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I Became A Commandment In Nanatsu No Taizai World
Author :OPCharacter18
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Zetsu and William faced each other and both of them then took a battle stance. William said to Zetsu:

"Aren't you going to use your weapon. After all, I can't fight an armless man".

Zetsu then continued smiling and said to him:

" Well, I am afraid that if I use my weapon the battle will end immediately and I won't enjoy it".

William who heard that was a little surprised and also a little angry as he didn't expect someone who was so young to say that to him.

William then immediately launched himself and leapt towards Zetsu and he then used his sword to slash towards his shoulder.

Zetsu smiled as he dodged the sword immediately. Zetsu who didn't even use his observation haki because for Zetsu this type of attacks is too easy to dodge.

William didn't just stop but he continued to slash towards him without rest. Zetsu also continued dodging while smiling towards William.

William became more excited as he saw Zetsu dodged his attacks. He then thought in his mind

( Finally someone I can test my power on. I thought that I already reached the peak but looking at him, I am sure that's there is still much more for me to get stronger).

William then said to Zetsu while attacking him:

" I must say, I was afraid that there won't be anybody who could pose a challenge to me anymore but looking at you, I am now sure that by fighting you I can get much much stronger".

Zetsu: " That's quite the arrogance saying that nobody could defeat you".

Zetsu continued dodging and this annoyed William a little as he really wanted Zetsu to fight him seriously. He then said to him:

If you don't want to fight me then I will make you do that. Gravity".

Suddenly Zetsu felt that his whole body became very heavy and that he couldn't move as fast as before. Still, Zetsu didn't panic but was just curious about William ability.

William who saw Zetsu in that state smiled and said:

"This is my magic power gravity. A magic that can make everything around me in a limited radius very heavy and so it makes everybody unable to move".

When Zetsu heard that a big smile appeared on his face and he said to William:

" Very fascinating magic ability. I never expected that you are this powerful. I must say that even if your strength and magic isn't big, your magic power gives you quite the advantage. Unfortunately....".

Suddenly Zetsu jumped away from William. Even though he was inside the area of gravity, he was still able to jump easily. Zetsu who thought

( His magic power is amazing but my body is that of a high-rank demon and so I can easily move and jump inside there because I trained with weights on so something like this pressure is easy to walk through. but I don't want to attract attention so I will use a long ranged attack so I can end this battle quickly).

Suddenly a sword appeared out of nowhere in his hands. It was a long katana with Zetsu smiled and said suddenly:

" let me show you true power. Release you fire Ryujin jakka".

Zetsu didn't want to fight William too much because he knew that he could defeat him easily that's why he used his zanpakto so he can end the fight immediately.

Zetsu thought in his mind

( I didn't want to use ryujin jakka, after all, I still don't have enough control to do great attacks but still, I will make sure to not hurt him so help me ryujin).


Out in the arena. Everyone was surprised by how Zetsu was powerful to evade all Willaims attacks easily. The king who saw that said:

" I must say that everyone here really underestimated this young man. To be able to go toe to toe with William at this young age is very amazing. You really have an amazing son Elizabeth".

Elizabeth who heard that smiled and said to the king:

" Your compliment makes me very happy your majesty".

The princess: " hmph even if he's powerful all he's doing is dodging Sir William attacks and this shows that's his weaker than him".

When Elizabeth heard that she just smiled and said to her:

" Princess the battle isn't over and Zetsu still didn't lose so we can't judge yet".

Nadja: "Moo process you're still defending him. Even if he's your son you must not this".

The queen: "Nadja, your behaviour is unladylike so just watch till the end".

The king: " Hhhhhh".

But what Eli thought in her mind is a totally different thing

( of course, he is very strong. He trained for 30 years and has an amazing system like me. How can he not be this strong? If he can be defeated easily then he can forget about being the Demon King).

When the people saw the sword appear out of nowhere from his hands, all of them gasped and concentrated on the battle as they didn't didn't want to miss anything from it.

Suddenly a blazing inferno appeared around the arena and the temperature started increasing to high degrees. Everybody was shocked as they saw the flames being used by Zetsu.


William who saw that was shocked and understood what Zetsu wanted to do as he said while laughing:

" So you want to use your flame attack so you don't enter the gravity room Hhhhhhhh. This is really amazing. I hadn't this much fun since I fought the great holy knight of Camelot. This is why I will also my strongest attack. Gravitymagnifiesy".

The whole arena became now affected by affected by William magic. Zetsu felt that he's becoming more heavier but it didn't effect him at all. All the fire has turned behind Zetsu intio a long huge fire pillar. Zetsu smiled to William and said:

" Try to dodge this attack. One sword style( ittoryu) Blazing fire".

Zestu who used his zanpakto to slash towards William. William felt that if he didn't dodge he would die but he also didn't want to run. He smiled towards the fire pillar coming to him:

" Hhhhhh come let me see how much I can take from this. I admit that I lost but I will not dodge the attack but I will receive it and stop it".

Zetsu and Evryone was surprised by how courageous and daring William is. Zetsu who looked at him sighed and then said:

"Ice age".

A big block of Ice appeared from Zetsu direction and all the flame disappeared as the ice completely cancelled the attack. William was surprised as they didn't understood what happened.

They looked then at Zetsu who from his place released all the ice and all of them were shocked and couldn't understand what happened. Zetsu then scratched his head as he said:

" Well, don't be that surprised as it's part of my power. I can control Ice and fire and so I used it to cancel the previous attack to save Sir William".

After that Zetsu turned to the princess and he said to her:

" Princess Nadja I believe that I won this battle after all Great holy knight Sir William Admitted defeat, so I will ask you to tell me about one person and also I will be honored to stay here".

Everybody was still unable to get back from their shocked state as they didnt expect Zetsu to have this much power. His display of power made them know that he wasn't just a normal young man but a legendary warrior.

The princess who was the first to speak said:

" Hmph, you can stay here. Its not like you would've gone if you lost because papa said that he would make you a holy knight even if you lost. Now tell me who is the person you search for?".

Zetsu smiled and said:

" Well, His Name is Gowther".
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