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Chapter 64: Intercourse Cultivation 1

Chapter 64: Intercourse Cultivation (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Rong Su quickly ran over and asked, "Young master, at your service."

"Go get a log for me in the woods nearby." Rong Yi described the roughs measurements.

"Yes, young master." Rong Su left by flying his sword. About half an hour later, he brought back a log about ten feet long and two feet big.

Su Gu and Xinghe gathered around out of curiosity, "Young master, what do you want to do with a log?"

"Make a toy for Little Cherry." Rong Yi shapeshifted his magic bracelet into a sharp knife, cut the wood in half cleanly, then grinded them into two small boards with slightly narrow ends, one big and one small.

Yin Tao looked excitedly at the toy which was about to take shape. "Daddy, what kind of toy are you making for me this time?"

"Sort of surfboard, if I can call them that." Rong Yi set up the surfboard and asked Rong Su and others, "Do you guys have a rope? It should be strong enough and about 300 chi (a unit of length, 1 chi equals 33.33cm) long."

"I do." Xinghe then took out a big ball of strong rope from the storage ring and handed it to Rong Yi.

Rong Yi said, "Give me your swords, Su Gu, Rong Su."

Rong Su and Su Gu then passed over their swords to Rong Yi.

Rong Yi tied the hilts with two seventy-chi-long ropes and made a tight knot. Rong Su cast a protection enchantment on the end of the hilts to make sure the rope was firmly tightened. He tied one of the two ropes on a sword on Yin Tao and asked him to hold the other one in his hand. Then he put the surfboard on the water and put Yin Tao on the surfboard and make sure his two small feet were placed into the grove which enabled him to get attached to the board during surfing.

After he prepared everything, he taught Yin Tao some basic knowledge of surfboard, like his gesture. When he was almost finished, he turned to Su Gu, "Su Gu, you can now fly with your sword and drag Little Cherry on the water. Remember, don’t start too fast. Start slowly and accelerate when he knows how to balance it.”

"Good." Su Gu stepped on the sword and used his spiritual power to fly into the air, slowly dragging Yin Tao forward.

It was the first time that Yin Tao surfed on water. He giggled excitedly, “It’s so much fun! So much fun! Daddy! I like it so much!”

Rong Yi tied the rope of the other sword to his own body. And then he said to Rong Su with a smile, "Let’s chase them."

They followed behind, teaching Yin Tao how to keep balance.

Sitting in the carriage, Yin Jinye was confused by Yin Tao’s loud laughter. Was it really that fun to play with water?

Out of curiosity, he got out of the carriage and saw Rong Yi and Yin Tao floating on the water and being pulled along. He went to Xinghe and asked, "What are they doing?"

"Surfing. I've never seen anyone being pulled over the water. It looks a lot fun. Even I now have the urge to try it.” Xinghe said with a smile, "The young master has so many funny ideas. He even can make surfing so special."

Yin Jinye had the same thought too. Rong Yi had so many peculiar ideas and he could even make something that they had never seen or imagined before.

Rong Yi waved at Yin Jinye as he saw him, “Daddy, do you want to play with us?”

Yin Jinye shook his head.

"It's fun. Come on. Come on!"

Without saying anything, Yin Jinye signaled Xinghe to take out a table and a chair.

Rong Su didn’t fly fast as he was worried about Rong Yi’s baby.

As it was not fast and exciting enough with that speed and being pregnant was not convenient to play with water, he went ashore less than half an hour.

"Young master, can I have a try?" Xinghe quickly jumped on the surfboard and asked Rong Su to drag him on the water. Although it was his first time surfing on water and he didn’t start perfectly, soon enough he got the hang of it since he learned martial arts and he had spiritual power with him. Soon he made turns, jumps, hops, and rollover freely. Rong Yi and Yin Tao envied him very much.

Rong Yi dried his clothes and hair with his spiritual power, and sat next to Yin Jinye, “Don’t you want to have a try?”

“Nah.” Yin Jinye then took out a book from his storage ring.

Rong Yi rolled his eyes, “We are here to have fun. Why are you still reading books? How is that different from staying at home? No more books! Come on! It’s a lot funnier to talk to me than to read books.”

“What do you want to talk about?” Yin Jinye gave him a look.

“About us, of course” Rong Yi took out the food, put it on the table and set bowls and chopsticks, “We are now partners, but we are still like literally total strangers.Since you came back, you either stay in your own room or study the whole day every day. Is there any difference between you coming back or not? If I didn’t take the initiative to get close to you, we would not have met more than three times since you came back. Maybe we would still be strangers in a month or even a year, so... "

"So?” Yin Jinye put the book back in his storage ring and listened to him with all ears.

"So you should do your own duty as a father and a husband. For example, you should care about your son more. Such as, you should pick him up at school or take him out to have fun, or you can teach him to cultivate. Now that you don’t need a secluded cultivation, you have a plenty of time to do other things. You should spend more time with us at dinner table or hanging out with us. It is very simple. You can do it, can’t you?" Rong Yi placed a bowl of porridge in front of him with a smile.

"The duties as a father…and a husband?" Yin Jinye repeated slightly and asked, "What you just said was the responsibility of a father. What is the responsibility of a husband?”

"Do I need to say it? You should treat me well, of course, especially now when I am pregnant. You must not do things like throwing me into a pond earlier. You can’t get physical with me either. I am not powerful enough to be punched by you, not even for once. You know, I am only at level 1 of Qi Practicing."

"What else?"

"And..." Rong Yi was confused why he suddenly became so easy to talk, "and... and if I'm in trouble or something goes wrong, you should be the first one to help me."

The best scenario would be that Yin Jinye could help him without hesitation When he was trying to transmigrate back to his own world.

“And?” Yin Jinye asked again.

"And... "Rong Yi gave it a thought for a long time before he said, "and...and you can have a drink with me when you are free for bonding, so that we will not be total strangers like now."

"What else?"

"What else?!" Rong Yi just wanted to get along with Yin Jinye in a different way and bond with him, and eventually they could become buddies who would get each other’s back when needed. That was all he could think of, “Nothing. I guess that’s all.”

“There is one thing you haven’t mentioned yet.” Yin Jinye took a sip of his tea.