Hiding in the Shadows
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Hiding in the Shadows
Author :Infurno
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55 Announcemen

So, as you are well aware, I haven't been able to upload anything as of late. While it was mostly because of trying to get into colleges and dealing with my overzealous schedule of 6 APs and a few internships, I have to attribute most of my lack of motivation to get back to this story due to the fact that I don't like how this book turned out.

If you couldn't tell, about halfway through, school picked up and I was rushing to complete chapters and began producing some absolutely horrendous chapters. Being my first experience writing, I was in over my head. I assumed that I could just wing it and was proven quickly wrong. Another reason is the writing style. After writing college essays 10 hours a day, 8 days a week, my writing style has changed dramatically. I feel like it is much better than the quality I wrote in the book and honestly, I am disappointed with it. Rereading the book and trying to get back into it, I realized how unfocused it was, how it drifted and meandered along. Being me, I can not continue the book without stabbing myself multiple times with shame.

This is not the end, however. I still love writing stories and I want to continue telling the story of Xavier, Persephone, Mordred, and the Hunter. The reason for this announcement is that I will be rewriting the book completely. Working with some of my friends, we feel that we can make a much better story line and develop the characters a lot better. I also believe that my new writing style will make the story more vivid and enjoyable. We are trying to be better prepared, and have a concrete plan to make sure the quality is maintained. So, look forward to reading the rewriting, currently we are working on the storyboarding the first ten chapters and the prologue is close to completion. If all things go well and how I have given up on school (senoritis sucks), we should be releasing the new version within a month or so (making a buffer and ARTWORK).

There is more good news. We have also planned a new story that is completely different from this one. Due to my friend group (mostly me)'s fascination with Warhammer 40k, we are starting a story set in that universe. Since this was decided yesterday, details are hazy, but I can guarantee that it will be awesome.

Thanks for you support thus far and here's to a new year and even more books for you to enjoy.

Please go to https://www.qzxyzy.com/Hiding-in-the-Shadows/ to read the latest chapters for free


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