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Chapter 65: Intercourse Cultivation 2

Chapter 65: Intercourse Cultivation (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
"Is there anything I didn't say?" Rong Yi wondered. Why didn’t he know he missed anything? “So what on earth is it? Just say it.”

Yin Jinye smiled a bit, "As a husband, it is my obligation to satisfy you in bed."

Rong Yi got dumbfounded, only standing there looking at Yin Jinye dully.

To his knowledge, Yin Jinye, like the original Rong Yi, was forced to accept this arranged marriage. Besides, the original Rong Yi had a wedding with Yin Jinye’s memorial tablet. They were not literally husband and husband at all. It was already good enough that if Yin Jinye would treat him like a brother, given that he was such an indifferent person. Therefore, after he learned how he got pregnant, he knew that he was safe from having sex with a man and his back door was saved. That was why he had never thought of sex again. But now all things were out of his control.


It was the first time for Yin Jinye to see him stammer. He even smiled bigger, “Huh? What’s wrong with me?”

“You…You are into men?” Rong Yi stammered.

“As long as I have feelings for that person, it doesn’t matter if it is a she or he.” Said Yin Jinye.

Rong Yi had a feeling that he might lose his ass virginity, “But I am pregnant now. I can’t do that.”

“Do what?” Yin Jinye could not help but tease him.

“Intercourse cultivation.” Rong Yi said with anger, “You are not that evil to make love to a pregnant man, are you?”

“No, of course I am not.” Yin Jinye almost laughed out loud.

Rong Yi felt much relieved on hearing him.

“I can wait for two years. It’s affordable. To me, it is like a blink of an eye.” Yin Jinye continued.

“…” Rong Yi.

Could it be possible for him to overpower his own doom, become an immortal and transmigrate back to his own world in two years?

Apparently the answer is negative.

Suddenly, he felt the pain in his back door.

“Eat some porridge.” Yin Jinye put a spoonful of porridge by his mouth.

Rong Yi opened his mouth subconsciously.

“You should eat more because you are skinny.” Yin Jinye scooped up another spoon, “I prefer plumper body.”

”Ah-hem…” Rong Yi almost spitted the porridge out through his nose, “What the fuck! Who is the one playing dirty?”

Yin Jinye burst out laughing as he saw Rong Yi losing control.

Rong Yi’s mind went blank as he was astonished by Yin Jinye’s elegant but kind of evil smile while he was eating the porridge Yin Jinye was feeding him. If Yin Jinye had been a woman, he would definitely have ‘eaten him alive’ right now.

Yin Jinye was amused by Rong Yi’s gazing eyes that revealed his true feelings. The way he gazed at him made him have the impulse to tease him. He took out a small spiritual stone, put it in the spoon and fed him.

With all his attention to Yin Jinye, Rong Yi didn’t even notice the spiritual stone. He opened his mouth, “Ah!”

All of sudden, he felt sour and painful teeth. He quickly tilted his head and spit everything out.

It was so funny that he was too attentive to look at him to notice the stone. Holding his laughter, Yin Jinye asked as if he didn’t know, “What happened?”

“I might have eaten a stone.” Rong Yi looked down on the ground while he covered his face. Then he saw his vomit was blue. He picked up his chopsticks to remove the vomit, “A spiritual stone? Why is there a spiritual stone in the porridge?”

When he looked in Yin Jinye’s smiling eyes, he realized what had happened. He said angrily, “Did you do this? You put the stone in the porridge, didn’t you?”

“The cook must have left it in while he was cooking the porridge.” Speaking of which, Yin Jinye fed him another spoon of porridge.

What?! Did he think he was a fool? How could a cook take out a spiritual stone while he was cooking? If he did it by accident, he would definitely take it out, “You are fooling…”

Before he finished his sentence, Yin Jinye poured another spoonful of porridge into his mouth to shut his mouth.

Asshole! Son of a bitch! He was definitely playing dumb! He knew it was him. Rong Yi stared at him angrily while he was chewing hard as if he was chewing Yin Jinye’s flesh.

Yin Jinye smiled slightly seeing he was so angry.

Xinghe who was surfing on the sea was astonished when he saw Yin Jinye feeding Rong Yi with porridge. He lost his balance and fell off the surfboard. Rong Su dragged him right over the water for a while.

Seeing that, Rong Su instantly stopped, flew down to pick up the surfboard and placed it before Xinghe, “Are you alright?”

“Of course I am not. So not right. I think I just had delusion just now. I saw that the lord is feeing our young master porridge.” said Xinghe as he got down on the surfboard again.

Yin Jinye had been indifferent to anyone since his soul was damaged. It never occurred to him that he fed his own mother with medicine with his own hands even if she got hurt. Now Xinghe was amazed to see that Yin Jinye feeding Rong Yi.

“You are not having delusion. Lord is feeing young master.” Rong Su looked over the beach.

“I will tell her ladyship about this.” Xinghe dried his hands with spiritual power and wrote the old ma’am a letter.

Yin Tao played until he felt his belly was growling. Then he reluctantly went ashore for breakfast.

After that, they flew to Linhai city, where Yin Tao could ride his tricycle in the streets as he wished. The strange tricycle attracted many people's eyes. People kept wondering what he was riding. They were wondering what that it.

Yin Tao did not notice that everyone was looking at him. He rode his tricycle from one stall to another. He really enjoyed it. Once he was tired, he got off the bike and walked on the street holding Rong Yi’s hand.

When Yin Tao saw the child who was swung by his parents holding his hands in between, his eyes were brightened and he shouted excitedly, "daddy, daddy, want that."

Rong Yi took a look at the family of three in front of them and turned around and shouted: "his father... "

Yin Jinye frowned because he didn’t like holding people’s hands. Still, he reached for Yin Tao and lifted Yin Tao with Rong Yi.

Yin Tao laughed happily loud. People around them were amused by his laughter.

Rong Su elbowed Su Gu and whispered with a smile, “they finally look like a family.”

Su Gu smiled and nodded.

It was not until the sun set and midnight after they returned to the beach to catch fish that they went back to Haishan City.