I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World
Chapter 69: This Is already too Much for You? 1
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I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World
Author :Jin Yuan Bao Jin Yuanbao 金元宝
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Chapter 69: This Is already too Much for You? 1

Chapter 69: This Is already too Much for You? (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Hearing the familiar voice, Yin Jinye stopped practicing and turned to the direction where the voice came.

Xinghe quickly flew before Rong Yi. Then next moment, a coquettish man wearing aubergine robes came into the yard. In an instant, those delicate flowers suffered an eclipse because of his coming.

Qi Yueshi and others dropped their jaws, feeling jealous in their hearts. If they could have been as pretty as he was, there would be numerous men chasing after them.

Rong Yi was curious. Why was every man in this world so pretty?

Qi Lan moved before Yin Jinye. After sizing him up and down, he chuckled, “I knew you wouldn’t have died so easily.”

Yin Jinye said faintly, “How did you find here?”

Qi Lan turned to Xinghe, “Thanks to the letter Xinghe wrote to the old madam. Otherwise I really couldn’t find this place.”

He found Haishan Town through Xinghe’s paper bamboo dragonfly.

Xinghe, “…”

If he had known it’d expose their whereabouts, he wouldn’t have written that letter to the old madam.

“Oh, I heard you have gotten married and even have kids now. I wonder who would be so lucky to be your partner.” Qi Lan scanned everyone in the yard and finally laid his eyes on Rong Yi behind Xinghe, he then curled up his lips, “If I guess it right, it should that childe…standing behind Xinghe.”

Xinghe instantly felt his body tightened.

Rong Yi was confused. Why even Xinghe and Lei Sai are so afraid of this man?

Qi Lan chirped, “Oh, he looks not bad, but a little too weak. I can kill him like pinching an ant.”

He then came before Rong Yi, “I am Yin Jinye’s senior brother Qi Lan. I’m afraid I need to bother you for a few days. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Rong Yi thought although this person was showing a friendly smile, the information revealed in his eyes told him this person didn’t like him, or he can say, hate him.

He then moved forward from behind Xinghe, “I am Jinye’s partner Rong Yi. If he doesn’t mind, I am totally OK.”

Qi Lan picked his eyebrows, “You are quite interesting.”

“Otherwise Jinye wouldn’t take me as his partner and bear children for him.” Rong Yi then winked at Yin Jinye, “Daddy, am I right?”

He thought Yin Jinye wouldn’t pick up his words, but to his surprise, Yin Jinye nodded slightly and even responded with a “hmm”.

Qi Lan narrowed his pair of pretty eyes, saying smilingly, “Oh right, where is my little nephew? Why don’t I see him?”

Right after he finished his words, Yin Tao who happened to finish his cultivation in the room shouted since Rong Yi was not in, “Daddy, daddy!”

Xinghe and Lei Sai quickly went in to stop him coming out, “Little master, it’s almost gathering time of your school. We’ll get you changed and help you wash your face. You’re gonna have breakfast on the carriage.”

Yin Tao pouted, “But I want to go to Nine Void Sect with daddy.”

“Little master, you are still not an official disciple of Nine Void Sect. You are not allowed in alone. So you have to go with other disciples of your school. Oh right, didn’t you say your senior brothers are coming to hang out with you? You can invite them after the sect competition.”


Qi Lan directly walked into the room and held Yin Tao out, saying to Yin Jinye, “Jinye, your son is really cute. Lend him to me for some fun.”

Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes.

Xinghe and Lei Sai quickly ran forward, “Childe Qi, the little master is not for fun.”

“Not for fun? Then why would you give birth to him?” Speaking of which, Qi Lan threw the kid in the air. And Yin Tao was like a cuju (an Ancient Chinese game, like the football nowadays.) being kicked high into the sky.

Everybody screamed like their hearts would bump out of their chests.

While Yin Taoi was giggling… He didn’t stop until it was about 300 meters high, and then he was in free fall fast.

In the split second he was about to hit the ground, Qi Shiyue shouted anxiously, “He is falling down onto the ground. Catch him! Catch little Cherry! Come on! Hurry!”

Lei Sai then sprung to his feet.

But Qi Lan was one step ahead to catch the kid. Watching the kid who was still giggling, he asked, “Is it fun?”

Yin Tao nodded, “Yes!”

The crowd, “…”

This damn kid! They were all nearly scared to death while he said it was fun?!

“Jinye, your son is pretty fun.” Qi Lan then asked the kid wearing a smile, “What about we try if you can drill into the ground?”

Everybody was stunned! How?

Qi Lan then held the kid up and was about to smash him onto the ground.

Zhong Ziqiao and others all panicked, “No! Stop it!”

If so, the kid would definitely break into pieces like a watermelon falling onto the ground.

Yin Jinye said coldly, “Qi Lan, enough is enough!”

Qi Lan scanned Rong Yi and others, then curled up his lips, “You guys are so timid. This is already too much for you?”

Yin Jinye then held the kid up.

“It looks you really care about him.” Qi Lan grinned, then took out a stick-shape golden magic weapon and handed it over to Yin Tao, “My little nephew, this is my gift for you.”

Yin Tao then took it happily.
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