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Chapter 285 – Self-Pity

Right as I was about to leave, Shu Zhe stammered out a question:

“Bro Ye Lin, can you give me some pornography, H manga is fine too. I can’t rub one out without any materials…”

Weren’t you the one who said masturbation was for losers and you don’t have to do it because you have a girlfriend? It looks like you have an abundance of experience in this aspect. I graciously permitted you to rub one out at my home, yet you want to get fancy? Our relationship has not reached the point where we can share porn books.

Thus I rejected him and pointed to the mirror on the wardrobe and said:

“Aren’t you wearing a sexy female outfit, what more do you need? Just rub one out while looking at yourself in the mirror.”

Then I slammed the door shut.

There were actually a lot of adult goods in the room. If he took a look around the boxes, even the packaging alone would be enough excitement. But currently, Shu Zhe had dry lips, a fervorous gaze, but was worried I could barge in at any minute. Under these tense conditions, he slid the thong down to his knees and began to look in the mirror and pleasure himself.

What, are you saying I’m peeking? No way. It was only the sounds I heard plus my imagination. Don’t you know imagination is key for a healthy brain.

After not even two minutes, I heard a satisfied sigh. I waited another minute before I entered the room. There was a new wad of tissue on the bedside cabinet. Shu Zhe was sitting on the bed having reborn his thong with a preoccupied look.

He had to pose against his will so I could take another round of photos. I wasn’t sure if it was a misconception, but he seemed more feminine after rubbing one out.

We worked all the way until near 8pm. I felt the class leader would start to panic if I kept him any later. I told him work was over for today and he immediately spread out over the bed like he was paralyzed.

After a long while, Shu Zhe, who was still in drag, sat up and lazily extended his hand towards me:

“Give me today’s wages and taxi money.”

Wow, the only thing in his mind is money. If he was a girl, he would be the type who doesn’t cry or scream after being raped but instead ask for compensation. If a third party witnessed the scene, they would think she was a prostitute.

I wasn’t planning on giving him anything, but I felt a boss should know when to act kind. If I put too much pressure on Shu Zhe and he shows the video to the class leader, nothing good will come to me either.

I took out three hundred from my wallet and handed it to him. It was far less than what he deserved compared to his workload and the shame he had to endure.

“Why so less.” he frowned, “You should at least give me five hundred. You also interfered with my plans with Xiao Li.”

I pointed to the camera and laptop and he went silent.

“The reason why I deducted wages is because it’s your punishment for your rebellious actions. Don’t get too greedy, I’m already being very generous because of your sister.”

Shu Zhe had no other choice. He first verified the authenticity of the money and was about to put it away before he realized he had nowhere to put it in his leopard clothes. He actually copied American strippers and stuck the bills on the side of his thong.

Was he afraid I would try to get that money back? So if I wanted it to take it, I would have to reach into his thong.

Shu Zhe hugged his knees like he was a young female worker exploited by capitalists.

Since my employee is feeling down, then I have to cheer him up as a boss.

“Hey… Shu Zhe. Your wages will be back to normal as long as you listen to your sister and don’t fight against me. You’ll also receive benefits on holidays.”

“By the way, the five people who kidnapped you is called the Five Tiger Punishment Squad. They’re all students from Qing Zi Academy. Although they’re a bit brain-dead, they’re all my good friends. If you behave, they might lend you their Benz plus driver so you can pose in front of Xiao Li.”

Shu Zhe’s eyes lit up after he heard the good news. He probably forgot he pissed his pants, because he asked me for his uniform so he could head home.

“You pissed you pants, so you can’t even wear the uniform anymore. It’s currently soaking in a bucket of water.”

Shu Zhe exclaimed: “Pissed my pants, I… I don’t have any clothes. How will I get home…”

I said half-jokingly: “Aren’t women’s clothing pretty fitting on you? You might as well put on the nurse outfit from last time and head on home.”

Shu Zhe’s face quickly turned blue and fear filled his face as he thought what I said was true.

Actually, the nurse outfit was long bought by a customer with ‘Popeye’ as his user id. He even sent me a good review: “Since it was something that came into direct contact with Miss model’s skin, it smells amazing.”

I felt Shu Zhe had been scared enough, so I pulled out an old uniform from my elementary school days and handed it to him.

I never gave him underwear because I don’t keep old underwear, and he can’t fit into any of my current ones, so he can just go nude.

After he turned around and wore the clothes, Shu Zhe nitpicked:

“These clothes are so lame, the sleeves on this side are ripped, why do you still keep it.”

Some poor kids can’t even afford these clothes. Don’t you know China is a developing country? If I never kept these old clothes, then you would have had to run home nude.

Later when he got back his phone, Shu Zhe regained a bit of confidence (even though he wasn’t wearing underwear), he said:

“If my sister asks, I’ll just say I fell into a puddle and luckily bumped into you, so I came here to get some clothes. We have to tell the same story, understand?”

I punched him on the head twice when he began being cheeky again. Then I forced him to wash his own clothes clean and put it into the washing machine.

“If it doesn’t rain, then your clothes will be dry by tomorrow. Come over tonight to pick it up and I might have some more work for you.”

Even if he harbored a grudge against me, Shu Zhe could only bid me a dispirited farewell: “Bye….”

Actually, when I forced Shu Zhe to wash his clothes, I took tweezers and secretly dropped his used tissue into his bag. It’s called returning things to their rightful owner. It might be good to give him a scare when he gets home.

At school on Tuesday, I realized Xiao Qin was a bit strange. She seemed to be in too good of a mood.