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Chapter 32: This Guy Is really Annoying! 1

Chapter 32: This Guy Is really Annoying! (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Xiang Lv flicked through the rest of the ingredients in the room, but he couldn’t believe the whole story as he looked, “Ordinary, low-grade, medium-grade, and top-grade ordinary materials, none of which can be used as to make a sacred magic weapon. It’s incredible, so incredible, and herbs can actually be used to refine weapons. I guess no one would believe it.”

The magic weapons were divided into nine grades, and each grade was scaled into ordinary, refined, utensil, magical, pure, elite, holy, fairy and divine. Without exquisite, highest-grade, rare, fairy or divine ingredients, it would not have been possible to create magic weapons above pure level.

Although Zhangsun Ziqian smelt a none-level magical weapon of holy grade, it was equivalent to a level three refined magic weapon. With it, cultivators in the Base Practicing or Smelting period could be free from changing their magic weapons constantly before reaching Golden Elixir period. So, this magic weapon was definitely the best magic magic weapon for his personal cultivation. After all, his accomplishments could not drive a level three magic weapon.

However, no one would waste precious materials to build low-level magic weapons until the holy magic weapons could be made from materials below exquisite grade.

If it weren’t for his eyes staring at Zhangsun Ziqian putting the ingredients into the furnace, Xiang Lv would think the man cheated everyone by mixing other advanced stuff.

“Ho, holy, holy magic weapon!” Rong Su stammered. He was so surprised in his heart because he bought the ingredients himself. He knew very well that the quality of these things were impossible to make holy magic weapon.

Xiang Lv hurriedly asked, “Ziqian, how did you make such a holy magic weapon without any rare ingredients?”

Zhangsun Ziqian looked at the magic weapon in surprise and shook his head, saying that he didn’t understand the reason why, either, “I used mild fire to refine it slowly as I usually do, and I didn’t use any special methods or what during this period.”

“So it’s not because of the refining method.”

Rong Yi took the weapon to make a double check and then nodded with satisfaction, “Before I came here, I thought you could only forge an elite magic weapon at most, but I didn’t expect it was a holy one. Mild fire also has its advantages. It can refine the magic weapon more delicate.”

This excited Zhangsun Ziqian, and once again aroused his strong desire to stay here and continue to learn how to make magic weapons.

Xiang Lv frowned and asked, “Did you tamper with the ingredients?”

Rong Yi touched the familiar magic weapon and asked back, “Didn’t you just check the ingredients? Did you find something wrong with them?”

Xiang Lv only felt strange because of failing to find anything wrong, “How did he make a holy magic weapon without any tricks?”

Rong Yi retorted, “Why do you think ordinary materials cannot produce holy magic weapons?”

“Since ancient times, only rare and above-grade ingredients can be used to produce holy magic weapons, and no one has ever made an exception.”

“No exception? At least we can tell from your words that people haven’t given up tries, although they have not succeeded. Failure does not mean impossible.” Before Rong Yi came here, the world he lived in was relatively short of resources, so everyone could only think of other ways to improve the quality of their magic weapons. Of course, a good quality magic weapon could be produced not only by adding herbs but also depending on the abilities and refining process of the forger, as well as its design and functions.

This made Xiang Lv irrefutable.

Rong Yi put the magic weapon around his wrist and then looked at Rong Su, who was still in a shock and unable to recover. “Rong Su, let’s go home.”

“Ah? Oh.” Rong Su soon recovered and took out a hundred spiritual stones from the Storage Ring to Zhangsun Ziqian.

“Give him a thousand,” Rong Yi said.

The magic weapon made him felt very satisfied and he thought even a thousand spiritual stones was not enough.

“Yes.” Rong Su then took out another nine hundred.

Zhangsun Ziqian hurriedly refused, “I’m so happy to make the magic weapon for you. You don’t need to pay me. Besides, I’ve also learnt a lot from you, and I’ve renewed my understanding of smelting weapons. I am really grateful.”

Rong Su quickly thrusted these spiritual stones directly into his hand.

Zhangsun Ziqian hurriedly gave them back, “I really don’t need these. If you really want to give something to me as a reward, why don’t you give me the rest of the ingredients? My…my magic weapon is broken. So I want to use the rest of the ingredients to repair it so as to take part in the test held by Nine Void Sect early next month. I want to join them and learn from Taoist Yunyi.”

When Xiang Lv was glad that Zhangsun Ziqian was willing to stay, he looked down upon him with contempt at the same time, “Hmm, you truly think you will learn something from him? I don’t like the magic weapons he made.”

Zhangsun Ziqian smiled gently, “Everyone has his own favorite magic weapon forger. My travel to Haishan College was to learn how to forge magic weapons because of him.”

Rong Yi did not intend to take away the rest of the ingredients, so he said, “I don’t need them anymore, you may use them as you wish.”

“Thank you.” Zhangsun Ziqian then quickly followed, “Sir, may I ask if you are a forger?”