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Chapter 50: What a Great Trick 2

Chapter 50: What a Great Trick (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After they returned to the Yin Mansion for lunch, Rong Yi borrowed from Yin Tao the smelting furnace, aluminums, and irons.

Rong Su looked at the smelting furnace and asked, “Young master, didn’t you say you don’t know how to refine magic weapons?”

Rong Yi said, “Leave me alone and get out of here. Don’t disturb me.”

“Oh.” Rong Su closed the door.

Rong Yi added from inside, “You mustn’t peep again.”

Rong Su, “…”

Well, that’s impossible for them.

This time, instead of poking at the window, everyone climbed onto the roof, removed the tiles and peeped down from above.

Rong Yi looked at these steels and irons and sighed again, “I didn’t expect to use the smelting furnace one day in my life, and to use this for a child.”

Since he had transmigrated into this place, he seemed to be getting further and further away from hating kids.

Rong Yi’s mind was tangled up, “Should I do it or not?”

Lei Sai, who was hiding on the roof and peeking at him, was so anxious that he even wanted to rush down and strangle him, shouting, “Just do it now!”

Rong Yi hesitated for a long time and finally threw the ingredients into the furnace. This was the first time for him to refine magic weapons for years, but he had not lost his refining skills.

On the roof, Lei Sai really could not figure out what Rong Yi wanted to do, maybe refining magic weapons or maybe not, because he had never seen someone who only used one kind of ingredients to refine magic weapons. But, from the perspective of Rong Yi’s look, he seemed to be very serious.

However, Rong Yi had one thing that Lei Sai was jealous of very much, that was, Rong Yi actually had both mutant spiritual root of thunder and fire. These were the best roots for refining magic weapons, spiritual elixirs and spiritual equipment. They could help the forgers not only melt many hard materials, but also produce better quality magic weapons than other forgers.

After Rong Yi melted those iron and steel, he used spiritual power to control the shape of the ingredients and slowly created the pattern in his mind. Because it was the first time for him to make something, it took him a lot of time and effort to control the shape of the object.

And now it was already late at night.

Xing He had originally wanted to hear how Rong Yi used low-grade ingredients to make a holy magic weapon. But after waiting for a long time, Rong Yi still didn’t come out for dinner, so he dismissed the idea and continued to peep on him on the roof.

Rong Yi didn’t stop smelting until the next morning. Looking at the gadgets on the ground and on the table, he breathed a sigh of relief, “I make it, damn, it’s too waste of my time. I swear I will never do this again.”

He looked at the sky outside and saw that it was already bright. So he shouted to the outside, “A Su.”

The next moment, Rong Su already appeared in front of him.

Rong Yi raised his eyebrows, “Why did you come so fast? Were you peeking on me outside?”

Rong replied quickly, “No.”

Rong Yi didn’t have time to check whether he was peeking or not. He asked, “Is my Little Cherry awake? Bring him to me.”

“Yes.” Rong Su left the room to pick up Yin Tao.

After half a column of incense’s time (about 15 minutes), Yin Tao ran to Rong Yi’s room, “Daddy, I’m here.”

Rong Yi squatted down in front of Yin Tao and pointed to the object he had refined last night, “This is the toy I made for you...”

“A toy...” There were strange cries above from the roof.

Rong Yi looked up angrily and said without astonishment, “I knew you guys would peek on me.”

Lei Sai and Xinghe then jumped down from the roof, “So you have a whole night’s time only to make a toy?”

They had never seen anyone making toys from a smelting furnace. It was put fine timber to petty use!

Rong Yi gave him a stare, “I am only at the first level of Qi practicing. Do you think I have the ability to make a magic weapon?”

Lei Sai and Xinghe, “...”

Recently, too many unexpected things happened on Rong Yi, making everyone forget the fact that Rong Yi’s cultivation was far from qualified.

Rong Yi continued to talk to Yin Tao, “This is a little tricycle.”

He lifted the child and put him on it, then let the child’s little foot step on the pedals, “Press your right foot forward. After your right foot goes down, your left foot will come up. Keep stepping on your left foot, and you will see the tricycle move.”

It was simple. Yin Tao grasped the tips quickly. He excitedly rode around the table several times, “It’s funny. I like it.”

“There are a few more tricycles here. Put them away in your Storage Ring. When you go to school, you will step on it to the classroom. If there is a senior brother who wants to play with your tricycle, take out another one and share it with them, you know?”

Yin Tao nodded with joy.

“But remember one thing. You can not lend them to your senior brothers Jia Shaochong and Xiao Diandian.” Rong Yi then pointed to the items on the table, “And, this is a pistol that can shoot water.”

He poured the tea into the pistol and then taught Yin Tao how to play, “This toy can only be taken out after the senior brothers are willing to play with you. You can have a water fight and shoot on each other with it. What I have made is just some ordinary toys and will not hurt people.”

Rong Yi was afraid that the child could not remember it, so he explained it to Yin Tao’s guard once again.

Yin Tao got some interesting new toys and took the guard to school without even eating breakfast.