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Chapter 55: New Regulation against Little Yin Tao 1

Chapter 55: New Regulation against Little Yin Tao (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
A shapeshifting rune could disguise a man’s true appearance to somebody else’s face. Immortal Yunyi immediately turned into a grey-haired old woman after putting it on.

Rong Yi took the disguised Immortal Yunyi to Haishan Academy in a carriage.

Seeing the plaque on the school gate, Immortal Yunyi said in surprise, “Little Cherry’s daddy, isn’t this Haishan Academy? What do you want to bring me here?”

Rong Yi stroked his big belly softly and said banteringly, “I just want to let you see if my son is as good as he is in his family under the protection of Immortal Yunyi here in school.”

Things could not be that simple, thought Immortal Yunyi.

He took out the identity token of the school and the guards immediately let them in.

Immortal Yunyi held Rong Yi into the campus.

Since Rongyi was pregnant, both of them walked very slowly.

While admiring the scenery of the campus, Immortal Yunyi said, “I used to come and go in a hurry. I’ve never slowed down to watch the scenery here like now. If you look carefully, the fengshui and environmental layout of the campus are quite good. It has the style of the Nine Void Sect. By the way, I heard that Little Cherry’s father is also a disciple of the Sect. While your father is Rong Weiyi, the lord of the Tianxu Peak. In this way, you are my disciple’s disciple’s disciple, and you should call me grand grandmaster.”

Rong Yi peered at him and said nothing.

“Hey! Little Cherry’s daddy! Give me some response!” Immortal Yunyi wanted to use this relationship to cotton up with Rong Yi and let Rong Yi teach the people he wanted to introduce to learn the enchantment. He didn’t expect Rong Yi to ignore his words, making him both anxious and depressed. Throughout the whole Zhonghai Prefecture, there were piles of people who wanted to curry favor with him, or want to get associated with him, so that he could help them make magic weapons, but Rong Yi seemed not to want this grandmaster at all.

Rong Yi asked back, “You said you were my grand grandmaster, should I call my son grandmaster then? However, my son calls me daddy. I am his daddy and you are his master shifu. You and I should be peers. In this way, my dad is one generation higher than you. How do you call my dad? But my father also called you grandmaster, then my son...”

“Hold on, hold on...” Immortal Yunyi was stunned by his words, “You might as well call me Immortal Yunyi.”

Rong Yi smiled seeing him rubbing his temple in a painful look. He pointed to the courtyard in front of them and said, “Here we are.”

The two men walked before the courtyard gate of Yin Tao’s classroom, just in time for the break.

Those kids rushed out and ran to Yin Tao’s classroom like a swarm of bees.

And then Yin Tao walked out of the classroom surrounded by a group of kids and took out a pile of toys to play with them.

“Little Cherry is really popular among those kids.” said Immortal Yunyi with a smile.

Rong Yi snorted lightly. Immortal Yunyi didn’t see the situation two days ago, otherwise he wouldn’t say so.

He took Immortal Yunyi to the rockery in the garden to watch them play.

Immortal Yunyi asked, “Don’t you go talk to Little Cherry?”

“I only came here to see if he is doing well.”

“Obviously, he is doing very well. The kids playing with him are very smart, knowing to be close to my disciple is fawning on me.”

Rong Yi hissed and turned his eyes around the garden. He saw Jia Shaochong and Xiao Diandian standing in the corner with a pair of envious eyes watching Yin Tao and their senior brothers have a water fight. They seemed to want to rush over and play with Yin Tao but were stopped by their guards who tried to block their view.

Seeing this scene, Rong Yi hummed softly, “Well, every dog has his day.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing.” Rong Yi looked away and started to look for Jin Tong.

Seeing Rong Yi’s eyes wandering in the garden, Immortal Yunyi asked him curiously, “Little Cherry’s daddy, what are you looking for?”

Hardly had his voice faded away, a group of school guards rushed in and shouted at these kids immersing in playing, “All disciples, stand still. Don’t move. All the guards of the disciples, stand still.”

The kids were so scared that none dared to move a bit when they saw the school guards’ aggressive appearance.

The head of the school guard's sight swept across the crowd coldly and he announced loudly, “The school stipulates that in order not to delay students’ study and cultivation, students are not allowed to bring toys to play in school. Now we will confiscate all your toys, and students who bring the most toys to play in school must be punished as a warning to others.”

Jia Shaochong and Xiao Diandian’s guards immediately gloated. They jumped out and pointed at Yin Tao and said, “Chief guard, the one who has brought the most toys is him. He brought five tricycles and seven water guns. He also lured other kids to play with him, causing them to delay their cultivation. You should punish him severely so as not to let him mislead other kids.”

Among all kids, Yin Tao brought the most toys indeed.

Yin Tao cried with his eyes turning red instantly seeing that the toys his daddy had made for him were all taken away, “These are mine, give them back to me. Give them back!”

Hiding in the dark, Immortal Yunyi and Rong Yi felt their hearts ache when they saw Yin Tao jump up trying to grab his toys in the guard’s hands.

“Those sons of bitch, how dare they confiscated my disciple’s toys!? I swear I am gonna destroy them!”

Rong Yi added, “Yes, tear them apart limb from limb and hang them at the gate of the school to let others know how miserable the consequences of bullying Little Cherry could be.”

Immortal Yunyi, “...”