Chapter 68: You Are so Blessed

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
As the competition of Nine Void Sect was approaching, Rong Yi decided to meditate in seclusion with Yin Tao for a few days to cultivate. Without them horsing around, the mansion immediately became quite desolate.

But no one was at a loose end. Except helping Rong Yi and Yin Tao prepare items for the competition, they all followed Rong Yi to improve their own cultivation.

Just as Xiang Lv and Bu Qi lived in Yin Mansion, soon enough they both found that the spiritual qi here was thoroughly neat, which could help them double their cultivation speed by doing half of the work. Then they also noticed that the mansion had been set the Spiritual Cohesion Formation, which was a little different from what they had seen before. It could not only exclude the impurities in the spiritual qi, but also transmit the spiritual power into the cultivator’s body actively, which could effectively improve the cultivator’s cultivation speed.

Xiang Lv and Bu Qi asked the servants about the Spiritual Cohesion Formation, After learning that it was set by their new master shifu, they were both mad with joy, especially Xiang Lv who finally felt relieved.

Before he came, he had asked about Rong Yi. People all said Rong Yi was a sissy and liked seducing men. Now from what he had seen, Rong Yi neither was sissy nor he had done anything seducing a man, quite different from what he had heard from others’ mouths.

He believed his own eyes, besides, the rumors always deviated from the truth, so he chose to follow his own heart and came to take Rong Yi as his master shifu.

Now he was very glad that he had not listened to other people's nonsense, or he would have missed the chance to learn the new method of refining magic weapons and also how to enchant.

On the morning of the competition day, Rong Yi ended his cultivation early before it was complete dawn.

He stretched himself and then turned to Yin Tao who was still meditating. Lips curled up, he got out of the room without making any noise. He saw that Yin Jinye was practicing swordplay, he waved at him and asked wearing a bright smile, “Daddy, it’s been a few days. Did you miss me?”

Yin Jinye glanced at him and then kept practicing his swordplay.

Xinghe who was meditating on the roof then picked up the conversation, “Of course. Every two hours, the master would put down the book and stare at your room for some time. Seeing you didn’t come out, he then lowered his head and kept reading.”

Right after he finished his words, a severe gale chopped at him.

Xinghe was a little surprised and immediately tried to dodge away. He then yelled at Yin Jinye down there, “My lord, do you really need to be so harsh? If I was a bit slower, I would have died.”

Yin Jinye gave him a cold look and then kept practicing.

Rong Xi smirked and didn’t take Xinghe’s words seriously.

At this time, some noise came from the gate of Biluo Yard.

Rong Su who was outside the gate tried to stop those who were coming in while saying, “The young master is cultivating. No guest is allowed.”

“Do you take me as a fool? My little Yiyi has no spiritual root. How would he cultivate? Get out of the way. We want to see our little Yiyi. We’ve got things for him. Don’t stand in the way.”

Isn’t it Qi Yueshi’s sound? He has an absolute man’s voice but always pinches his voice to talk like a woman. It really gives Rong Yi goose bumps.

He said, “Su, let them in.”

On hearing Rong Yi, he immediately let them in.

After Qi Yueshi and others came into the yard and saw Rong Yi, Qi Yueshi snorted faintly, “How dare he lied to us that little Yiyi is cultivating? Beat him!”

Then Qi Yueshi, Zhong Ziqiao, Tang Shangru and Zhu Xinyu spanked Rong Su each.

Rong Su’s face immediately reddened due to the super awkwardness, “You…you guys…”

Rong Yi, “…”

He was also speechless towards Zhong Ziqiao and the other three. Fortunately his second elder brother would not molest other men before him.

Qi Yueshi then smiled using a tiffany covering his mouth, “Your little butt is really bouncy.”

Zhong Ziqiao said smilingly, “I just pinched him in the chest. Really tough.”

Zhu Xinyu then scanned Rong Su’s down part lustfully, “Don’t know whether his man part is big or not.”

Tang Shangru covered his mouth and chuckled, “I guess it should be pretty big, and handy.”

Qi Yueshi asked curiously, “How do you know that?”

Tang Shangru said shyly, “Before we came in, I bumped into him on purpose and rubbed his down part with my body, so…”

“You four goats! Never expect me to let you in next time.” Rong Su really couldn’t take it anymore. So he turned away and walked out of the yard angrily.

Rong Yi quickly stopped them going on, “There are other people here. Don’t say such indecent words.”

On hearing him, Tang Shangru and the other three noticed that Yin Jinye and Xinghe were also in the yard.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I see a male god!” On seeing Yin Jinye’s godlike perfect face, Zhu Xinyu and others flew to Rong Yi’s side, “Yiyi, who is the man holding a sword? He is so handsome! Even more handsome than your senior brother! Tell us! Who is he? Introduce him to us now!”

Like he didn’t see them at all, Yin Jinye didn’t stop swaying his sword at all.

Rong Yi was worried they might go to flirt with Yin Jinye, so he immediately explained, “That is my partner.”

“What? He is your partner? Come on. Hasn’t he been dead already?” They felt both pitiful and jealous.

“No, he has survived.”

“Congratulations, Yiyi. You are so blessed. All men around you are so cute. I am so dead jealous.”

“Never lay your finger on your friend’s hubby. Since he is Yiyi’s hubby, we won’t take advantage of him then.” Zhong Ziqiao winked at Rong Yi and teased him, “Yiyi, since your hubby is back, you wouldn’t sleep alone, right? Has he satisfied you at night?”

“Do you even need to ask? See his strong body and arms! He would definitely satisfy our Yiyi.” Tang Shangru poked Rong Yi’s waist, “Is his bed skill as good as his sword skill?”

Since Yin Jinye was practicing his swordplay, he was wearing a black robe, exposing his strong body completely.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Rong Yi then peered at Yin Jin shyly to see if he had any reaction while the other party happened to be looking over to him. Two pairs of eyes collided, like getting an electric shock. Rong Yi instantly looked away, “Get down to business. Get down to business. What are you doing here on such an early morning?”

Zhu Xinyu still wouldn’t let it go, “I see your face looks ruddy. You should be moistened pretty well at night.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes, “Can you guys keep it down? My partner and others would hear it.”

“What’s the fuss?” Qi Yueshi looked at Xinghe, “Oh right, Yiyi, who is the other man? He is also not bad. Can you at least introduce him to us?”

Zhu Xinyu and others turned to Xinghe then. Xinghe smiled at them openly, “My name is Xinghe.”

Tang Shangru’s eyes shone, “He is even cuter than Rong Su.”

Xinghe smiled, “You flatter me.”

At this time, Lei Sai ran into the yard, “My lord, my lord…”

This was the first time Rong Yi saw him so panicked. So he was curious what had happened.

Xinghe raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why are you in a hurry? This isn’t you.”

“Coming…He is here…” Lei Sai pointed at the gate, “Master Qi is here.”

Xinghe’s face changed a bit.

Then an idle voice came out of the yard, “Yin Jinye, you have really kept me busy looking for you!”