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780 There Are Never What If’s 10

Rong Mo's gaze followed Zhu Yuyu all the way till she left. Just as she was about to leave for her room as well, she found herself being surrounded by a permeating aura.

Her heart tightened as she looked at Shang Mo.

"You, follow me!" His gaze was totally cold as he glared at Rong Mo before turning around to head into his study. Rong Mo rubbed at her glabella troubledly before following that back view.

In the study, Shang Mo was thoroughly enraged as he tugged off his tie and threw it at the side while loosening his top buttons.

There was an extremely tense atmosphere in the room right now.

Standing at the side, Rong Mo's heart tensed up as well.

She knew that her surname was not Shang. Even though Shang Mo had asked her to call him brother, that did not mean that she was truly her younger brother in his heart.

That concession came from Granny Shang.

When she had first arrived at the Shangs, Shang Mo was extremely disdainful of her, guarding against her warily. Putting her as the 2nd male lead of Nine Heavens was also his way of testing her.

Their pleasant relationship recently was because she had been obedient. But now that she had gone against his will, she did not know what he would do, or if he was intending to chase her out of the house.

In that moment, many possibilities flashed through Rong Mo's mind. Yet, she still looked at the agitated Shang Mo hopefully. "Don't worry, I'll handle this issue well!"

"Is delaying a way of handling it?" He scoffed out coldly in mockery.

Rong Mo said nothing.

However, there was no better way of going about it than delaying right now. An overt rejection on her side might even bring out Yuyu's rebellious side.

Shang Mo thought for a moment before warning icily, "I don't know what you're planning, but don't get close to Yuyu!"

Rong Mo was stunned. "…"

What did he mean by that? Did he still think that she had a motive for entering the Shangs? So, he was watching her through that mask and felt that she was trying to get close to Yuyu to obtain her objective?

Indeed, in his heart, she had never changed at all.

Other than her gender, Rong Mo had been truthful and sincere in her way of treating him.

Their relationship should have been knocked back to square one in this instant.

Forget it! Rong Mo did not wish to explain anything more. In any case, it would be summer half a year later. By then, her gender would most likely be revealed, and she would have left the Shangs as well. Yuyu would have long forgotten about her, or fallen in love with another boy by then.

She dug her nails deep into her palm as she tried her best to compose herself before smiling at Shang Mo and replying softly, "Sure, don't worry! I'll definitely avoid Yuyu!"

Shang Mo shifted his gaze.

How could Rong Mo make that promise so easily?

This was the affirmation he had wanted. Yet, why did he feel so unhappy about it?

From the side of his eyes, he caught sight of Rong Mo wanting to leave. Instantly, he barked, "Stop there!"

Rong Mo stopped for a moment without turning back. But, when Shang Mo said nothing after a long time, she continued walking off.

Unexpectedly, the moment she took a single step, she was yanked back by the arm.

Losing her balance, she fell back and knocked against a wall.

Instantly, the entire room went silent and even the air froze up.

The two of them were really close right now and their features were magnified by their proximity. They could even hear the other party breathing and the sounds of their thumping heartbeat…