I Am Supreme
1013 Loss
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I Am Supreme
Author :Fengling Tianxia
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1013 Loss

Envy filled Guo Nuanyang.

'If only I had a disciple like this as well…'

Yun Xiuxin alone had already put her junior sisters and brothers in their places without needing Guo Nuanyang to comfort or pacify them. She had singlehandedly completed the work required in the aftermath, an exemplary accomplishment that was invaluable!

Guo Nuanyang was even certain that Yun Xiuxin did so subconsciously because no matter how wise she was for her age, she would not yet be able to consider such aspects voluntarily. Her experience had not taken her through these while her time in the sect was not long enough for Yun Yang to be teaching the relevant knowledge.

It meant that what she had said and done was entirely instinctive. It was her instinct that allowed her to guide her junior siblings, increase their martial world experience, and erase their fantasies as well as the fear of facing death in its face.

Yun Xiuxin was still lecturing her junior brothers and sisters.

"If you fellows die one day… like Jiajia… I'll collect your corpses for you. I won't let all of you vanish just like that without your remains."

The six young ones paled in unison, immediately losing whatever color they had left in their faces. It would be more surprising if they could look unfazed when they heard their peers talking about matters after their death at their young age.

"One day, when I die," Yun Xiuxin said, "Remember to gather my remains. You better sew my head up if it falls, you hear me?"

"Yes, yes!"

"Very well," Yun Xiuxin replied in relief, "I'll sew your heads too if you were beheaded. This is our promise. You can't forget it, even if you die."

Guo Nuanyang looked up into the sky.

What were these babies talking about? He could not bring himself to listen to them, wanting to forget what entered his ears…

"Our loot seems to be ample, but it is, at most, around eight thousand upper-class spiritual jade pieces… there shouldn't be so little left," Yun Xiuxin said, "Ransack the house and look for secret chambers in your search."

Hearing their eldest senior sister's command, the children spread out again, scurrying away.

Watching the carriage leave, Yun Yang walked out, carrying two tiny bodies. They were his second disciple Cheng Jiajia and sixth disciple Lu Changman. Both children were conscious and coherent.

"Sorry, master…"

"We've caused you shame…"

The two kids looked mortified, wishing that they had actually died just now instead.

"Shame… is fine. Who, in this martial world, can constantly keep their pride? Even I, your master, was almost killed by my enemy back then with my spirit and soul almost torn apart."

Yun Yang spoke faintly, "As long as your life is not lost, everything else comes secondary. There are plenty of chances to seek them in the future."

"Yes, this disciple will remember what master has said."

Yun Yang had injected a timely pulse of Qi of vitality when these two children had been fatally attacked, protecting their energy from dissipating. They looked like broken ragged dolls now, but they were, in fact, safe from any critical harm. Cheng and Lu's injuries were severe, but they were not Yun Yang's concern since there was Emmie's Qi of vitality taking care of them.

The only pity was the plump child whom Yun Yang could not save in time. The accident was not only Guo Nuanyang's mistake in his estimation, but it was also Yun Yang's as well. Everything had happened in a quick blur that although Yun Yang had tried to salvage the situation afterward, the boy's divine sense was smashed along with his head. There was no doubt that his death was irreversible, even with energy as magical as the Qi of vitality.

From another perspective, while all three children were trapped in the same lethal impasse, Cheng and Lu had fought their hardest before suffering such severe injuries due to their incapability; the wounds were fatal, but there was sufficient time for Yun Yang who had been waiting by the side to sneak over and help them. It had happened in a blink of an eye, but the kids had been saved. As for the plump child, he panicked and lost his courage; it was not within Yun Yang or Guo Nuanyang's guess. On a certain level, his death was justified. Even with Yun Yang's ability, he could only sigh in vain.

"There's a cave in front. Go over and wait for me there. We'll return to the Residence of Nine Supremes together when I come back."

"Yes, master."

"Watch your state while you wait. Your injuries didn't damage your core but your state of mind is affected. Calm yourself down and stabilize your psychology, then think about your cultivation base, forms, and styles…" Yun Yang listed out faintly, "And what the martial world is… Tell me when we return to the sect!"

"Yes, master!"

Like a ray of light in the dark, Yun Yang sped towards another location.

Dong Qitian was now with Shi Wuchen. The combat atmosphere at Shi Wuchen's side was far more brutal than Guo Nuanyang's. Despite his best effort to take care of the disciples, there were two who had been killed.

The death toll was already the result after Dong Qitian had helped in the dark. If he had not assisted the team, only two out of the ten disciples who came with Shi Wuchen would be left, even though Shi Wuchen could annihilate the human trafficking organization.

When the battle ended, Dong Qitian left without showing himself like Yun Yang nor did he take anyone with him.

'So these fellows are so irresponsible when leading the children…' Dong Qitian felt his heart ache now. Any internal disciple of the Residence of Nine Supremes was extremely gifted. Such casualties were a waste of prodigies. He had better rush to another spot!

Three days later, Yun Yang stood at the field entrance inside the Residence of Nine Supremes' mountain gate with an ominous expression.

Eleven children stood in a row behind him. Other than Yun Yang's four disciples, the other seven disciples were from three other men. These pupils were members announced dead in the teams that went out for the mission.

A total of ninety-nine disciples under the nine peaks had gone for the Residence of Nine Supremes' first mission and only seventy-five people, including the eleven whom Yun Yang had rescued in secret, ultimately made it back.

In other words, there were twenty-four pupils who had died outside!

The last team that Dong Qitian and Yun Yang saved, especially, suffered incredible casualties. Seven of Shi Bujia's students had died in the mission, making his loss the most devastating one.

Team after team returned, assembling inside the mountain gate. Almost every member was wounded, injuries littered all over them.

Many of the children who saw Cheng Jiajia, Lu Changman and other children standing in the sect could not help crying out in delighted surprise. However, when their eyes shifted to Yun Yang's dark face, no one dared speak.

Those who came back first dared not make a sound. They stood quietly, waiting for the other teams to come back.

All survivors of the ten teams had arrived at the Residence of Nine Supremes by noon.

"There were ninety-nine people when you headed out. I've brought back eleven heavily injured members while none of the sixty-four kids you brought home was left unscathed. There are twenty-four more who are dead outside, never to come back again."

The higher-level management of the Residence of Nine Supremes stood together, looking grim.

Yun Yang looked at Shi Wuchen, Luo Dajiang, and others, his tone unprecedentedly serious.
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