His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
779 There Are Never What If’s 9
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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Author :Purple-Red Beauty
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779 There Are Never What If’s 9

Rong Mo's entire face was stumped, completely not expecting that she would come across something so awkward! A girl confessing and asking her to be her boyfriend while she was a woman in reality!

Her long lashes twitched, wanting to apologize.

She had merely vocalized the first syllable when Zhu Yuyu shook her head fervently. "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care!"

She was as resolute as though she was making a swear. "I just don't care! If you don't agree, I'm going to start courting you right now! Revision and exams, they can just get lost! If you agree, wait for me for another half a year or so! I'll work hard to get a set of good results as the gift for us getting together as a couple!"

Rong Mo was put in a spot now. "…"

She looked at Shang Mo by instinct. The latter's eyes were filled with a sharp, cold glint right now, smirking mockingly. He shifted his gaze and looked at Zhu Yuyu deeply. "Stop doing all this useless stuff. You don't even know the meaning of liking someone right now."

"Who says that I don't, cousin! Right now, it's not strange at all for girls in high school to have boyfriends! And, we're not even doing anything bad, so why can't I have someone that I like? Can I still be considered a human if I don't have anyone I like?!" Zhu Yuyu rebutted instantly.

"In any case, no means no! In the future, you don't have to see him if there's no need to!" Shang Mo ordered firmly.

"Then, I don't care…!" Zhu Yuyu was adamant. "I want to like Rong Mo! Even if you disagree to it, my parents disagree to it, and even the whole world disagrees to it… Even if you refuse to let us meet, I'll still like Rong Mo! I just like him!"

Shang Mo: "…"

Rong Mo was stumped. "…"

However, since she said that they would only get together after her high school examinations, that was still another half a year or so later. Nobody knew how things would play out by then. Perhaps, her identity as a woman might even be revealed by that time.

Rong Mo thought that it would be fine to just placate her now so that she could obtain a good set of results. After thinking through, she gave Zhu Yuyu a radiant smile and nodded her head. "Alright."

Zhu Yuyu's eyes widened in disbelief as her heart pounded furiously, asking with a trembling tone, "Y-You… you're agreeing to it?"

Shang Mo glared at Rong Mo deeply, somewhat stunned as well, his heart feeling as though there was something choking there.

Rong Mo replied firmly. "That's right. Study well, work hard, and get into a good university. I'll consider being your boyfriend then."

Zhu Yuyu roared out into laughter while rearing her head up.

She contained herself with all her might and chuckled, replying sweetly, "O-Okokok! That's that then! Brother Rong Mo, don't worry! I'll definitely do well and not let you down!"

A girl's tender, deep longing smile toward a boy whose smile was equally doting and loving… This was supposed to be such a beautiful scene, yet Shang Mo was completely upset while watching this.

His lips were pursed dangerously.

Zhu Yuyu spun around and looked at him. "Shang Mo, Brother Rong Mo has already agreed to discuss it after my exams. I'll contain my feelings for now, don't worry!"

She then looked at Rong Mo. "Brother Rong Mo, I'll go pack my stuff now."

"Sure!" Rong Mo nodded her head. She was no longer able to smile.

"You must definitely think of me and remember our promise!" Zhu Yuyu looked back every other step, reluctant to leave. Her entire journey up to the third floor took more than 5 minutes because of it.
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