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Chapter 57: Let Me See Who Dares to Step Forward

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Holding Yin Tao, the man in white slowly stood up and turned to face the crowd.

Everyone was stunned because the man in white turned out to be a white-haired old lady. However, her cold and dignified eyes discouraged them and frightened them a few steps back.

Immortal Yunyi didn’t expect them to have the guts to bully his little disciple behind his back, which made his promise that he had made to Rong Yi turn into a total joke.

“Little Cherry, little Cherry, are you all right?” Rong Yi walked out of the rockery with a big belly and came before Yin Tao.

When Yin Tao saw his daddy, he finally couldn’t hold it and cried out in fear, “Daddy, Daddy...”

Since Rong Yi had transmigrated into this world, every time he saw this kid, he was always giggling happily. This was the very first time he saw him crying so sadly and fearfully.

He hugged the child heartily. After he examined the child’s body and confirmed that there was only trauma, he comforted his boy, “Be good, don’t cry, no one dares to bully you in front of your daddy.”

Fortunately, he brought Immortal Yunyi to Haishan Academy today to expose Jin Tong’s true face. Otherwise, he would only wait at home for the body of his child or a handicapped son. He would never lift his head in front of others and his smile would never be as bright as now.

Rong Yi was scared at the thought of it and he hugged the child tightly, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“Young master.” Su Gu was delighted to break away from the guards and quickly ran to Rong Yi’s side.

Rong Yi asked with concern, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Seeing Yin Tao who was crying so sad with tears all over his face, Su Gu reproached himself, “I’m useless. I failed to protect the little young master. Please punish me.”

“Since you know you’re not capable enough, cultivate hard after you go back.”


The chief guard shouted, “Who are you? Why did you break into our school and stop us from carrying out our order?”

Immortal Yunyi snorted. Before he could speak, the school bell rang, “Ringing…Ring…”

Those immortals who came to give lectures came to the garden one after another. Jin Tong, who originally wanted to wait for the guards to solve Yin Tao’s problem, had no choice but showed his appearance in front of the public.

When he saw the guard with the ruler and magic weapon fell down and vomited blood, while Yin Tao was crying in Rong Yi’s arms unharmed, Jin Tong’s eyes flashed a touch of maliciousness. Why didn’t this annoying child die or get handicapped at least?

Rong Yi’s eyes surged with fire seeing Jin Tong coming through the crowd. He said to Su Gu with a cold voice, “Which teacher teaches my little Cherry to refine magic weapon? Let him come out and uphold justice for my son.”

Su Gu frowned. The young master knew Yin Tao’s teacher was Jin Tong. He also knew that Jing Tong had strong jealousy towards the little young master. Even the seizure of toys could be commanded by Jin Tong. Su Gu really did not understand why his young master named Jin Tong to uphold the justice, and how could Jing Tong uphold justice for the little young master?

The guards of Yin Tao’s senior brothers also felt that Rong Yi was making a fool of himself. Jin Tong wished that Yin Tao would die right now. How could he speak for Yin Tao?

Su Gu saw Rong Yi staring at Jin Tong coldly with sharp eyes. He guessed that Rong Yi would not really want Jing Tong to uphold justice for little Cherry. So he cooperated with his young master and said, “It’s cultivator Jin Tong. And that one standing there is him.”

“Sir Cultivator Jin Tong, please speak something for my son.” Said Rong Yi.

Jin Tong had to walk out of the crowd and asked with his tongue in his cheek, “What’s going on here?”

Knowing that Jin Tong was the eldest disciple of Immortal Yunyi, the chief guard respectfully explained him the whole story.

After hearing this, Jin Tong murmured softly and said gently, “Since it’s the new rule of the school, we should all follow it, otherwise, no one will abide by the rules and regulations of the school in the future.”

Immortal Yunyi slightly narrowed his eyes.

Rong Yi asked coldly, “So do you think it is right to punish a kid without informing the kids that toys are not allowed to take to school in advance?”

Jin Tong said with a face of ‘awe-inspiring’, “There must be some reason for the school to do so, and the punishment was also to make its disciples remember the mistakes they have made. Besides, junior Yin was absolutely wrong for bringing toys to play on the campus. He influenced his senior brothers to become fond of playing and no longer focus on cultivation. If our master shifu knows this, I believe he would not agree with his disciples’ focus on playing toys.”

“But why are you using a magic weapon for punishing a kid? Are you really punishing him or trying to kill him?”

“When the guards punish the disciples, they usually use ordinary sticks. They chose to use a magic weapon only because Yin Tao did not obey or rebelled against them. If you want him to stay in the school and learn how to smelt weapons, you should obey the orders.”

Rong Yi sneered, “Yin Tao is only a three-year-old child. Even if he resisted, there was no need to take out a magic weapon prepared to deal with cultivators in Base Practicing to deal with him. In doing so, you clearly tried to kill my son. Now I really doubt that you are the teacher who taught my son how to smelt weapons. You didn’t make any voice to defend him, instead, everything you said was pushing him to the opposite side. I can tell you even wish the schools guards could give him a good beating.”

Those words had precisely pierced through Jin Tong’s mind. If he kept talking, Jing Tong’s previous plans would all fall through.

So Jin Tong winked quietly at the school guards.

Those school guards immediately surrounded him.

Su Gu hurriedly took out the magic weapon.

Immortal Yunyi stepped forward, covering Rong Yi’s group behind him. He pulled on his shapeshifting rune and said angrily, “Let me see who dares to step forward!”