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Boom! Boom! Boom! the lighting crackles and booms every now and then but if you look closely enough you could see a man sitting at the place where the lighting strikes. Yes, he is facing his heavenly tribulation but instead of holding his pain inside he is crying but his tears are not from pain but from heartache and sadness

"I hate this, hate that, hate everything" He yells while he venomously looks at the heavens

"It hurts like hell, It truly does and It pains my heart but I will be strong, strong enough to see them again" hopefully that is, he couldn't finish his words as the lightnings force becomes stronger than ever and he's about to lose his consciousness but he thinks of a event that happened when he was a kid

His father looked up into his eyes and told him these words "Jason, you must persist because if you do you'll reap greater benefits than anyone else"

"Oh, please John don't mess up our son with your nonsense" His mother chimed in

"Lily you know this a great lesson for him that he should never give up" His father talked back

His mother looked pissed that my father talked back to her so she angrily said "Do you want to sleep on the couch or outside dear?"

His father paled at his mothers words and started begging for forgiveness

Jason laughed at the sight of his father and mother

Yes he should persist because the heavens are still not enough to destroy him, so Jason got up ,before he lost consciousness, and yelled at the sky "Come at me with all you got ignorant fools because I will live and see them once more!"

when he finished his sentence the lightning became much more heavier and started coming down faster

He laughed venomously and yelled to the havens itself "this will not be the last of me"

though the lightning became more intense, Jason persisted ,for months, until he finally succeeded
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When the heavens realized that he won't die they made the lightning subside and when the lightning subsided a man came down from the skies and looked at Jason with respect and a tinge of admiration, the man looked refined like a sage that was full of wisdom.

He spoke "I am the one who created all, the one who created universes, I am the one who rules all, I am the god that was born with chaos itself, I am the creator himself"

Jason scoffed but grimaced in pain as his wounds haven't healed yet "Your here to kill me aren't you 'creator' as I survived the heavens fury itself"

"Contrary to your expectations I admire and respect you so I came to this realm to make you my equal"

"Bu**s**t, a lie"

"But it's true, If I truly wanted to kill you I would have already done so" when his words finished he put out his palm and yellow energy started to flow out and go inside Jason

Jason was truly surprised "Thank you" he said in a coarsely voice as he watched his wounds heal, body grow in strength,vitality and reach the strength like the man before him

As Jason gained back his calm he looked at the man that did this too him "Why?"

"I told you I admire and respect you, you can finally leave this realm as you are a peerless existence even the heavens can't touch." with that he left

' I can leave and see them again' with that thought he opened a crack in space and left to see his family once more.