Chapter 63: Castrate You 2

Chapter 63: Castrate You (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
As the cart flew into the sky, Yin Tao rolled on the ground excitedly in the carriage, "We are going travelling. We are going travelling."

Rong Yi sat beside him and asked, "Are you really so happy?"

"Yes, I am. It’s my first time to go out with daddy and father, and also, my little brother." Yin Tao threw himself into Rong Yi's arms and whispered to his stomach, "Little brother, we are going on a trip. We are going to Linhai city. Are you happy?"

Like the baby heard him, it kicked a bit as a response.

Rong Yi thought it was cute the way little Yin Tao was talking to his belly using that child’s tone. He rubbed his head and said, "It takes half an hour to get to Linhai City. We can take a nap so we will have enough energy for fun later."

"Great!" Yin Tao yawned and lay down beside him obediently.

Rong Yi said to Yin Jinye, "We are gonna sleep for a while and wake us up when the sun is about to rise."

Yin Jinye closed his eyes for meditation and did not answer him.

Rong Yi then kicked him, "When people talk to you, you should answer politely."

Yin Jinye opened his eyes and said, “Hmm.”

Rong Yi smiled with satisfaction and lay down to hold Yin Tao in his arms. He rubbed him like he was a baby doll and closed his eyes contentedly.

Yin Jinye stared at them for quite a while before he closed his eyes, but soon opened his eyes again. Looking at the two similar faces, he took out a big robe to cover on them, then closed his eyes to get back to meditation again.

At the time of Mao hour (5-7 a.m.), the sky started to get bright.

Yin Jinye opened his eyes to look out of the window and said to the sleeping daddy and son, “The sun rises!”

Rong Yi opened his eyes and saw the bright sky outside the window. He then pushed Yin Tao. “Wake up, little Tao. It’s dawn.”

Yin Tao opened his barely-awake eyes and rubbed Rong Yi's chest, “Daddy, hungry…”

The next moment, he was biting Rong Yi’s chest accurately.

"Ouch... "The pain in his chest made Rong Yi sober instantly. He was so angry that he pranked Yin Tao. “You damn kid! You promised that you won’t bite my breasts, didn’t you?”

Yin Tao took several mouthfuls of blood before he woke up completely. He let go of the breast and looked at Rong Yi innocently.

"Get up, get up." Rong Yi asked Rong Su who was sitting on the roof, "Su, do you have some vulnerary?"

Then a bottle of vulnerary was thrown into the cart.

Rong Yi tore open the only coat he was wearing to reveal his fairy chest, and there were two bloody teeth marks on it, "What the hell! How could your teeth be so sharp?"

Yin Jinye looked over at his chest which drew all his attention.

Rong Yi opened the bottle, dipped the ointment onto his fingertip and gently applied it to the wound.

Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes as he noticed the pink tit next to the wound.

As Rong Yi sensed that someone was staring at him, he quickly raised his head but got confused when he saw Yin Jinye was still meditating with his eyes closed. Was he paranoid?

"Daddy, I'm hungry." Yin Tao threw himself into Rong Yi’s arms.

Rong Yi, who got dressed up already, pranked him softly, "You should eat it later. Now we should enjoy the sunrise."

"Sunrise?” Yin Tao was too young to understand the beauty of the sunrise.

Rong Yi held him to sit next to the window. Outside was a boundless sea.

Yin Tao said, "It’s a big lake."

Rong Yi said with a smile, "it’s not lake. It’s called sea."

He pointed to the bright line on the horizon and said with a smile. "You see, the sun is coming up."

The three men sitting on the roof of the cart also opened their eyes and looked to the east in the distance. The horizon was shining with bright light. Soon, a small part of the sun emerged from the surface of sea water. The bright sunshine shone the entire sea and also all their faces.

At this moment everyone’s heart was as calm as the sea. They were too astonished to look away.

Rong Yi then turned around and shouted at Yin Jinye, “Daddy, you should come and see this. You won’t want to miss out the beauty of the sunrise.”

Yin Jinye open his eyes and saw the handsome face glittering under the sunshine. He then moved over involuntarily.

Rong Yi put his hand on his shoulder like they were good buddies, "What do you think? Isn't it beautiful?"

Yin Jinye turned his head to Rong Yi and responded with an “hmm” slightly.

Rong Yi rubbed Yin Tao's head and said, "Isn’t it beautiful, son?"

Yin Tao nodded, "It is, like an egg cake."

Rong Yi tapped his head, “Can you think of something else other than food?”

Yin Tao giggled while saying, "And daddy and father."

Rong Yi smiled, "Fine. You still have that little bit of consciousness."

Then he saw a beach by the sea. He asked the wheeler to come to an anchor at the beach. Then he took off his clothes and was about to get out of the carriage.

Yin Jinye said with a serious face, “Put on your underlinen.”

"How am I going to swim with clothes on?" Rong Yi was baffled by the displeasure in his voice. But he still put on his underlinen and rushed to the beach carrying Yin Tao who was drooling looking up to the sun in his arms, then he threw the boy into the water.

Yin Tao swam out of the water and said happily, "Do it again, do it again!"

Rong Yi laughed and said, "So you think it's funny enough? You are easy to please. You'll have more fun later. Aren't you too happy to go back?"

Yin Tao's eyes sparkled when he heard that there was something funnier to play with. He threw himself into Rong Yi’s arms, “Daddy, what should we play with now?”

Smiling without a word, Rong Yi turned back and waved at Rong Su.