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Fall 2007 ,The year of the pig

In a 3 story building a man is seen with an expression of sadness and the women next to him is crying her heart out

"Lily it's time"

"it's never time, John, he is our son!"

the man looked at the boy laying on the bed

It hurt, it felt like his heart was ripping to a million pieces, He looked at his ,lily, wife when he saw her tear stricken face he felt horrible

'why did it have to be him,why god?'


out in the distance there was a man that came out of a portal

that man was Jason

A newspaper was flying around and the date was October 2, 2007

Jason looked around, he was in a alleyway
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"I'm back and their going to cut my life support today"


"John don't you dare just one more day please"

"Lily,we can't"

"just until tonight,John?"


later at 7 o'clock a man came inside the room, he looked at the boy that was in a coma

"your soul has left but your body still lives. I'm sorry I have to remove you as I want to feel my parents happiness once more"

out of no where the body laying on the bed disappears and the man transforms himself to a nine year old boy

he lays down and two minutes later a doctor came in and behind him their were 2 other people his parents

his mother and father were crying while the doctor was moving closer

when the doctor was about to cut the lifeline, Lily saw Jason's finger move and she immediately screamed "STOP I JUST SAW HIS FINGER MOVE"

John looked surprised just as the doctor

Lily went up to the bed and held Jason's hand "sweetie come on, you can do it, get up"

when she said those words Jason moved his eyelids and opened them

He could see the doctor and his father both looking away while his mother is tightly holding his hand praying for god that he wakes up

He looked at his parents and coarsely said "I am back, mom,dad"