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Chapter 38: Can This Kid Be Remade? 1

Chapter 38: Can This Kid Be Remade? (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
"Haha…haha…” Xinghe couldn’t help laughing out loud, since he had never seen such funny things before.

Yin Jinye also slightly curled up his lips.

“Daddy.” Yin Tao raised his little hand and wiped the milk off his face pathetically, “I am hungry.”

“How would I have such a troublesome son like you?!” Rong Yi rolled his eyes angrily and held his wrist in front of him, “Here! Suck it. Suck it.”

Yin Tao took a look at his wrist and then his breast.

"Don't even think about it. You can only suck this.” Rong Yi then held his hand at his mouth.

Yin Tao then tamely opened his mouth and sucked it.

Xinghe asked, frowning, “Does the little master have to suck blood on a daily base? Can’t he quit it?”

“He will be fine after half-a-year recovery.” Explained Rong Huan as he walked in.

“The good thing is the other one is still in the belly. Otherwise he couldn’t take it if the twins suck together.”

“Oh man! Can you not keep reminding me of the other child I am carrying in my belly right now?” said Rong Yi while holding his forehead.

Xinghe couldn’t help laughing out loud again.

This time Yin Jinye’s lips curled up even higher.

Rong Yi was kind of absorbed in his smile. This man looked more charming when he smiled, like a blooming white flower under the moonlight, shimmering with a a light fragrance, making one hard to move his eyes from him.

Yin Tao suddenly burped after getting full.

And it brought Rong Yi back to his senses and he realized that he lost his mind because of a man’s smile. He rubbed his forehead gloomily and rushed them to serve the meal to cover up his embarrassment, “Dinner time. Dinner time.”

“Rong Su already asked then to serve dishes.” Said Rong Huan.

“Then why are you still standing there? Grab a seat.”

Rong Huan and Xinghe didn’t move.

In the past, only Yin Tao sat there eating alone, so Rong Huan , Rong Su and Lei Sai would sit to eat with him. But now that he had Rong Yi and the master, of course they had to obey the master-servant rules.

Born in a big family, Rong Yi of course knew the rules. If masters were too easygoing, servants might lose their sense of propriety and eventually forgot who the master was.

Since Yin Jinye didn’t say a word, he didn’t insist on asking Rong Huan and others to sit.

Soon, Rong Su and the chef came in holding the dishes.

“This dish tastes good. Have a try.” Rong Yi picked a shredded chicken into Yin Jinye’s bowl.

Yin Jinye looked at the chicken in his bowl but didn’t pick up his chopsticks.

“Eat.” Rong Yi kept picking dishes for him.

“Master Rong, he is on fasting. He doesn’t eat.” Explained Xinghe.

“So what? He can still eat food, otherwise he will miss so many gourmets.” Before Rong Yi had transmigrated here, he would normally have three meals a day even if he was not very hungry, so would his family. And there was a rule in their Rong family. Unless a closed-up cultivation or working outside, the family had to have dinner together for family affection. The entire family also had an annual banquet every year to bond with each other. “As people always say, ‘you only live once’. Since we have a long life ahead, if we couldn’t enjoy life but only focus on cultivation, we wouldn’t know what joy is before they die. What a waste of prolonged life after we cultivate so long!”

Everyone thought what he said was reasonable, so no one argued.

After putting a hunk of meat into his mouth, Rong Yi continued, “In my opinion, the reason why you fast is because you don’t want to do a poo.”

Cultivators had to go to toilet after eating real food. But it would be different if they took spiritual food. Most of spiritual food could be transformed into spiritual power.

“Watch your language.” Yin Jinye’s lips twitched a bit.

Rong Yi gave him a hollow laugh.

“Pfff!” Rong Su laughed, “Young master, what you said really makes sense.”

Yin Yao, who was digging his food, then raised his head and said, “Daddy, I am not afraid of pooping.” .

Rong Yi asked out of curiosity, “Then what are you afraid of?”

“I am afraid of wetting bed.”

Rong Su laughed even harder now.

Rong Huang also couldn’t help smiling.

“You should sleep alone tonight.” Rong Yi rolled his eyes.

Yin Tao then pouted, a little unhappy, "No, I want to sleep with daddy."

"No, you may pee on me in the middle of the night."

"I'm not peeing on daddy."

"But you wouldn’t know when you are asleep even if you pee."

"I would turn my face to father before going to bed, and when I wet the bed, I would pee on him. I would not pee on daddy."

"OK! That's a good idea." Rong Yi laughed.

Even those servants in the room were all amused by Yin Tao’s kiddo talk.

“…” Yin Jinye then turned to Xinghe, “Can this kid be remade?”

Xinghe got struck dumb, he never expected the master would also crack a joke, then he answered smilingly, “I am afraid it’s too late.”

Rong Yi then picked another hunk of meat and put it in Yin Jinye’s bowl, “Eat, eat.”