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Chapter 15: Did He Teach the Kid a Wrong Lesson?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yin Tao grabbed a boy’s collar of his cyan robe and yelled, “Mine is awesome! The most powerful!”

“Your magic weapon is powerless and ugly. You can defeat us.” The two boys were about five years old, half a head taller than Yin Tao but not as strong as him.

Rong Huan didn’t step in since he didn’t think the two boys could not defeat their little master. While the other two boys’ servants thought their little masters would definitely bully a kid younger together, so they also didn’t stop them, just stood by and watch.

Rong Yi moved to Rong Huan and asked, “What are they fighting for?”

“Yesterday, Yin Tao spent four hours refining a magic weapon, which was an assignment from school. It took the little master four hours to refine it. Early this morning, the little master’s two senior brothers brought the magic weapons from others to compete with him and said the little master’s magic weapon is ugly and lame.” explained Rong Huan.

“Yin Tao accused my little master of cheating with other’s magic weapon. Shame on you!” argued one servant of Yin Tao’s senior brother.

Rong Huan then scanned Yin Tao’s two senior brother’s level 1 magic weapon, with a dash of distain in his eyes. Shame on them! Anyone could tell that the boys’ weapons were refined by grown-ups because no kids could make such well-shaped weapons.

While Yin Tao already mastered the skills to refine magic weapons, a genius among smart kids though, as he was still a kid, he couldn’t make a refined weapon as a grown-up did, not to mention a powerful and high level one.

The other servant said, “it’s a waste of time to argue with them. It is up to little master’s teacher to decide whose is better or whether they cheat or not.”

“You are right. Let’s go and ask for the teacher’s decision.”

The servants then left with their little masters. Before the boys left, they stepped on Yin Tao’s magic weapon.

“Son of bitch!” Yin Tao shouted at them while he was picking it up carefully.

Rong Yi frowned, where did he learn those swear words?


Rong Yi couldn’t hold longer. He scolded him like he did to his own younger brothers, “who taught you to say those dirty words?”

Although he used bad languages quite often, he didn’t use swear words like that.

It was the first time that Yin Tao was scolded by his mom-daddy. He already felt wronged and now tears immediately popped out of his eyes

The servants in the yard all felt sorry for him and stared at Rong Yi angrily.

“…” Rong Yi.

Did he teach the kid a wrong lesson?

Rong Yi felt sorry for Yin Tao seeing that Yin Tao tried to hold his tears and didn’t cry out. While he was considering if he needed to comfort him, an angry voice roared, “what the fuck! Who the hell is bullying my pupil? I am fucking killing him!”

A man dashed in front of Yin Tao and cuddled the kid while staring at Rong Yi angrily, “Son of bitch. It’s you again! Pussy! Every time you got bullies outside, you would vent your anger on a kid. Are you even a man? You should have already got yourself castrated and be an eunuch!”

Rong Yi, “…”

Now he finally knew where the kid learned those swear words from.

Lei Sai clumsily wiped Yin Tao’s tears, “it’s alright. Don’t cry. After this pussy gives birth to your brother, I will cut his penis off and feed it to a dog.”

“Hey...” Rong Yi wanted to argue back but stopped as he saw Yin Tao stopped sobbing but laughed.

“You smiled.” Lei Sai laughed and carried Yin Tao into the hall, “let’s go have breakfast.”

Seeing them leave happily, Rong Yi frowned, like he was an outsider.

“He is still young. You should comfort her first and talk through it.” Rong Huan also walked into the hall after he said so.

“…” Rong Yi.

His second elder brother and his butler used to talk the same thing to him too. Kids were kids He should talk senses to them slowly.

Rong Yi then also insensibly followed them to the hall.

Yin Tao moved closer to Lei Sai as he saw Rong Yi.

Rong Huan already told Lei Sai about what had happened earlier. Lei Sai snorted at Rong Yi and then checked the magic weapon Yin Tao refined.

Rong Yi felt kind of disappointed since Yin Tao was not close to him. He had the same feeling when his siblings were closer to his two elder brothers. They were family. He couldn’t understand why the quintuplets didn’t like him. They only shot toy guns at him, but they never did it to Rong Qi.

Lei Sai put down the magic weapon and said, “Your magic weapon is far from level one weapon. It is not possible to defeat level one magic weapon for sure.”

“Maybe we can buy a level one weapon for the little master and he could bring it to school to beat them.” Rong Su suggested.

Both Rong Huan and Lei Sai gave him a hard stare.

“Are you telling Yin Tao that he can cheat like those two boys?” asked Rong Huan.

“It is not a victory even if he wins with a bought one. He will be laughed at. No one would believe he could be actually a great magic weapon forger in the future.” Said Lei Sai.

“So we do nothing but watch him lose to others?”

Lei Sai, “…”

Rong Huan, “…”

Of course they didn’t want Yin Tao to lose.

Yin Tao kept silent as he was watching his own magic weapon, trying to put wrinkles in his brow.

Rong Yi also frowned. He also felt uncomfortable when he saw the kid was not happy. But he didn’t know how to cheer him up. What would his second elder brother do in such a situation?

Thinking of the way his second brother dealt with the quintuplets, he asked, “Can I have a look at your magic weapon?”