Chapter 62: Castrate You 1

Chapter 62: Castrate You (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
As Rong Yi already anticipated Yin Jinye’s reaction, he grabbed Yin’s collar and pulled himself back at the very moment he was thrown out and put his arms around Yin tightly like an octopus.

Rong Yi grinned, "Daddy, am I quick-witted or not? Did I pass your test?”

“…” Yin Jinye.

Who said he was testing him?

He really meant to toss him into the pond to fresh his mind.

"You just freaked me out, and also the baby in my belly. Now you have to carry me out even if you don’t want to.” Rong Yi leaned his head on Yin Jinye’s shoulder as if he was ‘ill’ and suddenly bit Yin Jinye in the shoulder.

He used all his strength he had and even with his spiritual power to bite him so that Yin Jinye would never throw him again. He asked for it to throw a pregnant man like this. Hum! Although for now he didn’t have the power to beat him, he did have the capability to bite him. Thanks to Yin’s ordinary robes, he could bite hard on his shoulder. Even so, Yin Jinye only felt a little sting because his spiritual power was too significant.

Yin Jinye could not help frowning.

This man was smart. He didn’t act that he was angry at the beginning. Instead, he lowered his guard in a playful stone and bit him when he was not prepared for it.

Rong Yi let go of him quickly before he got angry and said with a tone of slight anger, “I bite you because I want to stress that you can not throw a pregnant man. If you do that ever again, I will…”

He hit Yin Jinye’s crotch with his lower body, “castrate you.”

Yin Jinye half narrowed his eyes and asked, "Do you really think you have that ability?”

"I can’t do it now, but it doesn’t mean I can’t forever. It’s never too late to take revenge. For me, I can wait for a thousand years.”

Since Yin Jinye was already at a high level, it meant that it would take him a long time to promote to the next. But the situation was different for Rong Yi since he was only at an entry level. He would promote much faster than Yin. Sooner or later he will catch up with him.

"Your words tip me. Should I kill you before you take revenge?” Yin Jinye raised his eyebrows.

"Son, your father said that he will kill me. If I am dead, remember to avenge me.” Rong Yi immediately shouted to Yin Tao.

"I will.” Yin Tao agreed although he barely understood the situation.

“…”Yin Jinye.

"Yin Jinye, I take credit for giving a birth to your child and being pregnant for four years as a man. I don’t expect you to repay me a lot. But at least you should treat me well. If you do it again, I will really get upset and I will…” Rong Yi hit Yin Jinye’s private part with his lower body again, “castrate you.”

It could be seen from Yin Jinye’s move that he didn’t take his words seriously. After all, they only spent one week together only. He needed to work harder to, at least, make Yin Jinye regard him with special respect. He didn’t have to be the most important person in his heart. Yin Jinye spanked him gently and said, "If you play dirty again, I will throw you into the pond right now.”

“…” Rong Yi now realized that he just hit Yin’s ‘little brother’ with his ’little pal’. He then coughed awkwardly, “Then you should at least carry me upward a bit.”

Yin Jinye gave it a thought and held Rong Yi upward.

“Little Cherry, tell your father what is daddy for?” Rong Yi asked Yin Tao.

“You breastmilk me.” Yin Tao gave a quick answer.

Yin Jinye smiled a bit at Yin Tao’s childish answer.

"Oh my! Is that all you think of me? Am I that useless to you?” Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him, “remember what I said to you back in the room? All right. Let me ask you one more time, what do we do as daddy and son?”

Yin Tao was a bit confused and answered hesitantly, “Care about…”

Rong Yi smiled, “Right. Use your biggest voice! Tell your father, what is daddy for?”

Yin Tao then shouted happily, “To care about!”

"You heard him. Your three-year-old son knows to care about his daddy. You should learn from him.” Rong Yi said to Yin Jinye.

Yin Jinye, “…”

Then the three of them came to the gate.

The servants had prepared a carriage which was twice the size of the one they used yesterday. It was even big enough for Yin Yao to make a rollover in it.

Wen Chuan smiled bigger as he saw Yin Jinye was carrying Rong Yi. He picked up Yin Tao and asked Rong Yi, “Young master, seven days later, the annual contest of Nine Void Sect will begin. Is there anything you need me to do? Or should I prepare it as previous years?”

If he didn’t mention it, Rong Yi had already forgotten it, “I have no intention of going.”

But giving it a second thought, he added, “Forget it. We will see when we get back.”

He had not intended to go because all competitions were similarly boring. Besides, without any memory of the original Rong Yi, it was strange if he could not be able to recognize people whom he may meet. However, if he did not go, he would know much less about the world which would be a great loss, and he would have no chance to see how miserable Jin Tong is now. It would be a pity if he missed out.

"Okay." Wen Chuan put the boy in the cart and then handed a storage ring over to Rong Yi, "I have put all your luggage and food in the storage ring which could sustain you for a few days."

Rong Yi took the ring and thanked him, "thank you."

Yin Jinye then carried Rong Yi up into the cart.

After them, Rong Su, Xinghe, Su Gu flew up to sit on the top of the cart and left.