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Chapter 66: Taking in Disciples Against His Will

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Rong Yi was so tired that he immediately fell asleep in bed after a long day right after he went back to his room. He didn’t wake up until the next day.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw an ugly masked face above his head. He was startled and transformed the bracelet into a sword, and pricked at that masked face.

The masked face immediately vanished before his eyes and then appeared at the other end of the bed.

Yin Jinye who was in another room broke in and stood in front of Rong Yi as he heard his scream.

Rong Yi was relieved to see that Yin Jinye was here with him. He asked the masked man, “Who are you?”

The man wearing a mask knelt down, “This is your disciple Bu Qi, master shifu.”

Yin Jinye then turned back at Rong Yi

Disciple? Rong Yi looked at Bu Qi, surprised, the disciple of the original Rong Yi? Did he even have taken a disciple? It was hard to believe that that sissy pant had a disciple.

At this time, Rong Su and Xinghe also broke in and pointed their swords at Bu Qi. Wen Chuan walked in right after them and explained when he saw Bu Qi who was on one knee, “My lord, young master, his name is Bu Qi. Yesterday after your left, he came here with Immortal Yunyi’s recommendation letter. Immortal Yunyi recommends him as your disciple. I told him to come back in a couple of days but he insisted on waiting here till you come back. So I could only arrange a room for him to stay.”

“You are the one that Yunyi talked about the other day?” Rong Yi asked helplessly.

Immortal Yunyi was very efficient to stuff a person to him. But the fact was that he didn’t agree with him on that at all.

“Yes.” Bu Qi answered.

“Why were you in my room? And showed up above my bed to scare me? Do you know that I was nearly frightened to death.” Rong Yi rolled his eyes.

Anyone would be scared by a masked face at the first sight in the early morning.

“Master shifu, I was told that you would come back this morning. I was anxious to you soon. So I got in your room without your permission. And to see your face clearly, I flew up to the roof of your bed.”

“I haven’t agreed that I will take you as my disciple. Don’t call me master shifu this and master shifu that.” Rong Yi’s lips twitched.

“My greetings, master shifu.” Bu Qi made three hard kowtows to Rong Yi.

“Wait. I haven’t agreed yet.” Rong Yi tried to stop him.

As if he didn’t hear Rong Yi at all, Bu Qi stood up, “I will go get some water for you to fresh up, master shifu.”

“Come back…” Rong Yi shouted at him but he walked out quickly, “isn’t he supposed to listen to me if he considers me as his master Sshifu? But he isn’t. Why would I have a disciple like that then?”

Right after he said that, Bu Qi returned with a water basin in his hands, “Master shifu, I am back. At your service.”

“…” Rong Yi.

It seemed that he couldn’t chase this person away.

Yin Jinye left the room as nothing really happened.

Rong Su and Xinghe left too.

Then Rong Huan walked in and said, “Young master, a man outside who claimed to be your disciple is looking for you.”

“My disciple? Again?” Rong Yi looked at Bu Qi, “Did Immortal Yunyi send some other people here other than you?”


Rong Yi was confused. Where does this disciple come from?

“Did he tell his name?” He asked Rong Huan.


“Tell him to wait at the hall. I will be there in a minute.”

“Yes, young master.”

Rong Yi stood up and Bu Qi immediately served him to get dressed and comb his hair for him, giving Rong Yi no chance to do it himself.

When he came to the hall, he saw a middle-aged man sitting there drinking tea. He recognized it was Uncle Xiang who shared a yard with Gongsu Ziqian in Hailu Village.

“It’s you.”

Xiang Lv immediately stood up and walked up to Rong Yi and greeted him, “Master shifu, my greetings.”

“Since when have I taken you as my discople?” asked Rong Yi.

“You said that you would teach me to refine magic weapons if I take you as my master shifu a few days ago.” Xiang Lv said.

Having considered it for a few days, he finally made up his mind to learn officially from Rong Yi as he was curious how Rong Yi had refined the runes.

“I didn’t mean it when I said it. Don’t take it seriously.” Rong Yi sat down, “Besides, I have no intention to take anyone as my disciple.”

“Master shifu, please drink some tea.” Bu Qi poured him a cup of tea.

“…” Rong Yi.

Just right after he said that he didn’t plan to take anyone as his disciple, Bu Qi called him master shifu. Wasn’t he trying to slap him in the face?

“You just said you would take no one as your disciple. Then who is he?” Xiang Lv asked.

“My nickname is master Shifu. Do you understand?” Rong Yi rolled his eyes.

Without arguing with him, Xiang Lv served him a cup of tea like Bu Qi did, “Master shifu, please drink some tea.”

“…” Rong Yi.

Xiang Lv then poured a cup of tea for Bu Qi, “Senior brother, please drink some tea.”

“Thank you, junior brother.” Bu Qi took the tea while saying so.

“…” Rong Yi.

Was he just ignored by those two?