Chapter 59: We Are so Dead

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Immortal Yunyi had a bad feeling because Ying Shidao gave a look at Jin Tong, which made him more certain that it was Jin Tong behind all these things, and his heart immediately sank to the bottom.

“If you think I am a part of this just because Dean Ying took a look at me, isn’t it too hasty to jump to conclusions?” Jin Tong tried to look nonchalant and said to Ying Shidao, “Dean Ying, say something. Am I part of this?”

Getting his threat in the eyes, Rong Yi cut in before Ying Shidao opened his mouth, “Dean Ying, just tell the truth. Immortal Yunyi wouldn’t blame you.”

“Ying Shidao, if you are not a part of this, I won’t dismiss your position and guarantee that no one could hurt you. And I will punish those who take advantage of the school regulations to hurt my disciples.” Said Immortal Yunyi seriously as he stared at Jin Tong.

Jin Tong felt a chill running from head to toes.

Master shifu knew!

Master shifu must know it was him. That was why he gave his words to Ying Shidao.

As Ying Shidao made sure that Immortal Yunyi wouldn’t be partial to his own people, he was relieved, “To tell the truth, it was Jin Tong who asked me to modify the regulations and ordered me to punish the disciple before announcing it. I didn’t agree with him in the first place. But given that he was the great-great-grandson of the chief and also your eldest disciple, I could only give my permission to modify it. But as for other thing Jin Tong had done, I really have no idea, let alone be part of it. But I should also take the blame anyway. Please punish me, Immortal Yunyi.”

“You are lying.” Jin Tong shouted, “Master shifu, what he said was total nonsense. I never did such a thing.”

No! There was no way he should admit it!

Otherwise, the master shifu wouldn’t spare him.

“Jin Tong, do you have anything to say?” Yunyi glared at Jin Tong.

“Shifu, you can’t believe what he said. He is passing the buck to me because he is afraid of losing his position as the dean.” Jin Tong tried to argue.

Ying Shidao hurriedly argued, “If I lie on a single word, I’m gonna die in my boots!”

Yunyi summoned all the elders of the school and asked them to take Jin Tong back to Nine Void Sect, “Ground him at my cave and I will punish him later when I go back.”

“Shifu, I really didn’t do anything to hurt Yin Tao, I swear!” Jin Tong still wouldn’t give up before he was taken away.

The disciples were happy that Jin Tong was taken away because they didn’t have to humble themselves in front of him anymore, nor do they have to flatter him on a daily basis, nor do they have to send him gifts in private.

“You even deny it after everything is all crystal clear.” Immortal Yunyi was disappointed at Jin Tong and said to Ying Shidao, “There is no chance you could get away from this. Without your approval, none of these would happen. But given that you only did this for once and you are honest to admit your mistakes, and you still need to run many school affairs, you are free from serious punishment. But you are deducted ten-year salary as a warning. If such a thing happens again, you will not only be deprived of your position as the dean.”

“Yes, shifu.”

“And, I don’t want to see anyone who would hurt my little disciple anymore.” Immortal Yunyi gave a look at the bodyguards while saying those words.

“I will replace them with a brand new group of guards.” Said Ying Shidao.

“Children should take a break between classes. And their playing time during breaks wouldn’t affect their cultivation. There is no need to modify school regulations at all.” Immortal Yunyi nodded satisfactorily.

“I will withdraw the new regulations right now.”

“Off you go.”

Ying Shidao turned away and ordered the rest of the crowd to go back to have their classes.

Jia Shi and Xiao Zhi left with their own little masters.

“We are dead. We are so dead.” Xiao Zhi said with a pale face, “We just pointed at Yin Tao and said that he had the most toys in front of Immortal Yunyi and got Yin Tao punished. Immortal Yunyi should have put the blame on us now.”

If they had known that Immortal Yunyi was here, they would not have been so stupid as to say that Yin Tao had the most toys.

“Yeah! He didn’t even let go of his own disciple, let alone us who are no body to him.” Jia Shi and Xiao Zhi looked back secretly and were relieved that Immortal Yunyi didn’t look at them. But they saw something that made everyone’s jaw drop.

Immortal Yunyi, the person that everyone would try to suck up to, was helping Rong Yi, a sissy pant that was known to all, sit down with extra care and served him a cup of tea as if he was a servant to him.

“Rong Yi, have you already known that Jin Tong was jealous of little Cherry's talent in the first place, haven’t you? So you deliberately brought me here to get him exposed, right?"

"Didn't you tell me that no one would bully my little Cherry? So I brought you here to see for yourself how he is at school so that you'll believe how he's doing." Rong Yi sneered.

“It never occurred to me that Jin Tong would treat little Cherry differently in front of and behind me. But I assure you that I will certainly punish Jin Tong very hard later when I go back.”

"That’s the priority, I’m afraid. Jintong even suggested the guards to stop their little masters from playing with our little master. That was why he was all alone refining magic weapons in class every day. I already feel sorry for him on picturing it.” Su Gu took the opportunity and added.

“You mean seriously?”

"More than that, Jin Tong even scolds our little master every day for making shit magic weapons."

"Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"Without evidence, you will not believe it and he will not admit it. Other guards won’t speak for us being afraid of offending him."

Hearing this, Immortal Yunyi decided to go back and punish Jin Tong immediately for venting his anger for his little disciple. He felt so sorry for Yin Tao,, "Little Yin Tao, come here . Let me give you a hug."

Yin Tao, however, cowered into Rongyi's arms with red eyes. He was indeed terrified just now.

Rong Yi patted Yin Tao on the back and sneered, "It’s not easy to punish the chief’s great-great-grandson."

Perhaps with a word of the chief, Immortal Yunyi would let go of Jin Tong.

"Not to mention that he is the great-great-grandson of the chief, even if he is my chief’s father, I will not go easy on him this time."

“Immortal Yunyi. Immortal Yunyi. Bad news! Bad news!” An elder who had just sent Jin Tong back to Nine Void Sect hurried back.

“What happened?” Immortal Yunyi frowned.

"When we were on our way to Haishan Academy, two ghost cultivators suddenly appeared to look for troubles and they broke his dantian (the pubic region) in the fight."

When Rong Yi heard the words "ghost cultivators", his intuition told him it was Yin Jinye who sent someone to do it. After all, it was too coincidental that Jin Tong’s dantian was destroyed right after he just injured Yin Tao.

"What? Let's go take a look." Immortal Yunyi stood up quickly to say goodbye to Rong Yi and left with the elder.