Chapter 44: People Change

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Rong Yi and Bai Yunchen came to the central courtyard. One could barely walk holding such a big belly, while the other had to slow down to cooperate his pace.

Neither of them spoke, and the trees in the courtyard rustled with the summer wind.

“Alas, our young master’s senior fbrother is here again.” A servant nearby said.

“Don’t make a fuss,” said another servant. “Our master is in the mansion now. There's no way that others will steal the young master away.”

“Well, judging from every perspective, our master is the more attractive one.”

“If the master was not charming emough, the young master would not sleep in the master’s room the next night after he returned.”

Bai Yunchen glanced at the servants nearby flatly.

Rong Yi’s mouth twitched, his head tilting to the servant, and said with his teeth gnashed, “Can you keep your ‘private conversation’ down a bit?”

Holy crap!

Were they afraid that people might not know that they were deliberately letting Bai Yunchen hear that?

The servants made a hollow laugh and went on with their jobs at hands.

Rong Yi turned to Bai Yunchen and pointed to the pavilion on the rockery in front of them, “Senior brother, there are few people over there. Let’s go.”


After coming to the pavilion and confirming that there was no one around, Bai Yunchen immediately asked, “Who are you?”

Rong Yi winked at Bai Yunchen, “Senior brother, are you losing your head in the sun?”

Even if Bai Yunchen had found out that he was not his junior brother, he did not intend to confess everything to a stranger. No one knew whether this person would be against him or not.

“Xiaoyi is a soft person, speaks gently, and is very reserved when laughing. He easily gets shy and will never look me in the eyes like you do.”

“People change.”

“Even if they change, it is impossible to change so abruptly in such a short time.”

Rong Yi laughed, “Some people become demons overnight, changing from great good to great evil. How can this be explained? What’s more, I was stimulated when I heard that the person I like married someone else and I even received a wedding invitation from him. Oh, I already feel lucky enough that I haven’t gone crazy.”

Bai Yunchen, “…”

It was true that some people became evil overnight, and from then on, they got out of the right path and went to the road with no return. But the man in front of him really changed because of the stimulation?

Bai Yunchen become uncertain, but he was sure of one thing: If this man was really possessed, people in Yin Mansion would not sit by and do nothing.

“I think the way I am now is especially good. I’m no longer sissy. I no longer got bullied by others, which worries you. By the way, I heard a senior sister said, the day before yesterday, you married into Taiyuan sect because of me. Is that true?”

“Yeah, it’s true.” Bai Yunchen said softly, “But I don’t think I need to marry anyone from Taiyuan Sect anymore.”


Bai Yunchen did not answer. Instead, he took out some gadgets from his Storage Ring, “I brought some little toys from Zhonggu Prefecture for Tao’er.”

Rong Yi gave him a bright smile, “Thank you, senior brother.”

Bai Yunchen hadn’t seen his junior brother smile like this for a long time, and his mouth curved up with a slight radian involuntarily, “If you are bullied here, tell me, don’t get yourself wronged, if you are unhappy here, I can take you away at any time.”

Rong Yi asked, “I was unhappy before, why didn’t you take me away?”

Bai Yunchen’s smile gradually disappeared, his eyebrows twisted and he remained silent.

Rong Yi didn’t ask him more when he saw Bai Yunchen might be awkward to disclose his secret. Anyway, he was not the original owner of this boyd. It didn’t matter whether he knew it or not.

Just then, a voice came from the door leading to the backyard, “Master, the carriage is ready.”

Hearing this, Rong Yi quickly stood up and walked to the edge of the pavilion. Seeing Yin Jinye’s shadow, his eyes suddenly became bright and he waved, “Daddy, daddy, daddy!”