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Chapter 49: What a Great Trick 1

Chapter 49: What a Great Trick (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yin Tao turned his head happily and looked at Rong Yi and Yin Jinye with his big sparkling eyes. Then he leaned back to the window, and pointed to the sky and said, “Daddy, I want to sit on that thing, too.”

“Where do you want to sit?” Rong Yi sat down beside him and looked up into the sky along his line of sight. A group of cultivators flew over their heads, and several couples stood side by side on their swords. The male cultivator held the female cultivator by the waist, while those female cultivators held two or three-year-old children in their hands, or with eight or nine-year-old children standing in front of them. At a glance, one could tell that they were families.

Children liked to play. When they saw other children flying faster than themselves, they would be anxious to let their fathers catch up with others, so flying by sword became a chasing game between those kids.

Rong Yi asked Yin Tao, “You want to do that?”

Yin Tao nodded happily, “I want to fly with daddy and father by the sword.”

Rong Yi, “…”

He had only refined his Qi to the first level and would not be able to fly by the sword until the Base Practicing period.

However, the fact that he could not do it did not mean that Yin Jinye could not, either.

So Rong Yi turned his head to look at Yin Jinye, who was reading again.

Yin Jinye felt the expecting sights focusing on him and could not help raising his own eyes. He saw two similar faces, a big one and a small one, looking at him with big sparkling eyes.

Rong Yi took his book, “Daddy, we want to fly by the sword.”

Yin Jinye, “...”

He found that this guy would do whatever he thought of.

Yin Tao threw himself into Yin Jinye’s arms, “Father, let’s go home by the sword.”

Yin Jinye said softly, “I never fly by the sword.”

Rong Yi asked curiously, “Don’t you? Then how would you hurry on with your journey?”

Yin Jinye didn’t reply and took back the book to continue reading.

Rong Yi asked again, “Do you have any spiritual runes for flying to let the carriage fly?”

“Nope.” Yin Jinye never used low-level spiritual runes.

“Why don’t you even have this? It won’t take you much space if you put it in your Storage Ring.”

The guard, who was sitting outside, heard their words and said, “Young master, I have them if you like.”

“Stick ten flying runes on the carriage now.”

“Yes.” The guard pasted six on the carriage first, then four on the horses, and then drove the runes to let the carriage fly.

“It’s flying! It’s flying!” Yin Tao jumped around happily in the carriage.

Rong Yi pointed to the group of cultivators flying by the sword in front, “Catch up with them.”

Yin Tao followed his dad and cried, “Catch up with them, catch up with them.”

“Well......” Outside came the voice of the guard who was embarrassed, “Young master, my cultivation is not as good as theirs and I’m afraid I cannot catch up with them.”

Rong Yi turned to Yin Jinye, “Daddy, infuse the runes with your spiritual power.”

Yin Tao followed him again, “Daddy, infuse the runes with your spiritual power.”

Rong Yi could not help laughing, “Did you call him ‘daddy’(the kid imitates Rong Yi to call Yin Jinye daddy. As the way Rong Yi calls Yin Jinye daddy means another thing-their kids’ daddy, so this in here is actually a very funny thing when Yin Tao also calls him daddy.”? Call him father.”

“Father, infuse the spiritual power.”

“Be quick, come on, they are getting father away.”

“Hurry! Come on! Be quick, father, be quick. Be quick!”

“…” Being disturbed, Yin Jinye couldn’t concentrate on his reading at all. He slapped his hand on the wall of the carriage and infused it with spiritual power, “If you make any more noise, I’m gonna throw you down.” said him coldly.

The next moment, Rong Yi and Yin Tao felt the carriage sped up obviously.

“Wow,” cried Yin Tao excitedly, “Daddy, it’s flying fast. The carriage is flying fast.”

When Rong Yi saw that they were catching up with those cultivators, he immediately asked Yin Tao to say hello to the children of those cultivators who flew in the headmost, “Say hello to the big brother.”

His tone was a little provocative and met with the cold shoulder of the male cultivators immediately.

“Hi, big brother.” Yin Tao said obediently.

Seeing the carriage flying faster than them, the child who had always been the number one shouted, “Dad, pass them.”

The male cultivator quickened his pace, but he could not beat the carriage.

“Dad, hurry up.” The boy urged his father, eyes turning red.

Yin Tao chuckled, “Can’t catch up, can’t catch up.”

That boy sulked, “My dad is the best. We can catch up with you.”

“My father is even better.”

Rong Yi smilingly said to Yin Tao, “Son, now do you know how important it is to have a good father?”

Yin Tao didn’t fully understand but still nodded.

Rong Yi smiled and said to the partner of the male cultivator, “Similarly, it is also important to have a strong partner.”

The male cultivator’s partner, “…”

The male cultivator fumed, “What the fuck do you mean?”

How could Rong Yi say such a thing in front of his partner? Wasn’t it obvious saying he was incompetent?

“I’m telling the truth, what else can I mean?”

“Tell me your name if you have the guts.”

Rong Yi smiled and answered, “I am Yin Jinye.”

Yin Jinye, “...”

He vaguely felt that his future would be very unsmooth.

Both Yin Tao’s guard and the wheeler were speechless, “…”

Rong Yi was barely making enemies for their master.

“Yin Jinye, I’ll remember your name,” said the male cultivator fiercely.

Yin Jinye, “...”

Yin Tao chuckled and shouted too, “I am Yin Tao.”

The boy of the male cultivator also said, “Yin Tao, I’ll remember your name, too.”

Rong Yi hurriedly put down the curtain and held Yin Tao’s little face, “Son, how could you give your real name to them?”

Yin Tao looked at him with a confused face.

Rong Yi knew at a glance that he did not understand, “In a word, when someone asks you your name, you should always give someone else’s name. For example, if you hate someone, you can give the man’s name to add more enemies for him. In this way, his enemies will help you solve this man without your own effort.”

The guard and wheeler, “……”

What a great trick!

Yin Tao nodded happily.

“That’s my boy.”

Suddenly, a chilly voice came, “So you mean you hate me?”

Rong Yi smiled and turned to him, “Daddy, how could you think like that? You are my love, how can I hate you? The reason why I said your name is that I think you are powerful enough and the other party is not your opponent, and you can deal with them as simple as pinching ants. You are not afraid of one or tens of thousands of such weak enemies.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Was this a compliment?

“Besides, it’s just a name, he doesn’t know where you live, how can he find you? Isn’t that right, Little Cherry?”

Yin Tao nodded, “Yes.”

Yin Jinye glanced at the child who was always echoing Rong Yi to speak and then continued to read.