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Chapter 53: This Kid Was really a Chatterbox 1

Chapter 53: This Kid Was really a Chatterbox (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
When it was time for class, Jin Tong came to the classroom and could not help frowning when he saw the disciples all sitting around Yin Tao. Although the children sat on their own seats and did not speak, he still clearly felt that they were much closer to the boy.

On the contrary, Jia Shaochong and Xiao Diandian, the two children’s king, were alienated by the other children and separated from their seats. Even their guards were snubbed. The other guards didn’t stand with them and instead ran to talk quietly with Su Gu, who had always stood alone in the corner. Moreover, there was an ingratiating look on their faces and they seemed to want to establish a close relationship with Su Gu.

Jin Tong’s brows knitted. What on earth had happened since yesterday and why such an earth-shaking change took place?

He suppressed his doubts and planned to ask Jia Shi for the reason in an hour’s rest time, but before he could ask someone to find out why, the bell for the rest time rang, and the children immediately gathered around Yin Tao. Even the children next door also rushed to their classroom, and now the room was soon full of kids. What a lively scene!

Then, Yin Tao took out a pile of toys these children had never seen before to let them play. He also took out seven toys that looked like magic weapons but actually were not magic weapons and filled them with water to have a water fight.

In the garden was full of children’s laughter, and their love for Yin Tao rose to a higher level.

When Jin Tong saw this scene, he understood in a minute why Yin Tao suddenly became so popular. In an instant, his facial expression sank. He originally wanted to isolate Yin Tao through the exclusion from these children and made Yin Tao hate coming to the school to study refining magic weapons. Then he secretly used some means to prevent him from being a pro-disciple of Immortal Yunyi. But now he was farther and farther away from what he had thought. No, he could not stay idle and do nothing. He should be the Immortal Yunyi’s (Immortal Yun is also Taoist Yun, just different from different mouths. So please don’t get confused.) inner disciple.

He sullenly stared at Yin Tao who smiled with great brilliance for a moment and then turned around and walked to the dean’s study.

Today was the happiest day since Yin Tao came to the school. When he returned to the Yin Mansion, he immediately cried happily, “Daddy, daddy, daddy...”

He wanted to tell his daddy about what had happened in school today.

Wen Chuan welcomed him with a smile, “Little master, to make your toys, young master did not rest all night. Now he is still asleep in his room, so it is better for you not to disturb him.”

Seeing Yin Tao’s disappointment on his face, he hurriedly added, “But the young master has said that if you have got something, you can talk to your father first, he is reading in the room and is very free to listen to you.”

Yin Tao’s eyes grew bright and he giggled as he rode his tricycle to the backyard. He shouted happily, “Father, father, I’m home...”

Hearing the cry, Yin Jinye raised his eyebrows.

Yin Tao rode his tricycle to Yin Jinye’s room. Seeing his father sitting on the reclining chair, he laughed and rode to his side, patting the front of the tricycle and saying, “This is a toy made by my daddy last night. It’s called tricycle. I rode it to school this morning. Those senior brothers all scrambled to play. They all said it was fun and praised my daddy for being good at making toys...”

Yin Jinye glanced at the tricycle, then withdrew his eyes and continued reading.

“Those who ignored me before all came to play with me, we also had a tricycle race to see who rode the fastest. I won. Father, does it mean I am better than them? And then we also had a water gun fight. I’m really happy...” Yin Tao was in a good mood so he didn’t care whether his father was listening to him or not. He rode his tricycle in the room. At the same time, his mouth kept saying, “Those senior brothers also said that they would come to our house for a visit. Father, we have to prepare a lot of delicious food to entertain them. They said that they like sweet cakes, and I also like it. Father, will you prepare them?”

Yin Jinye’s eyebrows tightened. This kid was really a chatterbox

After an hour, Yin Tao was still talking. He had talked about what had happened in the school and what others had said once again, “Father, my classmates say they will go out with their parents and travel to other big cities when they are off school. Father, I also want to travel with you and daddy.”

His incessant chatter made Yin Jinye unable to focus on his reading, so he folded up his book and asked, “Where is your daddy?”

“Daddy is sleeping in his room.” Yin Tao lay down on his lap and whispered, “Let’s low down our voice and don’t disturb him.”

Yin Jinye, “...”

Hum, Rong Yi must have lied that he was sleeping, because he knew Yin Tao would keep chattering after he came back.