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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Author:Purple-Red Beauty

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UpdateTime:1/21/2019 7:21:18 AM

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After a delirious first night together, Shi Guang found herself waking up to a cruel reality… a breakup initiated by him, ending their relationship!

What? Why? How? These were the questions that bugged Shi Guang’s mind in the two years after he left without a trace.

Just as she thought that she had finally managed to get over him, Lu Yanchen suddenly appeared...
《His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light》 Volume 1
1 A Delirious Surprise
2 The Mysterious and Dignified Man
3 How Could It Be Him!
4 You're The Bestest Best Then!
5 His Tender Care and Love
6 Beautiful, Doting, Ambiguously Charming, and Attractive...
7 A Rod And A Swee
8 Counterattacking with Gentleness, Cool!
9 A Sudden Influx of Flustered Emotions
10 Unexpectedly, It's Him!
11 We've Only Slept Together Before
12 Teasing Her Just Like Tha
13 The Type That Lu Yanchen Likes...
14 If You're Not Chasing Her, I Am
15 Lu Family, Aristocratic Military Family 1
16 Lu Family, Aristocratic Military Family 2
17 Not Going To Go Along With Your Wishes
18 The Black Heart of Young Master Lu
19 Chu Mubei, Who Didn't Even Know He Was Framed
20 It's Clear—You Have No Chance Then!
21 This House? I'm Satisfied 1
22 This House? I'm Satisfied 2
23 Take Off My Clothes? What Are You Thinking Of Doing?
24 Useless! To Be Mesmerized By His Beauty!
25 Lu Yanchen, Are You Following Me?
26 Seem To Have Been Face-Slapped... Stings!
27 Meeting The Mother Of The Ex-Boyfriend
28 I'll Leave My Son To You Then
29 Agreed To It Just Like That...
30 Forced and Replaced
31 Words of Strong Underlying Hints
32 Completely Exerted To The Point of Exhaustion
33 Still Unable To Leave Her Alone Eventually
34 It's Not A Dream, Right?
35 Breakthrough For Lu Yanchen
36 What Now? You Wish To Try Again...?
37 Advancing Under The Guise Of Retreating
38 Get Into The Water...Right? You Will Regret This!
39 She Must Absolutely Not Miss I
40 Do You Like Lu Yanchen?
41 Wanting To Know Lu Yanchen's Reactions
42 How Do I Float If You Don't Hold Me Up?
43 T-Touched Something She Shouldn't Touch!
44 A Kiss So Sudden It Could Not Have Been Prevented
45 His Irrepressible Love
46 That Single Look Was Way Too Tender
47 Lu Yanchen, I Like You 1
48 Lu Yanchen, I Like You 2
49 Lu Yanchen, I Like You 3
50 Lu Yanchen, I Like You 4
51 The Three Conditions For Kissing
52 Don't Look At Everyone In The Same Light As Yourself
53 A Secret Everyone Knows Abou
54 On The Grounds That She's The Champion
55 Can't Help But Want To Love You And Think Of You
56 This Is A Harrassment Text...
57 Completely Stunned Shi Guang
58 Not Admitting To It No Matter Wha
59 Can You Be Any...Stupider?
60 What Is Lu Yanchen Trying To Do?
61 Should I...Get Her To Swim Another Round?
62 Young Master Lu Shows No Mercy When Dealing With Trash
63 Young Master Lu's Vicious Tongue
64 This Shouldn't Cost Someone's Life, Right?
65 A Request She Can't Refuse
66 I've Yet To Settle My Debt With You
67 Forced Into A Rut By Young Master Lu
68 Hurry Up If You Want To Do It...
69 Young Master Lu Needs A Woman To Train Him
70 Are You Guys Going To Play Around In Pajamas?
71 You're Not Going To Get A Girlfriend This Way
72 How Could She Have Done Him Wrong?
73 Scary Young Master Lu
74 An Unspeakable Love
75 Who Would Be This Vicious!
76 An Innocent Heart Does Not Fear The Darkness
77 Don't Do It If You Don't Want Others To Find Ou
78 Please Forgive Me One Last Time!
79 Two Choices—The Domineering Shi Guang
80 Young Master Lu Is Pleased
81 What Are You Afraid Of? You Have Me...
82 If It's You, I'm Willing
83 A Smile To Have His Heart Flustered
84 I'll Wait For You, Lu Yanchen
85 Is This The Last Lesson?
86 Young Master Lu, What A Coincidence!
87 The Woman With An Ambiguous Relationship With Lu Yanchen
88 Suddenly, I'm Starting To Regret I
89 She's Hoping For You To Kiss Her
90 You're Still As Dishonest As In The Pas
91 Kiss For A Free Meal 1
92 Kiss For A Free Meal 2
93 I Don't Like To Be Opportunistic!
94 Are You Hiding A Woman In Your Car?
95 Young Master Lu's Complete Rejection
96 Restless…Is She A Love Rival?
97 I Don't Like You Anymore
98 Who Is That Man? Lu Yanchen?
99 The Woman Who Appeared Suddenly
100 They Aren't Interested In One Another?
101 Merely A Distance Of 1 Cm
102 The Playfulness Of Young Master Lu
103 This Shi Guang Looks Familiar
104 A Little Complex, A Little Cold