His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
777 There Are Never What If’s 7
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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Author :Purple-Red Beauty
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777 There Are Never What If’s 7

The car stopped in front of a classy Cantonese restaurant. Booking a private suite for both of them, they ordered for an entire table full of food, ranging from vegetables to seafood, looking absolutely scrumptious.

Zhu Yuyu took out her phone and asked Rong Mo softly, "Could I take a photo and post on my Moments?"

Rong Mo nodded. "Sure!"

Instantly, Zhu Yuyu's heart leaped a beat in excitement as she snapped a photo of the food and a wefie with Rong Mo. The post had no text on it, merely a heart emoticon.

She wasn't afraid in the slightest bit that her parents might find out. After all, her parents were blocked from viewing her Moments, and only her classmates and friends could view them.

If Shang Mo had not blocked her, he would be able to see it. But now that he had, she was completely unafraid in the slightest bit.

The moment her Moment was posted out, she received tons of messages, some asking if she was in love while others complimenting about how they were perfect for one another.

Flowers blossomed out in Zhu Yuyu's heart as she read them and placed her phone down. "Alright, let's eat now!"

When she saw that Rong Mo was about to scoop a bowl of soup, she rushed before him and took his bowl over. "I'll do it!"

She scooped a steaming bowl of soup and placed it before Rong Mo sweetly. "Drink the soup to comfort your stomach first."

"Thank you!"

"It's fine." Zhu Yuyu scooped a bowl for herself too. "The soups of this restaurant are all exceptionally delicious and nutritious."

Rong Mo brought the soup to her lips and sipped calmly before nodding. "Indeed, it's really nice!"

"You like it? Drink more then!"

"Have some food yourself too." Rong Mo said as she took a honey chicken wing and placed it on Zhu Yuyu's plate.

Brother Rong Mo was taking chicken wings for her!

Zhu Yuyu's heart raced as she ate it immediately, licking her lips in satisfaction. "Shall we go for a movie after dinner?"

Rong Mo pondered for a moment before replying, "I think you had better head back earlier tonight. If it's too late, Shang Mo might truly get angry at you."

"Alright, then." Zhu Yuyu's face turned sad as she muttered disappointedly, "Shang Mo's temper has not been good recently. It's all the fault of that Heartlove Zhao. If not because of her, my cousin would definitely still be a gentleman right now, and no one would say that he's a twisted pervert."

"Heartlove Zhao?" Rong Mo asked casually.

"That's right, she's Annie's sister. The Shangs and the Zhaos had known one another forever. My great uncle and the father of Heartlove and Annie were good friends that had grown up together. They were super close, and after they got married and had their own children, they even betrothed their children to one another. 10 years ago, my great uncle died from illness and Shang Mo took over the Shang Corporation. Because he was young and inexperienced, he had to endure much pressure and backstabbing from everyone daily. Eventually, Heartlove Zhao had an affair and left him. The blow was way too huge for Shang Mo at that time—they were both childhood sweethearts that had grown up together. When I was young, they would even bring me out to play together, and were super close."

"Oh," Rong Mo remarked softly, not knowing what else she should say. In reality, she did not want to know too much regarding the past of the Shangs. That was because she was still an outsider in the eyes of Shang Mo.

"Ugh, I don't know why I'd suddenly talk about that." Zhu Yuyu chuckled out awkwardly. "But really, Shang Mo is actually quite a nice person."
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