Chapter 46: Born To Be Spoiled

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
At noon, numerous carriages were parked at the gate of Haishan Academy to pick up the children from school.

When class was over, a group of children swarmed out of the classroom like bees. They were all dressed in uniforms and could not tell who each of them was.

Rong Yi stood on the seat on his tiptoes, holding his belly, and looked at the gate of the school for fear that he might accidentally miss his child’s coming out.

With time passed, more and more carriages left, but fewer and fewer children came out of the school, and Rong Yi still did not see Yin Tao.

The wheeler said, “Young master, the little young master may have been kept by his teacher.”

“Kept by his teacher?” Seeing that no one came out of the school any more, Rong Yi asked, “Can we go in and look for little Cherry?”

“Sure.” The wheeler walked over and quietly slipped each of the gatekeepers a medium grade spiritual stone.

One guard casually asked the reason why they had to enter the school and nodded in agreement.

The wheeler came back and said, “Master, young master, we can go in.”

Yin Jinye was the first to get out of the carriage.

The wheeler immediately bowed and knelt on the ground, letting his master step on his back.

Yin Jinye stepped on him without any hesitation.

Rong Yi clicked his tongue, “What a spoiled kid! You cannot even step off the carriage without stepping on someone’s back?”

Yin Jinye looked back at him and walked towards the school.

“Hey, daddy, won’t you help me down?” Rong Yi looked at the height more than three feet, and then at Yin Jinye, who was getting farther and farther away, he felt depressed, and sighed to his baby bump, “Little Sensen, you are so pathetic. Your father already has an older son, so he doesn’t care about you at all. Well, doesn’t matter. You only need to be filial to me in the future. As for your father, you can send him to hell while he is overpowering his predestined doom (Doom overpowering often appears in xianxia or xuanhuan novels. When someone is promoting to an immortal or a higher level or something like that, one has to overpower his doom first, like getting struck by lightning or what, then one could get promoted).”

The wheeler felt embarrassed, “…”

The man is so ruthless, thought him.

“…” Hearing his words, Yin Jinye, who had already gone far, twitched his mouth and came back with his hands offering to Rong Yi.

Rong Yi smiled happily and put his hands on Yin Jinye’s, “Thank you.”

Yin Jin said in a light tone, “You are really spoiled.”

“This is a must.” Rong Yi held out his swollen belly, “If you were like me, you would be more spoiled than me, huh!”

Yin Jinye, “......”

Rong Yi bowed his head and said to the baby in his stomach, “Little Sensen, for the sake of your father coming back to support me, let’s forgive him and give me a chance.”

“Little Sensen?” Yin Jinye asked, “The baby’s name?”

“Yes, I decided to call this child Yin Sensen.”

Yin Jinye, “......”

The coachman, “…”

“Yin Sensen, homephone with 阴森森(its pinyin is also yin sen sen) (阴森森’s pinyin is yin sen sen, which means spooky in English. Actually he is being sarcastic of Yin Jinye using this homophonic thing because Yin Jinye performs kind of spooky.) isn’t it easy to remember?” Rong Yi said proudly, “My father…Ah-hem, well, my father gave me my name Rong Yi(荣义’s pinyin is rong yi in English, homephone with 容易 which means easy in English), because it is easy to remember(actually he is trying to defend himself after being sarcastic in the former sentence.). Moreover, my name is of great significance. Its pronunciation is similar to “easy”. It’s a hope that I can easily go through difficulties and fight for glory for myself and my family. At the same time, I cannot forget about morality, righteousness, and kindness. What do you think? Is my name good?”

Yin Jinye frowned lightly, “What is the meaning of the name Yin Sensen?”

“It will make people think he is really something, and they will feel self-distrustful in front of him, which is tantamount to winning without fighting.”

Yin Jinye, “......”

“…” The wheeler would like to observe a moment of silence for the future of the second little young master.

After entering the school, the wheeler led the way and soon found Yin Tao’s classroom.

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye stopped outside the window to look at the children who were refining magic weapons and then found that the kids were all sitting far away from Yin Tao.

At first, they thought Yin Tao chose that seat himself. But later, they found that the truth was not as what they had thought.