His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
778 There Are Never What If’s 8
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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Author :Purple-Red Beauty
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778 There Are Never What If’s 8

Rong Mo smiled and said nothing more. She thought about how she had overheard Annie Zhao in the study claiming that the reason why Shang Mo would not accept her was because he was still attached to her sister.

She truly had not expected that Shang Mo would be that sentimental.

After the meal, Zhu Yuyu tried swaying Rong Mo into going for a walk, but was rejected by the latter. Despite that, Zhu Yuyu was really happy still.

Returning to the Shang residences, Zhu Yuyu hopped in happily to the living room while humming a tune. The entire house was totally silent, with the lights all turned on in the living room, illuminating the house brightly.

The moment Zhu Yuyu raised her head, she caught sight of Shang Mo sitting on the sofa and browsing through some finance magazines, revealing only his head and those sharp eyes of his that were frowning with a deep gaze.

Instantly, she halted where she was as her heart skipped a beat.

When she saw how Rong Mo had already walked into the living room all fine, Zhu Yuyu hoped in fear that Shang Mo had not realized that she had returned as well.

She treaded forward gently, trying to sneak around Shang Mo. But, the moment she reached his back, it was as though he had eyes at the back of his head as he slapped the magazine shut.

Instantly, Zhu Yuyu froze up before turning around and chuckling sheepishly to the back of Shang Mo's head. "Shang Mo, I'm home! Erm, I'm a little tired! I'll go back to my room to rest first!"

Shang Mo did not turn around to look at her, merely declaring calmly, "Pack up. I'll have Big Mountain send you back."

Zhu Yuyu, who was in the midst of scurrying up the stairs, froze up once again. Scrambling to Shang Mo's side frantically, she said pitifully, "Haven't you promised me that you will let me play here for a couple of days?"

She then looked over at Rong Mo and made a face pleading for her help. However, that only served to agitate Shang Mo more as he flung the magazine on his hands onto the table.

Standing up, he towered over with an icy aura and an even icier tone, "How dare you look at him for help still?"

"Brother…" Before Rong Mo could finish, Shang Mo barked out and lectured, "Rong Mo! Do you know how old Yuyu is? 17! She's going to have her high school exams next year! Is this the time you guys should be dating?"

Rong Mo's body froze up.

Dating? She merely brought Zhu Yuyu to the film studio! How was that dating?

Hurriedly, she explained, "You're mistaken! Yuyu merely followed me to watch for the entire day."

Shang Mo's gaze was deep as he smiled mockingly. "You're so smart. Don't tell me that you couldn't tell what she was playing at?"

Instantly, Rong Mo's mind went blank as she did not know how she should respond. Honestly, she had not realized anything at all. Perhaps it was the fact that she had disguised herself as a man that she had not considered any girl might fall in love with her, since she knew that she was a woman herself.

Zhu Yuyu was super pissed as she glared at Shang Mo coquettishly—how could her cousin do this to her?

Shang Mo was already breaking their relationship before she could even confess! What should she do now!

Since he had already said they were dating, she might as well confess here.

Zhu Yuyu ignored Shang Mo and looked straight at Rong Mo, confessing, "Brother Rong Mo, I like you… Really, really like you! Would you be my boyfriend after my high school exams?"

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