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Chapter 43: What Must Be Must Be

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“Guard Rong, here comes our young master’s senior brother.”

Rong Su’s face turned gloomy instantly, “What is he doing here? I don’t want to see him”

“We’ve got no right to make decisions for the young master. Besides, the guest has already indoor. It’s rude to send him away,” Rong Huan said softly while giving Rong Su a look.

Seeing Bai Yunchen come in, Rong Su whispered anxiously, “Will the young master return to his original temper after seeing him?”

“What must be must be.” Rong Huan said. Seeing Bai Yunchen come over, he and Rong Su who had a long face greeted, “It’s nice to meet you, cultivator Bai.”

When Bai Yunchen was bowing to them, he saw that Rong Yi was explaining how to lay out the formation to Lei Sai and others. Seeing that he was infusing spiritual power into the formation, he narrowed his eyes and asked in a hoarse voice, “When did Xiaoyi gain spiritual power?”

Rong Huan told as what it was, “Two days ago.”

After Rong Yi’s explanation, Lei Sai and others started to arrange the formation by themselves. Then Rong Yi turned around and was stunned to see Bai Yunchen, but soon he came to his mind and greeted Bai Yunchen with a gentle smile, “Senior brother, you are here.”

Rong Su who was fixing his eyes on Rong Yi breathed a sigh of relief seeing he didn’t pounced at Bai Yunchen like before.

Bai Yunchen smiled faintly, “Feel comfortable to walk around the yard with me?”


Then Rong Yi took him to stroll in the big garden of the central courtyard.

Rong Su quickly followed up but was being stopped and dragged collar by Rong Huan.

Rong Su got anxious, “Don’t stop me, I’m going to watch them, lest the young master has feelings for his senior brother again.”

Rong Huan then released him and said, “There are lots of servants in the central courtyard who will supervise young master’s every move. Your main task now is to report to the master that Bai Yunchen is here and see how the master reacts.”

“Okay, I’ll report to him now.” Rong Su quickly left and came to Yin Jinye’s study at his fastest speed, “Master! Master!”

The butler scolded, “What makes you in such a hurry that you even forget the rules?”

Yin Jinye, who was sitting on the chair, did not even lift his head.

“I... I... Alas...” Rong Su could not care about so much and came clean, “Young master’s senior brother is here.”

“Then, why are you so fussy about such a small thing? Do you need to rush to the study in such a hurry?” Finishing this, the butler suddenly he said something wrong and immediately tried to make up, “You mean the senior brother Bai Yunchen?”

“Who else could it be?”

The butler took a glance cowardly at Yin Jinye who was still reading. Then he asked, “Where are they now?”

“They went to the central courtyard to admire the flowers.”

The butler coughed softly, “I see, you can leave now.”

Rong Su still wanted to continue but was stopped by the butler’s eyes.

He looked at Yin Jinye immersing in books and walked out of the study depressingly. It seemed that the master didn’t care about it at all. After all, the two of them had only met for a few days. It was impossible to develop some feelings for the young master in such a short time.

After Rong Su left, there was no sound of turning pages in the study. It was so quiet that even a needle could be heard falling to the ground.

The butler kept peering at Yin Jinye, thinking his master might care about the man.

After a long time, Yin Jin suddenly called, “Wen Chuan.”

“Yes.” Wen Chuan quickly came to him, “What’s your order, my lord?”

“When does Yin Tao finish school?”

“At noon. But, the little master sometimes has lunch in the school, then continues to study refining and comes back in the evening.”

Yin Jinye glanced at the sky outside, then got up and said, “It’s almost noon.”

Wen Chuan froze for a moment, but quickly understood his meaning and smiled, “I’ll prepare the carriage for you right away.”