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Chapter 39: Can This Kid Be Remade? 2

Chapter 39: Can This Kid Be Remade? (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yin Tao buried his head in the bowl to continue digging his food.

Seeing all of them were enjoying their food, hesitated though, Yin Jinye picked up his chopsticks and put meat that he hadn’t tasted for hundreds of years into his mouth. A strange but nice taste of food spread throughout his mouth.

“What do you think? Is it delicious?” asked Rong Su.

Yin Jinye responded with an ‘hmm” slightly.

Seeing Rong Yi pick some dishes for Yin Jinye, Yin Tao quickly stood up from the chair and scooped a spoonful of beef with a spoon covered with rice, “Eat, father.”

Yin Jinye frowned. Obviously he didn’t like it.

Rong Yi smiled and said, “See how your son is filial to you! He even picks beef for you! Now you don’t want him to be remade, do you?”

Looking at Yin Tao’s smiling face, Yin Jinye picked the rice stuck on the beef silently and then put it in his mouth.

Watching this scene, Xinghe immediately took out a paper and pen to write down what happened last night and tonight and draw a picture of them three of them having dinner together for her ladyship.

After dinner, Rong Yi went back to his room, began to cultivate after taking a bath.

Yin Tao cried, wanting to sleep with him. So he also went back to Rong Yi’s room.

When Rong Yi activated the formation, all the surrounding spiritual Qi was absorbed into his room. In order not to waste the precious spiritual Qi, he asked Yin Tao to meditate for half an hour before going to sleep.

As soon as Yin Jinye who was in the room on the other side detected a special movement of spiritual Qi, he walked out and saw spiritual Qi gathering into Rong Yi’s room. Thanks to the formation, the spiritual Qi was filtered to pure Qi and generated a swirl above the roof of Rong Yi’s room.

As long as the one in the room was cultivating, the swirl would keep transmitting the spiritual Qi, which would effectively improve the speed of absorbing the spiritual Qi.

Yin Jinye, who had never seen such Spiritual Cohesion Formation, wore a smile. That guy in the room on the other side always knew something others didn’t and surprised him again and again.

After watching the other side for quite some time, Yin Jinye then went in to take some rest.

Rong Yi was still filled with joy when he began to cultivate because the spiritual Qi in this world was abundant, which was equivalent to ten times of his world. It could help him promote very quickly. But half an hour later, as the spiritual Qi became less and less, there was less he could absorb.

Rong Yi then opened his eyes, “Is it because of the formation?”

But he checked today. Everything was fine. He started smoothly. But how couldn’t he continue?

Rong Yi closed his eyes and tried again, but still failed. He stood up and walked outside,.After walking around the house and having confirmed the formation was fine, he became more confused.

Looking up at the starry sky, a huge amount of spiritual Qi was flying into his room, meaning that the formation was functioning normally.

“Since there is spiritual Qi gathering, why do I absorb so little?” Rong Yi walked out of the eaves and looked up onto the roof.

It was when his anger outburst.

At this moment the roof was crowded with people.

All servants in the house were sitting on the roof for cultivation, absorbing all the pure spiritual Qi he had gather with his formation.

“You thieves!” Rong Yi was so angry that he took of a little sword off his magic weapon and wanted to throw it at those people on the roof. But considering it was a taboo to disturb those who were cultivating, and might even get possessed due to any carelessness, he could only hold the sword in his hand.

Finally he put away the sword and sulked, “Fine! Just tonight!”

Rong Yi went back to his room depressively. He was even angrier looking at the kid sound asleep, “I told you to cultivate for half an hour, but you are only sleeping here.”

He went over and poked his soft and chubby baby face, then couldn’t help pinching it.

Then Yin Tao got woken up by his daddy and opened his sleepy eyes, “Daddy, I want milk.”

Rong Yi’s mouth twitched, he then covered Yin Tao’s eyes, “You better sleep.”

Yin Tao then fell asleep again immediately.

Rong Yi lay down on the bed and also closed his eyes to sleep after staring angrily at the roof.

The next morning, Rong Su entered the room with a basin of water in his hand refreshingly. He first greeted Rong Yi and then woke up Yin Tao, “Little master, wake up. Time to get up…”

He held little Yin Tao who was still sleeping in his arms and cleaned his face, then put on the little robes for him before he took him to the hall for breakfast.

As Rong Yi sat down, he smiled at all servants in the hall, “Did you guys have a smooth cultivation on my roof last night? Did anyone promote? Are you feeling refreshing today?”

On hearing him, everyone lowered their heads guiltily and started to do their own job.

“You knew that, young master?” said Rong Su, putting on a smile.

“I couldn’t even absorb any spiritual Qi. How would I not know?” Rong Yi said angrily.

Rong Su then smiled awkwardly, “Sorry, young master. Since you absorbed all spiritual Qi into your room, we had none to cultivate then. So we could only climb onto your roof.”

“…” Rong Yi.

Fine. He was being selfish to channel all the spiritual Qi into his room. He forgot others also needed to cultivate.

Rong Su then sucked up and said, “Can you extend your formation outside the mansion and absorb all the spiritual Qi outside into the house?”

Now all servants in the hall were staring at Rong Yi with their beaming eyes.

Yesterday, they had absorbed the purest spiritual Qi since their cultivation, and their cultivation speed was nearly three times fast than usual. If they could absorb pure spiritual Qi on a daily basis, they could promote much faster.

“Fine. Buy some ingredients first.” Looking around at the servants, Rong Yi nodded.

“Bravo! Wonderfu! Hooray…”all the servants jumped and cheered.

Rong Yi smiled as he was also inspired.

Yin Tao had no idea why they were happy. But since they were so cheered up, he also shouted with joy in his chair, “Great! Great!!”

“I’m going right now.” Rong Su ran excitedly out of the hall.