Chapter 37: Pfff~

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Rong Yi asked in reply, “Are there any rules to forbid using a knife or spear in sword cultivation?”

“Sword cultivation, literally we call it sword cultivation only when we use a sword to cultivate.” Argued Xinghe.

“Are you saying that you can’t call it sword cultivation when you use other shapes of magic weapons to attack others?”

Xinghe, “…”

Some magic weapons were not necessarily sword-shaped. Sometimes they could be shaped differently according to different functions.

Rong Yi lifted the chair and moved toward Yin Jinye a bit and asked, “Daddy, isn’t my magic weapon wonderful?”

Yin Jinye held it in his hand, “It is a great magic weapon for cultivators below Base Practicing and Qi Practicing. It was equal to a level three magic weapon. Before you promote to Golden Elixir…”

But thinking that Rong Yi just said he wanted to be sword cultivation, he changed his words, “before you get to Sword-enhancement stage, you don’t need to change your magic weapons.”

“Can’t you tell what kind of ingredients I have used?” asked Rong Yi.

In fact, he already knew that Rong Su had told Yin Jinye about everything in Hailu Village after they came back.

Yin Jinye didn’t say a word.

“Do you want to know how I managed to make such a holy magic weapon out of ordinary ingredients?”

Xinghe’s eyes sparkled, looking at Rong Yi with expectations. Unfortunately, Yin Jinye still kept his mouth shut. No one knew whether he wanted to know or not.

Rong Yi ignored his coldness, took the magic back and put it on, saying smilingly, “If you want to know more details, I will continue at dinner time tomorrow.”

He didn’t tell it all because he wanted Yin Jin to have more dinners with them, so he could have a chance to get along with him and grow their bonds.

Yin Jinye, “…”

Xinghe rolled his eyes. He wished he could give this man a beat.

What was the difference between saying it now and tomorrow? Why would he tantalize them like this?

"Daddy, father, I'm home." Yin Tao cried excitedly as he entered the yard, "Daddy, father, I am home.”

Rong Yi watched the little kid run in and asked, “What makes you so happy today?”

“Master Shifu bought me a lot of toys.” Yin Tao sat down next to Rong Yi, “He also got presents for you, daddy.”

“Your master Shifu is…” asked Rong Yi.

“It was Taoist Yunyi. He said that he didn’t bring you a gift as he was in a hurry yesterday. And you helped him to enchant his magic weapon while you are still so heavily pregnant. He said he owes you big. So he bought a greeting present for you. And he also said that he will pay you another visit in a few days.” Explained a servant who served Yin Tao today.

“Isn’t he being too polite? After all, he is a senior to me.” Rong Yi asked Yin Tao, “What present does your master Shifu get for me?”

Yin Tao then took out a white bottle from his Storage Bracelet, opened it clumsily and poured it into an empty glass on the table, then handed it to Rong Yi happily, “Daddy, here, drink it.”

Rong Yi checked the milky liquid in the glass and sniffed it. It had kind of light odor. He then asked, “What is it?”

“Daddy, drink it. Come on! Drink it!” Yin Tao reached for the cup and held it to Rong Yi’s mouth, “Daddy, drink it. Drink it.”

“Stop urging me. I will drink it now.” Thinking Yunyi wouldn’t do harm to him, Rong Yi sipped a bit, “It tastes like milk. Very good. What’s it?”

“Yunyi said it is a she-evil beast’s milk.” Said the servant as Rong Yi almost finished drinking.

“Why did he give me this?” Rong Yi wondered.

The servant said awkwardly, “Taoist Yunyi heard the little master often doesn’t have enough milk to feed, so he specially got this to stimulate the secretion of milk.”

“Pfff!” Rong Yi spitted the milk in his mouth onto Yin Tao’s face, “Ah-hem! Ah-hem…What, what, what did you say? Stimulate the secretion of milk using this?”

What the fuck? He was a man. In what universe did he need to stimulate the secretion of breast milk?