Chapter 58: Move Your Ass Here!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Everyone was shocked to see the old lady turning into Immortal Yunyi, “Immortal Yunyi-”

Su Gu breathed a sigh of relief, his young master came with Immortal Yunyi, it’s really nice.

Those school guards knelt down hurriedly for a courtesy, “Immortal Yunyi, our greetings.”

Jin Tong’s face suddenly turned pale, “Ma…Master shifu.”

Oh god! What is master shifu doing here?

Does it mean master shifu has seen the whole process?

Jin Tong felt his legs turned into jello at once. Although he seemed to be following the rules and regulations of the school just now, after all, it was he who did not do the right thing on behalf of the school first. And he let Yin Tao take the punishment. His master shifu must have seen him through already. It was possible that his relationship with master Immortal Yunyi would come to an end.

“Jin Tong, do you still remember what you have promised me before?” said Immortal Yunyi sternly with a cold face. “You promised me that you would take good care of Yin Tao. You said that even if Yin Tao did something wrong, you would protect him unconditionally and I would be the one to decide whether Yin Tao was right or wrong. You also said that you would treat Yin Tao as your blood brother and would not let him suffer from any harm. But see what you have done just now!”

If it hadn’t been for his sudden visit to the school with Rong Yi, Immortal Yunyi would never know that Jin Tong, who showed great love to Yin Tao in front of him, would not only not protect his junior brother but also expose him to danger, hoping Yin Tao would be severely dealt with.

Immortal Yunyi’s face turned gloomier at the thought of the words of his disciples and their guards he had heard from behind the rockery. He had thought maybe it was their random guesses at the beginning. After seeing Jin Tong’s performance, he even felt that all this was arranged by Jin Tong because Jin Tong’s intention was too obvious even to a blind man. As a man who had gone through too much, he clearly knew that Jin Tong was jealous of Yin Tao’s talent.  

Unfortunately, there was no solid evidence against him.

Jin Tong hastened to explain, “Master shifu, junior Yin made the mistake first, I just...”

“Made a mistake?” Immortal Yunyi was so pissed off, “Tell me, was is really such a big mistake that a three-year-old baby brings toys to play on the campus that you need you to punish him so severely? I know the school has its rules and regulations. Since the new rule has just been drawn up, you should have informed all the disciples first. If anyone dares to break the rule after knowing it, it is not too late to punish them then. However, if you suddenly change the rules and regulations without informing them, everyone could be punished at will. Do you think you still have any reason for doing that? What was the difference between your behavior and a robber robbing others? If you succeed this time, will you change the rules and regulations at will and find excuses to punish them in the future?”

The more he said about it, the angrier he became. He turned to a certain direction and lifted his voice in an angry way, “Ying Shidao, move your ass here.”

Ying Shidao was the dean of Haishan Academy. Hearing the roar of Immortal Yunyi, his legs softened on the spot and he almost fell to the ground. He hurried to fly by his sword to the garden where Immortal Yunyi was at, “Immortal Yunyi, my greetings.”

Immortal Yunyi snapped, “Why did you suddenly want to amend the regulations of the school? After revising the rules and regulations without informing the disciples, do you think this practice can convince the public? It will only damage the reputation of our school and the Jiuxu Sect if people hear about it. The duty of the school guard is to protect our safety, not to punish the disciples.”

He pointed to the guard who was lying on the ground after getting beaten by him, “Look at your dutiful guard. He punished our disciple with a magic weapon. Half of the disciples in the school are only newly admitted kids who nearly have no cultivation. How can they bear the power of the cultivator in Base Practicing? I think your guard was not aiming at punishing but was trying to kill the kid. You really let me down. From today on, I will revoke your position and replace you with Elder Qiu Kui. When I return to Nine Void Sect, I will report the matter to the chief.”

Ying Shidao’s face turned pale. If he lost his position as the dean, he would have no place in Haishan City. And after he went back to Nine Void Sect, he would be laughed at by his peers and would live a shameful life.

He quickly knelt down and said, “Immortal Yunyi, I really have nothing to do with all these..”

Jin Tong’s heart started to pump in an instant and he stared at Ying Shidao with warning eyes.

Immortal Yunyi then pushed him, “You changed the regulations. You tell me who has something to do with it!”

“Well…I…” Ying Shidao took a glance at Jin Tong.

Jin Tong went to see him the day before yesterday, asking him to revise the regulations of the school to forbid all disciples to bring toys to the school. He said that children should be discouraged from playing with toys. Moreover, the regulations should be implemented immediately even before announcing it. Only by doing so could they keep it in mind and would not focus on playing only.

It was a good thing not to let children indulge in playing, but the dean actually didn’t agree to immediately implement the new regulations without announcing them to those disciples. However, Jin Tong, the great grandson of the chief of Nine Void Sect and the eldest disciple of Immortal Yunyi, insisted on it. Moreover, he thought that Jin Tong only wanted to kick out someone from the school using the new regulations, not intend to kill or result in some bad consequences.

He was now riding a tiger, not knowing how to survive. If he told the truth, he would become Jin Tong’s target; if not, he would be immediately expelled from the school. What should he do?

Rong Yi, who was standing aside to appease the child, saw that Ying Shidao was looking at Jin Tong with a face full of helplessness. So he thought that he could not let the dean be the scapegoat of Jin Tong. So he said aloud, “Dean, why are you looking at Jin Tong? Is it possible it is related to him?”