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Chapter 54: This Kid Was really a Chatterbox 2

Chapter 54: This Kid Was really a Chatterbox (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yin Jinye guessed absolutely right. Right now in the opposite room, Rong Yi was lying in bed, tittering. In the past in his world, his five younger brothers and sister would twitter around his second brother after coming home from school, telling everything that happened in the school, talking from the dining table to the bathroom, and not closing their mouths until time to go to bed.

At that time, he felt that his brothers and sister were really noisy and bothering, so he also wanted Yin Jinye to taste what it felt like to hear all the chatter in his ears.

However, Yin Jinye felt very interesting hearing Yin Tao talking happily now. His mood was flying with the child’s tone, and a big smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Rong Yi knew that Yin Tao had a good time in school today, so he was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, close his eyes and sleep while practicing to improve his cultivation.

Everyone knew that he was cultivating, so they did not disturb him. Rong Yi slept for two days and didn’t wake up until the early morning of the third day.

On that day’s morning, Rong Yi ate breakfast alone after Yin Tao went to school. Just as he was looking for something to do, the guard at the gate came in, “Young master, Immortal Yunyi is here.”

“Immortal Yunyi? The master of my Little Cherry?” asked Rong Yi.


Rong Yi pouted his lips. The man came at the right time!

Rong Yi immediately asked the guard to invite the guest in, and asked the servants to clean up the table. Then he got up and went out to welcome Immortal Yunyi.

Seeing Rong Yi who was heavily pregnant, Immortal Yunyi quickly stepped forward to support him, “You are pregnant. Don’t come out since it is not convenient, lest you accidentally hurt yourself and the baby. By the way, this is the fetus-nourishing pill my junior sister has specially refined for you. She said, after taking the pill she has refined, the fetus in your womb will come to the world safely and surely. You will definitely not hurt yourself and your baby even if you fight with others for a half month. Even if someone secretly feeds you aborticide, it will not result any bad effect or hurt the baby a little bit.”

Before Rong Yi could react, Rong Su already took the pill and slipped it into the Storage Ring, “Thank you, Immortal Yunyi. Thank you so much.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at Rong Su, “This is for me, why do you look so excited?”

Rong Su replied quickly, “With the pill, we don’t have to worry about you will have an abortion ever again.”

Rong Yi sulked, “Fuck off!”

Immortal Yunyi was a bit confused, “Why do you want to have an abortion? No, you can’t do this. I’m still waiting for you to have another magic weapon refining talent.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Well, this was the original intention of him sending the fetus-nourishing pill?!

Immortal Yunyi sat down and took a sip of tea. Then he smiled, “By the way, did the evil beast’s milk I sent to you last time work? Have you let Little Cherry eat enough?”

As he mentioned this, Rong Yi immediately flared up, “What makes you think men should grow milk?”

Immortal Yunyi froze and said, “No? But you even gave birth to a child, how can you grow no milk?”

Rong Yi really didn’t have the energy to talk so much with him. So he got straight to the point, “I was wondering your real intention coming here today.”

Hearing this question, Immortal Yunyi hurriedly blurted out, “I came to you today just wanting to talk about the enchantment stuff. Since you showed me the power of enchantment last time, I have let the disciples with thunder and fire spiritual roots try it over a hundred times. Only with your rune, they managed to enchant successfully, but the power they generated was barely satisfactory. So I want to ask, do you have any special rune spell and method to enchant successfully?”


Immortal Yunyi said hurriedly, “So, I mean…can you…you know…”

Rong Yi knew that he wanted him to pass on these things to others and immediately refused, “No.”

Before his coming, Immortal Yunyi had anticipated Rong Yi would refuse. If it were him, he wouldn’t pass on his unique secret technique to others, either, let alone the big secret technique that could arouse a big wave of the whole cultivation world.

However, he did not want to give up like this, “Aren’t you planning to take some disciples?”

Rong Yi shook his head, “Never thought about it. I think it’s very troublesome to have disciples. Besides, I don’t have enough time for teaching them this and that like others do.”

“You don’t have to teach, as long as you let them be around you, as for how much they can learn from you is their ability. Besides, isn’t it good to have a few more servants to serve you? They can offer you foot-washing water and protect you.”

Rong Yi pointed to a large group of servants in the living room and hissed, “Don’t think there is no one washing my feet? I am no lack of people protecting me, either. Of course, if that person is better than my cultivation mate, maybe I will consider it.”

Immortal Yun Yi asked, “What’s your cultivation mate’s level?”

Rong Yi struck dumb by this question, but he knew that Yin Jinye’s cultivation could be no worse than those at the Immortal Refining level at least.

He looked at the servants in the living room and wanted to ask them about Yin Jinye’s cultivation level, but they all looked down busy with their own stuff as if they didn’t see him at all.

Worried that Rong Yi would turn him down again, Immortal Yunyi brazened out to ask, “The man who is gonna learn from you is not bad at cultivation. He can definitely protect you well. That’s settled. Let him stay with you for the time being.”

Rong Yi, “Who told you…”

Immortal Yunyi quickly changed the subject, “Apart from enchanting thing, I also want to talk about Little Cherry.”

“What is wrong with my son again?”

“I want to accept him as my pro-disciple and take him to Nine Void Sect to learn to refine magic weapons.”

Rong Yi frowned. Hearing this, he was a little reluctant to send Yin Tao away. If it had been before he had transmigrated here, he wished that he could have stayed from the child, the farther the better.

He shook his head, “He is too young to take care of himself. If he is bullied, we wouldn’t even get noticed, let alone protect him.”

“Who dares to bully him when I am around?” said Yunyi with a cold snort.

“Yes, no one would dare to do this to him when you are around. But you would not stay with him all the time. For example, if he wants to go to the toilet, would you follow? If he takes a bath, will you help him? If he wants to sleep, will you accompany him? What if you can’t walk away from refining magic weapon when he needs you?”

“Everyone knows that he is the disciple of mine. Even if I am not around, no one dares to bully him.”

Rong Yi laughed scornfully, “Really? Then please follow me for a trip.”

“Where to?”

“You’ll know when you get there. Well, before you go, please put a shapeshifting rune on you first.”