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992 Shining For The First Time

When Yun Yang came out with his nineteen disciples, all they saw was an expanse of land littered with dead bodies. The copper stench of blood was still evident.

"Too clean!" Yun Yang was baffled.

How could the fellows perform their jobs so meticulously? What was he supposed to use to educate his protégés? There was nothing valuable left!

In comparison to Yun Yang's exasperation, the nineteen young ones who tailed him were ashen-faced and in shock, almost unable to look straight at the bloody mountain of corpses.

These disciples were exceptionally gifted and possessed resilience and resolution. There was, however, a disadvantage compared to the other Supremes' pupils. They were much younger. If the other disciples could be categorized as adolescents, these had to be grouped under children!

"All of you, don't you dare close your eyes. Stay here and observe everything, give it a good feeling, the life and death of the martial world, the reality of the mortal realm."

Yun Yang said slowly, "These dead people were much stronger than all of you. Consciously take in this situation and each of you will submit a written account to me when you return."

The nineteen disciples stayed to gain insight and enlightenment while Yun Yang observed silently.

He could clearly feel the rich karmic energy in the air turning into streams of Qi and entering his body, flowing into his deific consciousness space. Emmie uncurled its leaves, gleefully absorbing the karmic Qi without missing a beat.

"The karmic energy produced by two hundred and eighteen people is actually more than three thousand or thirty thousand people killed on the Tianxuan Continent. An ace cultivator's fall indeed…" Yun Yang immersed himself in the process, seemingly realizing something.

"It's almost the same as the karmic energy produced when I killed on my own."

"Does this mean that establishing the Residence of Nine Supremes, the karmic Qi that came about from killing anyone under the Residence of Nine Supremes will fully be reflected on me?"

The discovery thrilled Yun Yang. Unfortunately, there were no more challengers after the sects were intimidated by the other Supremes. This caused Yun Yang's long-forged plan to train his pupils to go down the drain.

In spite of it, Yun Yang's disappointment lasted for only a night.

New challenger schools sprouted like mushrooms after a rain shower.

The faculty of Bound of Universe's schools were divided into levels as well. While there was a heaven and earth difference to sects with and without the Celestial Luck Banner, there was an equally large contrast of competence among schools without the flag. It was just that many sects had regarded themselves too highly despite their lacking aptitudes, like the Black Tiger Sect and the Dagger School.

The recently established Residence of Nine Supremes was easy prey for schools intending to compete for the banner, thus effortlessly attracting the attention of many schools and sects. They each had a long history, the shortest one yielding three to five years of development, but the Residence of Nine Supremes was only built this year – what faculty of strength could they have? It was the best candidate to warrant their qualification to the flag contest.

The number of wins needed to qualify for the Celestial Luck Banner competition was not a small one, so it was better if one could suffer lesser damage. Therefore, the limelight indisputably fell on the sect that had the shortest time of establishment and looked like it was incompetent.

Everyone had shared the same idea when they had come, but the outcome was mass suicide. It had only been two days, but there were already more than ten schools that the Residence of Nine Supremes had massacred, effectively eliminating them in the process.

Throughout this period of time, Nine Supremes had each fought a battle while Ping Xiaoyi and Guo Nuanyang partnered up to tackle one fight too. Actually, it was only Ping Xiaoyi who showed up slightly as his poison extended over several dozens of miles, achieving a ranged attack and killing three or four sects.

The Residence of Nine Supremes stood unyielding.

This did not stop the other schools from launching their attacks but they who had come forth to challenge them realized that the image of the Residence of Nine Supremes' Celestial Luck Banner had a 'luck' word added to it.

It meant that the Residence of Nine Supremes had defeated ten sects and warranted the qualification to the preliminary round of the banner match. They no longer had to collect any more wins. In other words, the Residence of Nine Supremes did not need to be concerned with the challenger sects now; even if a sect had come to provoke the Residence of Nine Supremes and subdue it, it would not help the sect in warranting its qualification.

Faced with this situation, many had come in excitement only to return with disappointment. They could not figure it out. The Residence of Nine Supremes was so new. How could they have already accumulated ten entries of defeated schools? Could the sect have a powerful background or support that targeted the other schools instantly? Otherwise, how could they fulfill the requirement so soon?

The news was only spread three days later.

The Residence of Nine Supremes that had secured its place to the preliminary round of the Celestial Luck Banner contest had respectively defeated the Black Tiger Sect, the Dagger School, the Five Peak Mountain, the Divine Breeze Sect and six others. The sect had even advanced with the result of a full extermination of those schools.

The Residence of Nine Supremes' name was promptly broadcasted and circulated.

It shook the territory of the Sacred Heart Palace.

Countless people were dumbstruck by the Residence of Nine Supremes' aggressiveness. It was only a fresh sect but how could it be so efficient?

There were many schools that scoffed at it as well. It was one thing to secure a place, its actual competence was another thing. Take a look at the schools the Residence of Nine Supremes had subdued. They were only lucky. The preliminary round of the flag contest was about to begin, and the Residence of Nine Supremes would be eliminated instantly…

Regardless of shock or disdain, it was also the reality that the Residence of Nine Supremes could no longer be challenged. The schools intending to do so simultaneously went for new targets.

Upon completing the ten entries, the Residence of Nine Supremes, too, gained a breather before the match. Dong Qitian concentrated on refining medicinal pills while Yun Yang began another round of meridian cleansing for his pupils.

The Residence of Nine Supremes achieved another elevation in faculty. Its ninety-nine disciples looked much better than before, completely different. The piercing, murderous intent was slowly coming to shape.

The pupils of the residence were, perhaps, lacking in cultivation base and ability compared to their peers in other schools, but their aggressiveness was far superior.

It manifested itself as a kind of piercing glow.

Then, the General Commerce League's men came once again in eagerness. This time, Lang Fantian brought along a dozen people, arriving in a hurry like a passing meteor.

"Brother Yun, half a month is up."

Lang Fantian's impatience was apparent, but Yun Yang looked troubled.

"I haven't finished gathering my items. Can't there be a slight delay?"

He looked utterly reluctant; there was even a tinge of helplessness in his eyes.