Chapter 47: What A Silly Boy 1

Chapter 47: What A Silly Boy (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yin Tao was sitting in a corner near the door. All the other children were two meters away from him, like they were in two worlds. Those children were talking and laughing lively, while Yin Tao was very lonely, in sharp contrast.

The lesson was about refining magic weapons. Those children could walk freely to discuss with other disciples, and they could also go to fetch the required ingredients as they wanted.

Some younger children were very naughty. They saw Yin Tao sitting alone in the corner and went to rob his ingredients and throw them into his smelting furnace, causing big problems in the refining process for Yin Tao.

Jin Tong, who was in charge of supervising the children’s refining magic weapons, did not blame those naughty kids, but reprimanded Yin Tao loudly, “Junior brother Yin, how can you learn the refining without keeping your own ingredients? And how many times have I told you that the refined magic weapon should not only be good in grade but also beautiful in shape? Do you think the one you have refined could really be called a magic weapon? It even can’t compare with a piece of shit.”

Speaking of which, he began to poke Yin Tao’s head with his finger. “If you fails today, you don’t have to go back home. Stay here and learn how to refine the shape of the magic weapon well.”

Even a passer-by who saw this scene would feel very angry, let alone Yin Tao’s parents. Rong Yi asked the coachman, “Where is the guard who came with Little Cherry? Where is he?”

“I’ll go find them.” The wheeler then went to bring the guard.

When the guard saw Rong Yi and others, he hurriedly saluted.

Rong Yi tried to suppress his anger and asked, “What’s wrong with this boy? He should know that Little Cherry was only a three-year-old child, and he has just begun to learn refining magic weapons. Of course, the refined weapon by him is not as good as those made by adults. Why is he so strict with my kid while let loose of those kids who destroyed others refining ingredients?”

In fact, the guard was already full of anger, “Young master, little young master has been bullied since he entered the school. His senior brother Jin tong, jealous of his talent and Taoist Yunyi’s preference for him, has always been against him, pushing, scolding, and making things difficult for him no matter what goes wrong. I wanted to stop it, but there is a rule for class and no irrelevant person is allowed in.”

Rong Yi stared at Jin Tong and asked, “What is wrong with all the other kids? Why are their seats so far from my Little Cherry?”

“Those kids’ guards let them do this, first, to play up to Jin Tong, second, out of jealousy. They think that Taoist Yunyi is too partial to the little young master while totally neglects the existence of other children, so they ask their little young masters not to play with him”

Rong Yi, “…”

The guard went on to say, “Young master, please don’t blame me for being outspoken. In fact, there is no need for the little young master to come to school to study. He can learn it quite well at home under Lei Sai’s guidance.”

In the beginning, everyone agreed that Rong Yi should send Yin Tao to the school because there was no one playing with Yin Tao at home, and because if he stayed at home, he had to endure Rong Yi’s bad temper, so they meant to send to school to play with other kids. But how could such a thing happen?

Rong Yi asked, “Are you saying little Cherry should quit from school?”

The guard nodded.

“Why is it us to leave?” Rong Yi squinted at Jin Tong and said, “Even if someone has to leave, it should be him!”

At this time, Yin Tao infused some spiritual power into the smelting furnace and turned the fire to the maximum. With a loud bang, flames shot out of the smelting furnace, but soon went out, and then a first-grade ordinary magic weapon was forged.

Yin Tao jumped with joy, “I made it! I made it! Senior brother, I made it!”

Looking at the first-grade magical weapon in Yin Tao’s hand, Jin Tong turned very gloomy. Some time ago, Yin Tao had no way to refine the first-grade magic weapon. Only in a few days, he had made it. No wonder their master shifu liked Yin Tao so much.

“What is there to be cocky of? Huh? What is there to be cocky of? Do you think you are good at refining now?” Jin Tong’s jealousy deep in his heart broke out in an instant. He pointed to the magic weapon in Yin Tao’s hand and shouted, “Look how ugly it is. Is this even a magical weapon? I think it’s a piece of shit. Genius in refining? Bullshit! You’re not suitable for refining at all. Go home and suck your daddy’s milk!”

His crazy roar and ferocious face not only frightened Yin Tao, but also other children. Suddenly, the whole classroom quieted down.

Jin Tong was panting due great anger. After he regained some sanity, he found everyone was staring at him, and his face instantly went stiff. He quickly grabbed the magic weapon in Yin Tao’s hand and turned around and said, “You are dismissed.”

All kids were dumbfounded when they heard the word dismissed. Then they cheered loudly, “School is over! Yay! I can go home! Yay…”

Yin Tao was also very happy and quickly ran to the gate.

Seeing this, his guard rushed to the gate to pick up the boy, “Little young master.”

Yin Tao held his hand and said, “Let’s go home.”

“Young master...”