Chapter 48: What A Silly Boy 2

Chapter 48: What A Silly Boy (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Before the guard finished speaking, suddenly, someone pushed Yin Tao’s back hard from behind. If it hadn’t been for the guard, Yin Tao would have fallen on his face.

“Senior brother is angry all because of you.” Those two kids who pushed Yin Tao from behind were exactly those who came to Yin Mansion to show off their magic weapons last time.

After getting pushed by no reason, of course he had to push back! After Yin Tao got on his feet, he immediately got into a clinch with the two bigger kids, even with swear words out of his mouth.

The situation of Yin Tao’s guard was no better than his little young master. On one hand, he had to protect Yin Tao, on the other hand, he had to deal with the guard of the other two kids who were also attacking him. What a scene!

Seeing the two bigger kids’ hands slapping in Yin Tao’s face, Rong Yi immediately got steamed up, wishing that he could rush forward and slap them himself!

“What the fuck! Four bullying two! Aren’t you ashamed?”

Of course, no matter how angry Rong Yi was, he could never really rush up to beat ’the kids. At this moment, the baby in his belly kicked him. He looked down and said grumpily, “Why are you kicking me? Huh? Go kick those who bully your big brother if you dare!”

It was better for children to have a brother. If one of them was bullied, the other could help, just like Rong Yi and his second elder brother. Although he hated that he had always behaved like a woman, he would never allow anyone to bully him. People who had ever done this were beaten severely by him. If it hadn’t been for that he had already transmigrated here, he would have definitely crippled the guy who dumped his second elder brother.

Although the quins were very naughty, as long as any one of them got bullied, they would all work together to beat the one who bullied them back.

But if the kid in his stomach had to teach those who were bullying his big brother, didn’t it mean that he had to spread his leg and gave birth to it???!!!

On thinking that day would come, Rong Yi had a spur to kill himself, and then thought to himself, “I’d better have an abortion.”

Like the baby inside knew his thoughts, he threw another few kicks immediately.

Yin Jinye couldn’t help laughing seeing him vent his anger on his unborn child.

Rong Yi looked back and glared at Yin Jinye, “Your son is being bullied, and you are still in the mood to laugh?!”

Yin Jinye picked his eyebrows and looked at Yin Tao’s direction, eyes slightly narrowed. All of a sudden, a strong force pressed against the kids, and then the kids who were bullying Yin Tao had a stinging pain in the head. They both staggered and then pushed each other onto the ground.

Seeing this, their guard rushed over and held them up. “Are you all right, little young master?”

The two kids felt the great pains, and burst out crying.

Those kids who were passing by all laughed at them, “You’re still crying at this age? Shame, shame, shame!”

Rong Yi then held his hand over Yin Jinye’s shoulder and laughed, “Good job! A man who dares to bully the kids is the real hero.”

Yin Jinye gave him a leer and did not say a word.

Yin Tao’s guard kicked the other two kids’ guards and took Yin Tao to Rong Yi‘s side.

Seeing his daddy and father, Yin Tao ran over excitedly and held Rong Yi’s thigh, “Daddy, daddy, you are here.”

Rong Yi shook his legs, “Don’t you see your father is also here?”

Yin Tao turned around and called, “Father.”

Yin Jinye did not respond to him.

Rong Yi added, “Let your father hold you and we will go home.”

Yin Tao immediately pounced on Yin Jinye, “Father, hold me.”

Yin Jinye, “...”

“He is just a kid, he can’t walk fast. Just hold him and let’s get out of here.” said Rong Yi.

He just hoped the father and son could bond by doing so.

Yin Jinye then looked over to the guard.

The guard pretended not to see his eyes and turned to the wheeler and said, “Where is the carriage parked? Let’s get the carriage to the school gate.”

The wheeler nodded while smiling, “OK.”

Rong Yi then urged Yin Jinye, “I’m hungry. Hurry! Hold him! Let’s go home and have dinner.”

Yin Jinye looked down at the little face full of expectation, and directly picked up the boy and held him in his arms.

Yin Tao kissed him on the face happily, then leaned in front of Rong Yi and also kissed his face. Since he went to school, this was the first time that his father and daddy came together to pick him up, so he was very happy.

“I only taught you how to kiss someone’s face once, now you can use it so skillfully?” Rong Yi held the boy’s chin with a mixed feeling of anger and care “Did it hurt when they beat you just now?”

Yin Tao giggled, “No.”

Rong Yi then sulked, “You even have fingerprints on your face, and you are still so happy? What a silly boy!”

“Dad is a big boy.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes and couldn’t help squeezing his little face, “If they ever bully you again...”

Then he stopped speaking. Originally, he wanted to question Yin Tao why he did not fight back and kick their asses, but on a second thought, they were only some kids. He didn’t want him to become so violent at such a young age. Moreover, using force could not solve any problem. On the contrary, it would make other children afraid of Yin Tao and stay away from him.

So he tried to switch another topic, “What is the name of the senior brothers who bullied you?”

“One is called Jia Shaochong and the other is called Xiao Diandian.”

“Do you like going to school?”

“No, I don’t.”

Rong Yi then frowned, “Tell me, why don’t you like going to school?”

“Those senior brothers all don’t play with me.”

“What if the seniors all play with you? Would you like going to school then?”

“Of course.” Yin Tao liked hanging out with his senior brothers very much. When he first came to school, they all had a very good time. But then no one knew why everyone alienated him.

“You’re just kids.” Rong Yi rubbed his little head and wondered what to do to make Yin Tao and his senior brothers get along well with each other. If it were his second brother, what would he do?

Right, he remembered that something similar happened once. His sixth younger brother had a fight with a friend, and his second brother took a lot of pains to make them make up.

Rong Yi, thinking about the kid’s issue, unknowingly walked out of the school gate already.

Suddenly, a few black shadows flew over their heads. Yin Tao lifted up into the sky with admiration. After getting into the carriage, he still did not forget to lie prone at the window and looked out.

Rong Yi asked curiously, “Little Cherry, what are you looking at?”