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1390 Taking all of Asia by storm!

On this day.

In the morning.

A lot of people were chatting online.

Some of them were university students who didn't have classes in the morning, and there was also the working class who were browsing their Weibo and chat app's Moments in their free time.

"Hey, did the sun rise from the west today?"

"What's the matter?"

"Take a look at Zhang Ye's Weibo."

"Eh, why's there no activity?"

"Why didn't that guy repost any charity news today?"

"Yeah, that bastard had been posting them for the past two or three days!"

"Hahaha, has this fellow finally returned to being his usual self?"

"Oh yeah, did our 'awaken Face-smacking Zhang' operation succeed?"

"I'm very relieved to hear that Face-smacking Zhang has recognized the reality of things!"

"This fellow has finally stopped. I'm so not used to seeing him post so often on Weibo. Everything has finally calmed down once again!"

Amid the laughing and joking, there was a flurry of flaming.

But all of a sudden, some people started exclaiming in surprise.

"Holy shit! Damn!"

"What's the matter?"

"Did something happen again?"

"Quickly turn your TVs to Central TV Department 1!"

"What is it?"

"That Zhang guy has gone to promote charity on TV!"



"I knew it, I knew he couldn't have stopped just like that!"

"Where, where?"

"I wanna have a look!"

Everyone caught wind of it and came in force to have a look!

On Central TV Department 1.

A PSA started running.

The scene depicted the joyous new year. A family had come together for their reunion, and it was the hundredth-day celebrations of their child. The father, who Zhang Ye played, held a rattle and was teasing his son with it. The entire family was very happy and blessed as they celebrated this new life. Everyone had smiles on their faces.

Zhang Ye said, "My darling baby, look at this rattle that Daddy's holding."

The scene cut to the child's perspective.

The sound disappeared and the confused child looked at the adults.

The scene cut to a hospital.

The doctor said, "After our hospital's diagnosis, we found your child to be suffering from severe congenital hearing impairment. That is to say, he is deaf."

Zhang Ye was silent.

His wife was silent.

The scene cut back to their home.

Zhang Ye was smiling. "Little baby?"

His wife said with a smile, "Little baby?"

Day after day.

Year after year.

Zhang Ye started teaching his child to speak. He let him feel what sound was and made him touch his own throat as he learned and practiced.

Zhang Ye: "Be good, my baby."

The child: "Oo…ah…oh."

Zhang Ye: "Be good, my baby."

The child: "Ah…oh."

Daddy, I want to learn how to speak.

The child signed to Zhang Ye to let him know.

Zhang Ye hugged him as tears filled his eyes.

A year later, at a school.

The child had a scuffle with his classmates.

Zhang Ye hurriedly rushed to the school. "Sweetie! Sweetie!"

The child flailed his limbs around. "Ao…wu…oh!" But he couldn't say anything.

Classmate 1: "What a rascal!"

Classmate 2: "He can't even talk and only knows how to make those weird sounds!"

Zhang Ye hugged his child and became silent. Then he stood up angrily and shouted at those people, "What are you all talking about!" At this moment, a hand tugged at him.


Zhang Ye turned around, startled.

The child was trying very hard and saying, "Be…good, Dad...dy."

On the 11th of June, the child spoke for the first time.

Caption: "The Heavens have silenced his world, but he can still make the most beautiful sound of all. With early training, hearing impaired children can still learn to speak."

The advertisement ended.

It blew up online.

"Is this Zhang Ye's new PSA?"

"Motherfucker, it made me cry!"

"This ad is really touching!"

"I couldn't hold it in either after hearing 'Be good, Daddy' and started crying!"

"He's too good at making us cry!"

"When it comes to making ads, Zhang Ye is so goddamn good!"

"There's nothing I can criticize about this charity ad!"

"Compared to those PSAs from before, this is simply on another level!"

"Zhang Ye has personally taken them on by himself! Was this ad made by him?"

"Of course! Other than him, who can make a PSA like that in the country?"

"It's indeed very impressive! This PSA is amazing!"

