the way, I also have a gift for you, senior brother.”

“Oh?” Qi Lan was curious, “What gift?”

When he had hardly finished his words, Rong Yi’s left palm which was holding the gift gave off some aubergine light.

Everyone was looking at him curiously.

Qi Yueshi and others were all surprised, “Little Yiyi has spiritual powers?”

Rong Yi quickly turned the box on the other side. He put it away in his Storage Ring and then took it out, and it looked like a whole new gift.

He then gave it to Qi Lan, “Senior brother, some humble gift. Hope you’d like it.”

Qi Lan raised his eyebrows. Isn’t it the gift box he just sent to him?

But the thing was some kind of strange rune was engraved on the gift box.

Rong Yi smiled, “Senior brother, won’t you open it to take a look?”

Qi Lan smiled, “You send me a gift using the my gift box. Isn’t it too perfunctory?”

“Are you sure it is still your gift box?” Some kind of mocking feeling flashed in Rong Yi’s eyes, “Or you dare not open it?”

Qi Lan narrowed his eyes. How dare he despise me? He smiled lightly and said, “Thank you then.”

He had refined this box himself. No one was clearer of its inside. He just didn’t believe Rong Yi could trick him in front of his face.

Qi Lan then said to Rong Yi, “Then I’m gonna open it.”

“Suit yourself.” Rong Yi then changed another position to hold the kid, so the kid’s eyes would look in another direction.

Noticing Rong Yi’s action, Yin Jinye also slightly lowered his eyes.

Qi Lan very confidently opened the box, then inside it shot a stunning strong light. In a spit second, he lost his sight and could not see those people and things around, and even his spiritual power was losing fast. He only felt itchy all over, even his eyes, throat and heart. He had a spur to scratch his whole body to stop it.

Fortunately he had strong enough willpower, but still he couldn’t help scratching palm lightly. The more he scratched, the itchier.

“Senior brother, are you all right?”

Hearing the voice of Rong Yi, Qi Lan made a pause of what he was doing and he slowly regained his sight and people and scenery leaped to his eyes again, then he saw that Xinghe and Qi Yueshi and others were all looking at him, trying very hard to hold their laughing.

This was the first time Xinghe, Leisai and others saw Qi Lan so embarrassed since the day they had known him. In the past, they would only be bullied by him. Since none of them was his rival, they could only hide away on seeing him every time.

Yin Jinye curled up his lips slightly, “Senior brother, please pay attention to your manner.”

Qi Lan looked down, as if having been raped or what, with mess dress, his tough chest totally exposed. The only thing he didn’t do was taking off his pants and let others appreciate his man part.

Zhong Ziqiao whispered to Qi Yueshi and others, “He has a prettier face than a woman, but his body is no worse than Yiyi’s hubby. What a surprise!”

Qi Lan then looked at Rong Yi, looking quite embarrassed. But soon he regained his lazy and arrogant poseur and said with a faking smile, “Your big ‘gift’ accepted and I will keep it in mind.”

Yin Jinye said to Rong Yi, “Take the kid in and get him changed.”


Rong Yi then went back in the room holding Yin Tao, while Lei Sai and Qi Yueshi and others all followed in.

After closing the door, Xinghe immediately asked out of curiosity, “Young master, what did you do to him?”

They only saw a white light, and soon Qi Lan scratched his own body like crazy. Logically speaking, even if Rong Yi had spiritual power, he couldn’t do anything on Qi Lan who was at a much higher level. But the truth was Qi Lan indeed got tricked.

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