"Zhang Ye is still that Zhang Ye. With him getting involved, the difference in quality can be seen immediately! He's on a completely different level compared to the advertising teams on the charities!"

"After watching this ad, I'm sure a lot of people will remember it. In the future, this will definitely help a lot of hearing-impaired kids. This is so great. This is what a PSA should be like. They should have done it this way earlier since only such classic and excellent PSAs can shock the viewers into action. It makes it unforgettable to them once they watch it, which achieves the intent of a PSA!"

"Put it on again!"

China gave it an enthusiastic reception!



Zhang Ye's figure appeared on TV.

This was a charity advertisement promoting love and care for dementia patients.

"How touching!"

"I couldn't control my tears!"

"Isn't that the Chinese celebrity?"

"Yes, it's the one who was just appointed as the Asian philanthropic ambassador!"

"He can even make ads? And it was done so well too?"

"None of our Japanese PSAs have been shot so outstandingly!"

"How did he do it?"



"It's really good!"

"I get a sense of shock each time I watch it!"

"This PSA has greatly exceeded the quality of those in our country!"

"Was this made by that Chinese celebrity?"

"It certainly can't be something the charities came up with. It's not like we haven't seen those charity ads they made in the past. They don't have the skill to create something like that!"

"It's really good! I want to watch it again!"

"Although I really hate this Zhang Ye person, there's nothing I can criticize this ad about!"

"When did China's advertising quality reach such a level?"


The PSA was shown.

"How frightening!"

"It's too terrifying!"

"So AIDS is this scary!"

"Who is that guy?"

"I think he's called Zhang Ye. He's the new philanthropic ambassador for Asia!"

"This guy is amazing!"

"Yeah, I've never seen or heard of a PSA that was done this way!"

One country.

Three countries.

Five countries.

The Asian Charity Association had exchanges and cooperated with many countries. Even though the state of affairs, policies, and laws of each country were different, they still shared a similarity between them, and it was that they were all very receptive of charity work. If these were advertisements for commercial businesses, Zhang Ye would definitely find himself with many limitations if he wanted to enter into the market of another country since he was a foreigner. Some countries would not even let you appear on their TVs. For example, there were people from a minority of countries who did not know the top Asian S-listers like Zhang Yuanqi and Xu Meilan. They were simply unable to develop into those markets.

But it was different for Zhang Ye.

Because his status now was that of the Asian philanthropic ambassador!

Providing the money.

Providing the manpower.

Providing the advertisements.

Zhang Ye did not need to worry about anything else as the Asian Charity Association and Red Cross Society had already handled the necessary work like the dubbing of the advertisements and translation of subtitles to the countries' specific languages. Everything else was kept intact, and it was directly broadcast to the audience. None of the Asian countries would stop this and the entire process was greenlit!

To block a PSA from the Asian Charity Association?

They would have to be crazy to do that!

On this day.

Seven of Zhang Ye's PSAs landed on the various major television stations of countries in Asia. Although the advertisements' duration was short and they were only broadcast once, their effects were sensational and explosive. Countless people couldn't forget them after watching them just once!

These were the most classic PSAs from Zhang Ye's previous world. There were some from China, and also foreign ones that were used by him after carefully going through them. He modified and changed whatever was necessary and repackaged them with a whole new look to present to the people of this world!

On the same night.

The news in Asia was endless!

Many of the countries in Asia reported about it!

"The new Asian philanthropic ambassador debuts!"

"China's Heavenly King uses his ads to send a shockwave across Asia!"

"The best PSAs in history!"

"PSAs take Asia by storm!"

"PSAs can also be stunning!"

"The Asian philanthropic ambassador personally oversaw and produced seven charity ads to a shower of praise!"

"The Asian Charity Association issues a public statement to thank Zhang Ye and his team!"

"The new philanthropic ambassador gets soaring exposure!"

"Zhang Ye captures the attention of everyone in Asia!"

"Zhang Ye: An upcoming, glittering Asian superstar!"